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    1. United States
    2. District of Columbia
    3. Washington
    4. Union Station
    5. Blue Bottle Coffee (50 Massachusetts Ave NE)
    Blue Bottle Coffee (50 Massachusetts Ave NE)
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    Blue Bottle Coffee (50 Massachusetts Ave NE)

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    Location and hours

    07:00 AM - 07:30 PM
    Monday - Friday
    06:30 AM - 07:00 PM
    07:00 AM - 07:30 PM

    50 Massachusetts Ave Ne M160, Washington, DC 20002 • More

    • Handcrafted Beverages

      • New Orleans-style Iced Coffee, 16oz

        New Orleans-style Iced Coffee is a sweet, creamy, decadent iced coffee that’s cold-brewed with roasted chicory, then cut with your choice of milk and cane sugar. 16oz.
      • Cold Brew, 16oz

        Our cold brew features a rotating selection of stellar blends and single origins. We steep the coffee over many hours for intense yet balanced, invigorating results. 16oz.
      • Iced Cafe Latte

        A chilled classic for a hot (or any) day: Our organic Hayes Valley Espresso pulled into your choice of milk, served over ice. 12oz.
      • Pour Over

        Our blends are carefully chosen from two or three coffees for their harmonious relationship in the cup. Roasted with desired flavor profiles in mind, each blend combines varying regions, climates, and processing methods to arrive at something that’s as comforting as an old friend, but flushed with the excitement of first love. Elegant served black, this organic blend is also pure comfort with milk
      • Cafe Latte

        One of our most popular drinks, our latte turns our assertive, chocolaty, organic Hayes Valley Espresso velvety-sweet with a long pour of densely steamed milk. 12oz.
    • Iced Coffee

      • Bold

        In our minds, Bold is the word we use for richer coffees, particularly those with the notes of baking cocoa and caramel notes we find in Latin American beans. We draw out these flavors with a slightly heavier roast—about as dark as we get. It’s a delicious brew with milk or without.
      • Bright

        Bright is the word we use to describe coffees that naturally lean toward fruitiness, with a bit of refreshing acidity. This cold brew showcases the tart berry flavors you find in East African coffees, especially the naturally processed Ethiopian beans. It’s luminous and refreshing.
      • Single Origin

        This Colombia single origin forms the backbone of our cafes’ espresso. When cold brewed over many hours, this sippable coffee shines alone.
      • Multi Serve: Bright Cold Brew

        A bottle of four 8 oz servings of our luminous and refreshing Cold Brew. Bright is our lightest cold brew is a blend of African coffees. Slow-steeping showcases tart berry flavors and refreshing acidity for balanced, invigorating results. Slow-steeped daily in-cafe.
      • Multi Serve: New Orleans Iced Coffee

        A bottle of eight 4 oz servings of our New Orleans Iced Coffee Concentrate. After adding your own milk, New Orleans-style Iced Coffee is a sweet, creamy, decadent iced coffee that’s cold-brewed with roasted chicory, then cut with your choice of milk and cane sugar.
    • Pluma Bakery

      • Croissant

        Buttery, crisp, and flaky—it’s everything you want from a croissant. Our partners at A&J king artisan bakers make these delicious croissants for us.
      • Chocolate Croissant

        A buttery croissant and baked with dark chocolate. Pieces of rich chocolate are tucked inside croissant dough before baking. Made by our partners at A&J king artisan bakers.
      • Salted Brownie Cookie

        A genius and delicious mash-up. Chewy and dense and this cookie’s got all the dark intensity of a brownie with a little earthy rye flour to make it taste more grown-up. The Maldon sea salt flakes add crunch and turn up the volume on all the flavors.
      • Chocolate Chip Cookie

        Chewy with milk and hazelnut-chocolate. This spin on the classic is made with two kinds of Valrhona chocolate chips: dark chocolate and gianduja—the Italian spread of chocolate and hazelnut. Putting it into chip form is typical of Valrhona's chocolate-making genius. Our partners at pluma bakery bake gently for a satisfyingly chewy cookie.
      • Buckwheat Berry Tea Cake

        Studded with juicy strawberries, this cake from our partners at pluma bakery comes in a slender rectangular shape for easy dipping.
    • Cold Case

      • Overnight Oats

        A blue bottle favorite (vegan and wheat-free).
        vegan and wheat-free
      • Chia Overnight Oats

        Naturally sweetened (vegan and wheat-free) breakfast.
        vegan and wheat-free
    • Whole Bean Coffee | Blend

      • Giant Steps

        Organic blend with notes of cocoa, toasted marshmallow, and graham cracker. 8oz bag.
    • Coffee Filters

      • Pack of 30 Coffee Filters

        Our proprietary filters are made just for our Blue Bottle Coffee Dripper. They require no pre-wetting before use and impart no papery taste to the final cup.