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YUZU Frozen Yogurt & Crepes

30-45 min
235 SW 8th St (NaN mi)
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Froyo, Gelato, Sorbet

Pinte (30oz)


12 Oz Cup


16 Oz Cup


20 Oz Cup



Strawberry Froyo Gourmet Shake

strawberry froyo, fresh kiwi, banana, spring water

Coconut Gelato Gourmet Shake

Coconut Gelato, fresh banana, pineapple chunk, spring water

California Tart Fitness Shake

California tart froyo and fresh berries and banana.

Taro Fitness Shake

Taro froyo and lytchees.

Watermelon Sorbet Energy Smoothie

Watermelon sorbet and fresh strawberries and banana.

Pineapple Sorbet Energy Smoothie

Pineapple sorbet and fresh banana and coco.

Strawberry Froyo Energy Shake

Strawberry froyo and fresh kiwi.

Vanilla Froyo Gourmet Shake

Vanilla froyo, spring water, and peach.

Nutella Gourmet Shake

Nutella, spring water, and fresh strawberries.

Savory Crêpes

Smoked Satisfaction

Smoked salmon, mushrooms, fresh spinach leaves, sour cream. lemon

Ham & Cheese

Mozzarella cheese, ham


Chicken, fresh spinach leaves, tomatoes, mushrooms, dressing sauce.

Sunny Time

2 eggs topped with mozarella cheese.

Florentine Break

Fresh spinach leaves, mushrooms, 1 egg, mozzarella cheese.

Healthy Veggie

Asparagus, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, fresh spinach leaves, seeds, balsamic vinaigrette.

Toma Tuna

Tuna, fresh spinach leaves, cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese.

The Luncheon

Smoked salmon, 1 egg, cherry, tomatoes, fresh spinach leaves, seeds, mozzarella, balsamic vinaigrette.

Sweet Crêpes

My Crepe

1 sauce ( Nutella, Caramel, Condensed Milk, Peanut Butter, Chocolate) + 2 toppings

Yuzu Crepe

Nutella, strawberries, banana, whipped cream

Tutti Fruitti

organic sugar, strawberries, banana, whipped cream

Suzette Crepe

Organic sugar, grand marnier, whipped cream.

Nutella Crepe

Only nutella.

Fruity Nut Crepe

Nutella with strawberries or banana.

Chantilly Crepe

Whipped cream with fresh strawberries or banana.

Peanut Butter Crepe

Reese’s peanut butter, banana, crunch peanut.

Dulce Dream Crepe

Caramel, banana and whipped cream.

Banana Split Crepe

Fresh banana and strawberries, nutella, vanilla frozen yogurt ball, whipped cream and almonds.

Cheesecake Crepe

Mini cheesecake, fresh banana, strawberries, nutella and whipped cream.




Pure Orange Juice


Spring Water


Perrier Sparkling Water


Pure Apple Juice


Aloe Vera


Coconut Pure Water


Pink Lemonade


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