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Starters & Sides

Dips & Sides

Spinach Artichoke Dip

​Topped with golden brown parmesan chips, served with fresh baked pita bread.

Tatonka Chicken Dip

Topped with diced celery, served with fresh baked pita style bread.

Cole Slaw


Mixed Green Salad



Loaded Baked Potato




Beer Cheese


Dude Ranch


Mojo Seasoning




White Truffle Aioli



Mighty Wings

Choice of buffalo, sweet jame-o, tikka masala, dude ranch, honey mustard, whiskey BBQ, butter spice, blackened bleu, white truffle aioli.

Homemade Pierogies

Grampa Style

Caramelized onions & bacon.

Lucy’s Original

Sour cream & chives.

Mac & Cheese

Bakin’ Gramma

Mix of provolone, mozzarella and Swiss cheese topped with bread crumbs and baked to perfection.

O.G Mac

A three cheese blend of goodness in yo face.

A Bleu Addiction

Bleu cheese and roasted garlic. Once was a special, but back due to karyna’s every wednesday popular demand.

Whiskey Mac

Our O.G.Mac with an artisan blend of Whiskey and cheddar cheese.

Punjabi Mac

Blended with tikka masala sauce and topped with diced fresh mozzarella.

The French Velveeta

Because boursin is the french velveeta. Mixed with boursin and crimini mushrooms, and topped with crispy bacon.

Funnel Cakes


Powdered sugar or cinnamon sugar.

Beer Cheese & Bacon

Put bacon on anything and it’s way better. Add beer cheese and Topped with green onions.

Salads & Pizza


Salad a La Pittsburgh

Only in Pittsburgh can you put fries on lettuce and call it a salad. Fries, cheese, red onion, tomato, sliced egg, and pepperoncinis. And with your choice of fresh ground beef, homemade garlic chicken patty, grilled chicken breast, or our house made falafel patty.

Et Tu Brute

This Caesar salad comes with our homemade Caesar dressing made with real anchovies.


Feta cheese, roasted red peppers, kalamata olives, red onion, pepperoncinis, and tomato, dressed in balsamic vinaigrette.

Popeyes Guilty Pleasure

A simple spinach salad with sliced egg, red onion, gruyere cheese, bacon, and topped with our special honey mustard sauce.

Hand Tossed Pizza

The Boomer

Arugula, bacon, caramelized onion, truffle aioli, brie cheese, and crimini mushrooms. A tasty trip away from the ordinary.

Pizza Prasad

Decadently vegetarian. Artichokes, tomatoes, kalamata olives, roasted red peppers, crushed red peppers, jalapenos, boomers, ranch, pepper jack & cheddar cheese.

Rachaels Trip to Greece

Roasted red peppers, olives, feta, and our home made spinach and artichoke spread.

Sahanna Margherita

Fresh mozzarella, feta, tomato, red sauce, and fresh basil. It’s Sahanna’s favorite.

Tatonka Chicken

Bullards hot sauce with our house made garlic chicken patty smothered in bleu, mozzarella, and provolone cheeses.

Sweet Georgia Brown

BBQ, chicken, pineapple, red onion, and cheddar.

Mumbai Pie

Tikka sauce, garlic chicken patty and mozzarella.

Breakfast Craving

Quiche pizza with mozzarella and provolone, onions, mushrooms, garlic, tomatoes and of course, bacon, drizzled with roasted red pepper aioli.

Always Burgers

Reshly Ground Burgers

Denny Double Blue

Burger comes with creamy bleu cheese dressing and dry bleu cheese.

The Nad-Alie

This three cheese and home made potato pierogi topped monster should stop her from nagging for a while. Comes slathered in caramelized onion and burgundy au jus.

Mattola Burger

Two half pound patties with applewood smoked bacon and american cheese.

Mattola Burger - Half


The Shipwreck

we have created a burger that even the French would say is good. Arugula, brie cheese, white truffle aioli, caramelized onions, and bacon.

Market Square Burger

Gruyere cheese, mushrooms, and bacon. Other than it comes smothered in our homemade honey mustard.

The Necessity

Swiss, honey mustard, BBQ, mushrooms and jalapenos.

Don’t Care Whatever

Pepper jack, cheddar, crumbled bleu cheese, caramelized onion, sriracha, bacon, pepperoncinis, and jalapenos.

The Dockworker

An homage to a Pittsburgh classic and named for our hardworking forefathers. Provolone cheese, hand cut fries and creamy cole slaw.

Tallulah Hula Burger

Pineapple, BBQ, cheddar cheese, and caramelized onions. Dance in my mouth girl, dance.

Jeffersons Repeal

Sweet Jame-O sauce over fried onion straws and whiskey cheese.

Harper’s Burger

House made bordelaise, boursin cheese, fried onion straws, bacon, topped with an over easy egg.

Chicken Burgers

Buffalo Chicken

Choice of chicken breast or our homemade garlic chicken patty, topped with buffalo sauce, pepper jack cheese and drowned in your choice of ranch or bleu cheese dressing. Topped with lettuce, tamoto and onion.

Tikka Masala

Choice of chicken breast or our homemade garlic chicken patty, with our tikka masala sauce, and fresh mozzarella.

Pretty Good Chicken

Choice of chicken breast or our homemade garlic chicken patty, provolone, roasted red pepper aioli, onions, tomatoes, and baby greens.

Carson Street

Choice of chicken breast or our homemade garlic chicken patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon, mushrooms, caramelized onion, and wilted spinach.

Crab Burger

Crabby Patty

Homemade crab cake topped with roasted red pepper aioli, tomatoes and spring greens.

Veggie Burger

The Beretta Veggie

A homemade recipe that took years of refinement. Falafel patty made from garbanzo beans and mixed with crimini mushrooms, spices and love. Topped with spinach artichoke spread, roasted red peppers, roasted red pepper aioli, arugula, olives, and feta cheese.

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