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Catering Wafel Boxes

8 Liège Wafels - Plain Belgian Style

A fun fact about Belgians? Here's one; we love to eat our wafels plain. That's right! Straight up, with absolutely no bells or whistles. Here's 8 of those bad boys, delivered to your front door. Includes our handydandy waffle trays, forks, knifes & napkins. Enjoy your first feelings of Belgianness!

8 Liège Wafels & Trio Topping

Need a Sunday morning treat for the kids? Planning a birthday bash, baby shower or a crazy, wild (censored) party? These 8 freshly baked Liège wafels come with our 3 most popular "dinges": le legendary spekuloos spread, dulce de leche and real Belgian chocolate fudge. Ah, de royal life!

12 Mini Liège Wafels & Trio Topping

Let the dinges do the talking! Wafel Party Box with 12 freshly baked Liege mini-Wafels, and a fine selection of our signature toppings: le legendary spekuloos spread, dulce de leche and real Belgian chocolate fudge. Includes our handy-dandy waffle trays, forks, knifes & napkins. Everybody happy!

8 Liège Wafels w Strawberries & Bourbon Maple Syrup

Hitting the bottle for breakfast may not be the best idea, except if it's to pour that Bourbon Maple Syrup over them Liège Wafels. It's such a great combination! Add your own fruit or even better, add candied bacon. The result is the "Bourbon Maple & Bacon", as served all over New York City.

Build Your Liège Wafel!

Build Your Own!

A full size Liège wafel with your choice of Dinges (toppings).

Build Your Own Mini Wafelini!

A mini Liège wafel with your choice of Dinges (toppings).

Legendary Sweet Waffles

De Bom

Get gooey with a melting mess of Tahitian Vanilla ice cream and warm chocolate fudge. Perfectly decadent.

De S'mores Wafel

Our campfire classic with marshmallows, spekuloos spread and Belgian chocolate fudge.

De World's Fair Wafel

The classic from the 1964 World's Fair wafel with strawberries and whipped cream.

De Throwdown Wafel

Legendary victor of the battle with the great Bobby Flay; with spekuloos spread, whipped cream and spekuloos cookie crumble.

WMD - Wafel of Massive Deliciousness

With a WMD, you pimp your wafel with bananas, strawberries, Belgian chocolate fudge and whipped cream.

De Double Trouble

De Cadillac of wafflewiches, loaded with strawberries, bananas, whipped cream, Nutella and spekuloos cookie crumble.

De Verdekke

Magnifique ice cream sandwich. Translates to "damn good".

De Turtle Wafel

Indulge sloooowly - with dulce de leche, walnuts & Belgian chocolate fudge.

Choco-Mini Wafel

A chocolate dipped Liège wafel. My favorite snack at recess, from when I was a boy in Belgium.

Baconized Liège Wafels

Bourbon & Bacon

Illegal in Belgium, awesome in NYC. Candied bacon & Bourbon Barrel Aged Crown Maple® syrup.

De Baconana

The awesomeness of crispy bacon, bananas and Belgian chocolate fugde.

De Elvis Wafel

Just like the King had it, bacon wafel with peanut butter, bananas and honey.

Ice Cream

1 Scoop


2 Scoops



De Vanilla Shake


De Double Speckuloos Shake


De Banana Nutella Shake


De Belgium Chocolate Shake


De Strawberry Shake


Coffee-Espresso-Hot Cocoa

Fresh Brewed Coffee

Our private House Blend Indonesia - Sumatra, Colombia - Medellin.

Hot Belgian Cocoa

12 oz.

Assorted Teas

12 oz.

Box of Coffee

Coffee in a Box

Serves 8.

Cold Drinks

Poland Spring Water

Still natural spring water. Bottle of 12.7 fl oz.


Can of 12 fl oz.

Fresh Orange Juice

12 fl oz bottle of home made fresh orange juice.

Fresh Apple Juice

12 fl oz bottle of home made fresh apple juice.


Sparkling natural mineral water. Can of 8.45 fl oz.

Diet Coke

Can of 12 fl oz.

Fresh Grapefruit Juice

12 fl oz bottle of home made fresh grapefruit juice.


Bag Of Spekuloos Cookies Crumbles


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Jar Of Spekuloos Spread


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