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Wood Fired Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza



Tomato, mozzarella, fontina, local Italian sausage, pepperoni, garlic, mushrooms, spicy calabrian peppers, basil.


Tomato, basil, homemade fresh mozzarella.

Roasted Butternut Squash & Goat Cheese

Garlic cream, parmesan, green apple, radicchio, fresh sage.

Wild Mushroom Pancetta

Homemade mozzarella, parmesan, thyme.

Garlic Chicken

Garlic cream, mozzarella, parmesan, bacon, spinach, local spring onions.


Tomato, mozzarella, local Italian sausage, salami, pepperoni, mushrooms, herbs.

Spring Vegetable Pesto

Homemade basil pesto, mozzarella, asparagus, shaved zucchini, slow roasted tomatoes, caramelized onions, hand packed ricotta.

Thai Chicken

Spicy peanut sauce, mozzarella, carrots, red onion, cilantro.

Artisan Salami & Cheese

Tomato, sopressata salami, gouda, fontina, mozzarella, manchego, thyme.

Barbeque Chicken

Barbeque sauce, mozzarella, smoked gouda, red onions, cilantro.

Dolce Piccante

Tomato, sopressata salami, mozzarella, fontina, honey calabrian chili oil, basil.

Prosciutto Di Parma

Tomato, homemade mozzarella, baby arugula, Italian lemon oil.

Cheese Pizza


Hawaiian Pizza



Angel Hair, Tomato, Garlic & Basil


Salmon & Fresh Rigatoni

Roasted zucchini, confit cherry tomatoes, caramelized onion, lemon cream, basil.

Chicken Tequila Fettuccine

Red bell peppers, red onions, cream, cilantro.

Artichoke Hearts, Chicken & Fusilli

Slow roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, garlic, thyme, white wine.

Seafood Linguini

Prawns, calamari, salmon, clams, seafood marinara.

Vodka Prawn Fettuccine

Spinach, sun-dried tomatoes, basil.

Wild Mushroom, Pesto & Fresh Rigatoni

Fresh asparagus, parmesan, cream, basil.

Spaghetti Marinara

With parmesan.

Shared Plates

Crispy Chickpeas

Smoked paprika, lime, and sea salt .


Marinara, fresh parmesan, basil.

Honey Chipotle Willow Wings

Creamy blue cheese.

Chilled Melon, Cucumber & Prawns

Avocado, chilies, lime, cilantro, and pepitas.

Homemade Soup Of The Day


Pan Seared Calamari Steaks

Parmesan and roasted red pepper aioli.


Honey Brined Natural Roasted Half Chicken

Fresh herb salsa.

Garlic Herb Flat Iron Steak

Fresh herb salsa.

Citrus Glazed Salmon

Homemade lemon aioli.


Local Grilled Asparagus

Creamy hand packed ricotta, Italian lemon oil.

Roasted Baby Rainbow Carrots

Orange coriander glaze, toasted pistachios.

Local Broccolini

Toasted almonds.

Crushed Yukon Gold Potatos

Olive oil, Maldon sea salt.

Sandwich & Burger


9 oz. natural beef, bacon, caramelized onions, gorgonzola, lettuce, tomato, roasted garlic aioli on wood-fired flatbread, garlic fries.

Pesto Chicken Sandwich

Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato, pesto aioli on wood-fired flatbread, garlic fries.


Local Spring Greens

Gluten free. Red wine vinaigrette.

Caesar Salad

Romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan.

Romaine Gorgonzola

Gluten free. Radicchio, toasted walnuts, dried cranberries, balsamic vinaigrette.

Little Gem Cobb

Gluten free.Herb chicken breast, bacon, cherry tomatoes, avocado, gorgonzola, hard boiled egg, balsamic vinaigrette.

Grilled Salmon & Italian Farro

Roasted cauliflower, spring asparagus, red onion, torn herbs, baby arugula, lemon vinaigrette.

Kale, Chicken & Roasted Butternut Squash

Dried cranberries, candied pecans, midnight moon aged goat cheese, citrus vinaigrette.

Lime Chicken

Romaine, cherry tomatoes, roasted corn, red bell peppers, black beans, cheddar cheese, tortilla strips, avocado, lime vinaigrette.

Kid’s Menu

Toddler Tray

For children under 3 years of age.Chicken breast, carrots, cucumbers, mozzarella cheese and sliced oranges. Served in a fun tray.

Chicken Tenders

Side of french fries or broccoli.

Classic Cheese Pizza


Hawaiian Pizza or Pepperoni or Italian Sausage Pizza



(Cheese on request) side of french fries or broccoli.

Butter & Cheese Fusilli


Spaghetti Marinara


Spaghetti & Meatball


Kraft Macaroni & Cheese


Broccoli & Chicken Penne


Salmon, Broccoli & Noodles


Side Of Broccoli


Single Scoop Hot Fudge Sundae






Root Beer Float


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