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Soup & Salad

Today's Miso Soup

It takes a little while because we mix miso and "dashi" stock after we take order.

Wasan Salad

Mixed greens in a pate-phyllo bowl. Tofu, tomato, cucumber, seaweed, snap peas, sesame dressing.

Sashimi Appetizers



Cold Appetizers

Cold Cheese Tofu

Tofu, cheese, dashi, tomato jelly, asparagus.

Flash Boiled Fluke with Ponzu Jelly

Boiled 2.5 seconds, potato starch, seaweed, homemade ponzu jelly.

Wagyu Beef Tartar

Eye of round, shiso, red onion, spicy sauce, quail egg, rice crust .

Salmon Sashimi with Spicy Avocado Sauce


Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno Ponzu Sauce


Uni Lover

(Minimum order 2pcs) uni, avocado, homemade uni chips, garlic-peanuts oil.

Hot Appetizers

Eggplant with Garlic Sauce

Deep fried eggplant, oyster sauce, dashi, gochujang.

Grilled Brussels Sprouts

Yam, mozzarella cheese, garlic miso.

Japanese Style Egg Omelet


Shrimp Bun

Soft bun & deep fried shrimp with tartar sauce.

Fried Soft Shell Shrimp

(Minimum order 2pcs). Fermented sweet shrimp mayonnaise sauce.

Spicy Chicken Tempura


Sweet Potato Tempura


Miso Simmered Beef in A Casserole

With tofu, soft boiled egg and scallion.


Stone Grilled Sirloin Steak

Mushrooms, scallion, onion sauce. Along with a hot lava stone.

Grilled Vegetables

Ginger sauce & shallot sauce.

Roast Chicken with Wasabi Mustard


Sea Eel Tempura Rice Bowl

Seasonal vegetable tempura. Home-made sweet tempura sauce.

Eel Empire

Bbq eel, asparagus, brussels sprouts, mushrooms, hijiki seaweed rice, arima sansho pepper.

Stone Grilled Kagoshima Wagyu Steak

Mushrooms, scallion, ponzu, spicy grated daikon radish. Along with a hot lava stone.

Rice Dishes

Ume Shiso Cucumber Roll


Salmon Open Roll

Scottish salmon, red onion, shiso, Jalapeno cheese, dashi gravy, spicy avocado sauce.

Salmon Chirashi

Salmon sashimi, apple chip-smoked salmon skin, assorted simmered root vegetables.

Tuna Rice Bowl


Yellowtail Rice Bowl


Sea Urchin Rice Bowl


Sirloin Steak Rice Bowl

Wasan steak sauce, wasabi garlic butter.

Late Night Menu

Wasan Shio Ramen

The based soup is "wasan dashi stock", added to chicken, pork, wagyu beef, dried shrimp, sardine, vegetables and kelp. Topped with toasted seaweed, "Chashu" pork, bamboo shoot, half-boiled egg. Scallion oil on side.

Wasan Spicy Miso Ramen

The based soup is "wasan dashi stock", added to chicken, pork, wagyu beef, dried shrimp, sardine, vegetables, kelp and blended miso (saikyo, haccho, and kome miso). Topped with spicy minced pork, arugula and sprout. Hot jamaican pepper oil on side.

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