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    @Pizza - Anahiem
    Too far to deliver

    @Pizza - Anahiem

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    Location and hours

    Sunday - Thursday
    05:00 PM - 12:00 AM
    Friday - Saturday
    05:00 PM - 01:00 AM
    ₩ • Pizza • Italian • Wings • Desserts

    1560 S Lewis St, Anaheim, CA 92805 • More

    • Pizzas

      • Plain Cheese (XL)

        Ya basic! Don’t listen to the haters, just get me my cheese pizza.
      • Pepperoni (XL)

        Ya basic 2.0 with savory slices of delicious meat.
      • Veggie Pizza (XL)

        For all those healthy people...
      • Pepperoni & Jalapeño Pizza (XL)

        Pepperoni but add some spice.
      • BBQ Chicken Pizza (XL)

        Fresh BBQ chicken, gooey cheese, tangy BBQ sauce = heaven on dough.
      • Meat Eater Pizza (XL)

        ALL THE MEAT - literally. ALL. THE. MEAT.
      • Hawaiian Pizza (XL)

        Created by two polarizing geniuses : Sweet & Savory.
      • White Pizza (XL)

        Garlic, parsley, ricotta...I mean it's a no brainer.
      • Deluxe Pizza (XL)

        Sausage, pepperoni, green peppers, mushrooms, olives, onions, etc… it's an exhaustive list, just read the picture.
    • Wings

      • Hot Wings

        Classic Bone-In Chicken Wings, with some serious kick.
      • BBQ Wings

        Classic Bone-In Chicken Wings, Smothered in our delicious BBQ sauce.
      • Plain Wings

        Classic Bone-In Chicken Wings, served plain for those who don't like sauce
      • Lemon Pepper Wings

        Classic Bone-In Chicken Wings, dressed up in our classic Lemon Pepper rub.
      • Garlic Parmesan Wings

        Classic Bone-In Chicken Wings seasoned with garlic and parmesan
      • Teriyaki Wings

        Classic Bone-In Chicken Wings tossed in a rich Teriyaki
      • Jamaican Jerk Wings

        Classic Bone-In Chicken Wings in a spicy Jamaican Jerk rub.
    • Freshly Baked Cookies

      • Chocolate Chip

        This is a special cookie. It starts with giant fair-trade chocolate coins melted into a beautifully buttery cookie dough with just a hint of sea salt. This cookie reminds you why we love the classics
      • Snickerdoodle

        This is the first cookie we remember baking as a kid. Soft and chewy. It is like a sugar cookie wrapped in a cinnamon – sugar hug. A timeless, delicious classic
      • Vegan Double Chocolate

        No joke. These cookies are the epitome of soft, gooey, fudgy, chocolatey goodness. Double dose of fair – trade chocolate and a chewy sweet and salty dough create a beautiful marriage. Close your eyes, you would not know it was Vegan.
      • M+M's

        Freshly baked cookies + the most famous candy in the world. 'Nuff said
      • Cookies for 1

        Pick 2 of our delicious cookies and add your choice of ice cold Almond or 2% Milk
      • Cookies for 2

        Pick 4 of our delicious cookies and add your choice of ice cold Almond or 2% Milk
      • A Dozen Cookies + 1

        We will send you 4 Chocolate Chip, 3 Snickerdoodle, 3 M+M's, 3 Vegan Double Chocolate
    • Desserts

      • Sweet Street Large Chocolate Chunk Cookie

        Overflowing with intensely flavorful chunks and morsels of sustainable chocolates grown in the Peruvian Andes - milk, semisweet and dark coins – and an added crunch of savory pretzel bites. A brown butter, caramelized, chewy-crisped-edged wonder to shower your tastebuds with amazement. Free of GMO’s, additives and artificial colors and made with only pure cane sugar and cage free eggs.
      • Sweet Street Chewy Marshmallow Rice Crispy Bar

        Homemade marshmallow cream gets folded with gluten free crispy rice puffs and mini marshmallows. Just a touch of the butter gets browned, but enough to bring up a subtle caramel note. A hint of sea salt makes it all come alive.
      • Sweet Street Peruvian Chocolate Brownie

        Dense and fudgy with a chewy crust. Born from the prized Criolla bean, this unique and sustainably sourced Peruvian chocolate adds a delicate fruity edge upfront and is deep and rich in its finish. Sophisticated flavor up and down the tongue…a brownie like no other. Free of GMO’s, additives and artificial colors and made with only pure cane sugar and cage free eggs.
      • Sweet Street Large Salted Caramel Crunch Cookie

        Imagine the buttery crunch of all natural toffee and milky white chocolate chunks, alongside crisp pretzels bites and sea salt, all playing hopscotch across your taste buds. Topped with pretzel salt and golden demerara sugar, each bite of this salty sweet mashup is dangerously better than the last. Free of GMO’s, additives and artificial colors and made with only pure cane sugar and cage free eggs.
    • Ice Cream

      • Sunny Day Butter Pecan Ice Cream (Pint)

        Our rich, buttery flavored ice cream and bits of butter-roasted pecans are blended to perfection.
      • Sunny Day Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream (Pint)

        Creamy and speckled with chocolate chips balanced with a vibrant mint flavor.
      • Sunny Day Pistachio Ice Cream (Pint)

        Rich, creamy, and packed with whole California pistachios.
      • Sunny Day Cookies N’ Cream Ice Cream (Pint)

        Every bite features fresh chocolate cookie chunks mixed with creamy vanilla ice cream.
      • Sunny Day Rocky Road Ice Cream (Pint)

        An unforgettable adventure of rich chocolate, gooey marshmallows, and crunchy California almonds.
      • Sunny Day Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ice Cream (Pint)

        Nuggets of buttery cookie dough and sweet chocolaty chips blended into our signature vanilla ice cream.
    • Drinks

      • Coke

      • Diet Coke

      • Sprite

      • Orange Soda

      • Root Beer

      • Water (bottle)

      • Sparkling Water (bottle)

      • Mexican Coke (bottle)

      • 2% Milk

      • Almond Milk