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Beef Teriyaki

Tender New York steak served with teriyaki sauce.

Beef Roll

Shiitake, asparagus and carrot rolled in thinly sliced beef, drizzled in teriyaki sauce.

Chicken Katsu

Breaded and fried chicken served with tonkatsu sauce.


Fried potato cakes.

Geso Ashi Fry

Crispy fried squid legs.

Grilled Asparagus

Seasoned with lemon & garlic ailoi, served with garlic mayo.

Grilled Pork Ribs

The best ribs you'll ever have! Asian style.

Grilled Vegetables

Grilled seasonal vegetables, served with lemon and garlic aioli.


(choice of pork or vegetable) 6pcs. Pan or deep fried with a chili, soy & garlic dipping sauce.

Hamachi Kama

Yellowtail cheek with ponzu & grated daikon orosh.

Pork Katsu

Breaded and deep fried pork with tonkatsu sauce.

Salmon Katsu

Breaded and deep fried salmon with tonkatsu sauce.

Sesame Chicken

Crispy fried chicken with teriyaki sauce and toasted sesame seeds.


2 chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce.

Beef Short Rib

Grilled tender beef short rib

Calamari Steak Teriyaki

Grilled calamari steak served with teriyaki sauce.

Grilled Geso

Grilled squid with seasoned spicy sauce.

Ika Sugata Yaki

whole grilled fresh squid with dipping sauce.

Grilled Mussel

Grilled mussel with flavourful garlic ginger soy sauce.

Grilled Oyster

Grilled fresh oyster with flavourful garlic ginger soy sauce.

Pork Belly Kushi Yaki

2 pork belly skewers grilled with special house soy sauce.

Grilled Tofu

Grilled tofu with teriyaki sauce.

Age Dashi Eggplant

Fried eggplant in light soy-dashi

Baked Oysters

Baked with cheese,garnished with scallions & masago, served with lemon.

Chicken Kara Age

Juicy crispy fried chicken served with lemon.

Pork Kakuni

Cooked soft pork in flavorful soy-dashi sauce.

Chicken Teriyaki

Tender grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce

Salmon Kama

Salmon cheek with ponza & grated daikon orosh

Bluefin Tuna Kama

Grilled bluefin tuna cheek with ponzu sauce and grated daikon orosh.


Beef Udon

Sliced ,beef ,fish cake & vegetables with thick wheat noodles in hot dashi broth

Chicken Udon

Seasoned chicken ,fish cake & vegetables with thick wheat noodles in hot dashi broth

Mixed Tempura Udon

2pcs shrimp & 4pcs vegetables with thick wheat noodles in hot dashi broth

Nabeyaki Udon

Shrimp tempura, chicken, fish cake, egg & vegetables with thick wheat noodles in hot dashi broth

Seafood Udon

Mixed seafood & vegetables with thick wheat noodlesin hot dashi broth

Shrimp Tempura Udon

3pcs shrimp tempura with thick wheat noodles in hot dashi broth

Yasai Kaki Age Udon

Assorted vegetables tempura with thick wheat noodles in hot dashi broth

Kake Udon

Plain thick wheat noodles in hot dashi broth

Soup & Salad & Tofu


Marinated sliced cucumber salad.

House Salad

Mixed greens served with ginger or miso dressing

Miso Shiru

Tofu, seaweed & scallions in miso soup.


Blanched seasoned soy beans

Goma Ae

Boiled spinach with sweet soy & sesame sauce.


Boiled spinach salad with soy broth & bonito flakes

Salmon Skin Salad

Mixed greens, salmon skin & chef's dressing

Wakame Salad

Seaweed salad with sesame oil dressing

Age Dashi Tofu

Fried Japanese tofu served with light soy-dashi sauce.


Cold tofu with traditional garnish

Secret Tofu

Deep fried Japanese tofu with Chef's secret sauce


Chicken Katsu Don

Panko encrusted chicken omelet on rice with sweet shoyu-dashi sauce.

Oyako Don

Chicken omelet on rice with sweet shoyu-dashi sauce.

Pork Katsu Don

Panko encrusted pork served on omelet over rice with sweet shoyu-dashi sauce.

Ten Don

2pcs Shrimp and 4 pcs vegetable tempura over rice with sweet shoyu-dashi sauce.

Unagi Don

Grilled eel glazed with unagi sauce mixed on a bed of rice.

Katsu Curry over Rice

Panko encrusted pork or chicken with vegetables

Pan Fried Noodles

Yaki Soba

Fried noodles with shrimp, chicken and mixed vegetables.

Yaki Udon

Pan fried udon with shrimp, chicken and mixed vegetables.

Pan Fry Vegetable Soba or Udon


Chef's Special Roll


Fried roll with scallops & avocado in soy bean paper,served with super spice sauce & unagi sauce, scallion, masago.

Benny Roll

Tempura shrimp,cucumber, snow crab salad roll topped with scallop & avocado. Served with unagi sauce, spicy creamy sauce & masago.

California Lover

Snow crab, basil,avocado roll topped with tuna, mango, served with garlic creamy sauce, black tabiko

Caterpillar Roll

Tempura shrimp , cucumber roll topped with avocado, unagi. Served with unagi sauce , scallion.

City Roll

Fried roll with spicy tuna & avocado in soy bean paper . Served with unagi sauce & sriracha ,scallion

Colleen Roll

Shrimp tempura and avocado roll served with spicy cream sauce.

Corbett Roll

Shrimp tempura, avocado roll, topped with smoked salmon , sliced lemon , served with spicy cream sauce.


Fried maki with yellowtail. Served with unagi sauce, super spicy sauce, scallion, masago

Japanese Bagel

Smoked salmon, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese t.Served with unagi sauce and Japanese mayo.


Shrimp tempura, cucumber and avocado rolled inside out, wrapped in tuna and albacore with cream garlic sauce and scallions.

Lobster Roll

Lobster salad, cucumber, lettuce roll topped with avocado. Served with mango sauce & 4 colors tobiko.

Rainbow Roll

Imitation crab, cucumber, avocado roll topped with 5 kinds fresh fish.

Spicy Crunchy Roll

Spicy snow crab, avocado and cucumber rolled. Served with tempura flakes, unagi sauce, spicy creamy sauce, scallion, masago.

Salmon Skin Roll

Crispy salmon skin mixed with scallion, masago & cucumber sprouts roll.

Scallop Tataki

Scallop mixed with scallion, masago, japanese mayo & cucumber roll.

Seared Yaki Roll

Baked snow crab and avocado roll topped with salmon, tuna, hamachi,cheese. Served with super spicy sauce,unagi sauce.


Fried soft shell crab, cucumber, avocado, lettuce and masago roll.

Zig Zag Roll

Fried soft shell crab, avocado, masago mixed in zig zag sauce, wrapped in soy bean paper.

Double Prawn

Tempura shrimp & asparagus roll topped with shrimp, avocado, served with spicy creamy sauce, masago.


Spicy tuna, fried jalapenos roll topped with red and white tuna, served with super spicy sauce,jalapenos, scallion, masago

Hello Beautiful

Snow crab , mango, avocado roll topped with fresh salmon, kiwi. Served with kiwi wine sauce, jalapeno, masago


Tempura shrimp,spicy tuna roll topped with salmon , unagi. Served with unagi sauce, masago

Spicy Hamachi

Spicy yellowtail mixed with scallions, avocado roll. Served with masago.

Spicy Tuna

Spicy tuna, cucumber roll

Shrimp Tempura

shrimp tempura, cucumber roll

The Unstoppable

snow crab, basil, avocado roll topped with fried soft shell crab. Served with unagi sauce & pico de gallo

Zen Nuevo

Soft shell crab tempura, avocado roll topped with salmon avocado served with sweet spicy aioli , black tobiko

California Roll

Snow crab salad, avocado, apple roll with masago.

Best of the Best

Spicy tuna, cucumber, Unagi roll wrapped with crispy Salmon skin. Served with super spicy sauce, scallion, masago and Togarashi pepper.

Spicy Q

Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, cucumber roll, topped with Unagi, avocado. Served with Unagi sauce, super spicy sauce, scallion, masago.


Spicy Tuna,Tempura Asparagus Roll topped with avocado, salmon. Served wih Unagi sauce, spicy creamy sauce, garlic creamy sauce, super spicy sauce, snow crab,tempura flakes, scallion,masago.


Shoyu Ramen

Sliced pork, takenoko, hard boiled egg & vegetables in soy based broth

Tonkotsu Ramen

Sliced pork, takenoko, hard boiled egg & vegetables in pork based broth

Vegetable Ramen

Assorted vegetables in soy broth

Beef Ramen

Sliced beef & lettuce in pork bone broth

Seafood Ramen

Seafood & vegetables in soy or pork based broth

Sashimi & Nigiri


Sweet raw shrimp.










Salmon Roe


Seasoned tofu skin




Smelt fish roe




Fresh Salmon

Sake Toro

Fresh salmon belly


Shiitake mushroom. Nigiri (2 pcs)

Shiro Maguro

White Tuna


Striped Bass




Flying Fish Roe


Fresh Water Eel


Monkfish liver


Blue fin Tuna


Snow crab



Shiro Maguro Toro

White Tuna Belly

Sumoku Samon

Smoked Salmon


Yellowtail belly

Supaisi Hotate

Spicy scallop


Sweet cooked egg. Nigiri (2pcs)


Blue fin tuna belly


Sea urchin



Combination Bento Box

Combination Bento Box

Choose any 3 different items to create your favor Combination Bento Box, served with soup, rice & salad.


Beef Teriyaki

Grilled tender beef with teriyaki sauce. Served with soup,salad & rice.

Chicken Katsu

Panko encrusted chicken . Served with soup,salad & rice

Chicken Teriyaki

Grilled tender chicken with teriyaki sauce

Pork Katsu

Panko encrusted pork cutlet with original tonkatsu sauce. Served with soup, salad & rice

Salmon Katsu

Panko encrusted salmon

Seafood Tempura

Shrimps, scallop, fish, calamari & vegetables. Served with soup, salad & rice

Sesame Chicken

Crispy fried chicken with sesame seeds.

Mixed Tempura

Shrimp & vegetables. Served with soup, salad & rice

Vegetable Tempura

11 pieces

Black Cod Miso Yaki

Grilled black cod with orange miso sauce & hand torch mixed herbs. Served with soup, salad and rice.

Calamari Steak Teriyaki

Grilled calamari steak with teriyaki sauce.Served with soup,salad & rice.

Grilled Beef Short Rib

Grilled flavorful tender short rib. Served with soup,salad & rice

Grilled Mackerel

Teriyaki/salt. Served with soup,salad & rice.

Grilled Salmon

Teriyaki / salt

New York Steak

Grilled Angus Choice NY steak. Served with soup, salad & rice

Rib Eye Steak

Grilled tender rib eye steak. Served with soup,salad & rice


Beef Sukiyaki

Thinly sliced beef, vegetables, tofu & yam noodles cooked in sweet shoyu-dashi broth, served in hot pot

Chicken Sukiyaki

Chicken, vegetable, ofu & yam noodles cooked in sweet shoya-dashi broth served in hot pot

Seafood Sukiyaki

Mixed seafood, vegetable ,tofu & yam noodles cookedin sweet shoyu-dashi broth served in hot pot

Tofu Sukiyak

Vegetables, tofu & yam noodles cooked in sweet shoyu-dashi broth served in hot pot

Special Appetizers

Seafood Nachos

Chef's choice fresh spicy fish, tobiko and scallions.

Secret Shrimp

Deep fried prawn with secret sauce.

BBQ Albacore

Lightly grilled albacore with our original house spicy BBQ sauce.

BBQ Salmon

Lightly grilled salmon with our original house spicy BBQ sauce.

Mushroom Pocket w/Calamari

Enoki & oyster mushrooms with calamari & ponza butter sauce, cooked in aluminum foilpocket

Salmon Potato Sala Yaki

Baked salmon topped with potato salad & miso mayo sauce

Salmon Miso Yaki

Grilled salmon with orange miso sauce & hand torched mixed herbs.

Beef Wasabi Steak

Angus NY Steak with soy, red wine, garlic & chopped fresh wasabi with prune sauce.

Duck Breast

Roasted duck breast with orange mustard miso & soy balsamic sauce

Stuffed Kiss Fish

Fried kiss fish stuffed with boiled quail egg, with lemon miso & creamy cilantro sauce.

Tempura Eggplant with Beef

Served with light soy-dashi and scallions.

Kushi Katsu

Breaded & deep fried skewer of chicken, pork & beef served with tonkatsu sauce.

Seafood Kushi Yaki

Grilled scallop, shrimp,salmon & vegetables skewered with teriyaki sauce.

Beef Tataki

Lightly grilled beef with flavorful vinagrette sauce, yuzu pepper sauce, scallions & fried garlic.

Chicken Nanban

Crispy fried chicken top with red onions, spicy ponzu garlic creamy sauce, chili pepper & scallions.

Oyster on the Shell

1/2 dozen raw oysters served with lemon ponzu, masago, scallion & spicy sauce.

Viagra Shooter

Sake with oyster, quail egg, scallions & tobiko.


Baby Calamari Tempura


Calamari Steak Tempura


Oyster Tempura

3 pieces

Scallop Tempura

5 pieces

Shrimp Tempura

3 pieces

Soft Shell Crab Tempura


Anaheim Pepper Tempura

2 pieces

Asparagus Tempura

5 pieces.

Brocolli Tempura


Eggplant Tempura

3 pieces

Oyster Mushroom Tempura

5 pieces

Portobello Mushroom Tempura

6 pieces

Shitaki Mushroom Tempura

5 pieces

Yam Tempura

3 pieces

Vegetable Tempura (5)

5 pieces

Vegetable Tempura (7)


Mix Mushroom Tempura

6 pieces

Mori Tempura

3+4 pieces

Shishito Tempura

11 pieces

Vegetable Tempura (9)

9 pieces

New Trend Sashimi

Flavorful Salmon

Fresh salmon sashimi with sliced jalapeno, olive oil, flavorful lemon basil sauce, black tobiko & paplica.

Mustard-Soy Hamachi

Fresh yellowtail with whole grain mustard soy dressing, micro greens

Papaya Splash

Fresh tuna,Salmon,avocado & papaya with flavorful ginger, garlic sauce, topped with sliced fresh kiwi & black tobiko, with a side of balsamic sauce ,kiwi wine sauce & paplica.

Pepper Tail

Fresh yellowtail sashimi with lemon juice, garlic soy & sesame oil, slices of jalapeno, Japanese plum sauce, scallions & chili pepper.

Pepper Tuna

Briefly seared tuna served with spicy sauce


Seared albacore tuna with red onion, ginger, scallion, fried garlic, sesame chili oil & lemon ponzu sauce


Red tuna or salmon with mango, tomato, cucumber, red onion, maui seaweed,garlic soy & spicy seasame dressing, served in a martini glass.

Bluefin Toro Tartare

Toro tartare & avocado with special ponzu,creamy garlic sauce,spicy miso sauce,,scallion & black tobiko

Vegetarian Rolls

Vegetarian Fantasy

Papaya, asparagus,basil & cucumber roll topped with avocado, sliced lemon & pico de galo

Vegetarian Secret

Avocado,mango basil, cream cheese roll topped with yam tempura & sour cream. Served with sweet sauce, kiwi wine sauce

Vegetarian Delight

Avocado, asparagus, cucumber roll topped with mushroom tempura , served with sweet sauce & spicy aioli cilantro.

Vegetarian Spicy

Grilled anaheim pepper, avocado roll toppedwith mango. Served with super spicy sauce, jalapeno.

Vegetarian Tempura

With assorted vegetables tempura roll.

Vegetarian Zig Zag

Yam Tempura mixed with scallion in zig zag sauce, wrapped with soy bean paper.

Sushi & Sashimi Combination

Chirashi Sushi

Assorted sashimi over sushi rice

Nigiri Mix 7

Chef's choice 7 pieces daily fresh nigiri

Nigiri Mix 10

Chef's choice 10 pieces daily fresh nigiri

Sushi & Maki

Chef's choice 6 pieces nigiri & spicy tuna roll or california roll

Sushi & Sashimi

Chef's choice 6 pieces nigiri & 6 pieces sashimi

Zen Combination Sashimi "A"

Chef's choice 11pieces

Zen Combination Sashimi "B"

Chef's choice 15 pieces

Zen Combination Sashimi "C"

Chef's choice 21 pieces

Omakase Sashimi

Chef's best fish selections 25 pieces

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