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    Brothers Desserts (2707 Boston Ave)
    Too far to deliver

    Brothers Desserts (2707 Boston Ave)

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    Location and hours

    05:00 AM - 05:30 AM
    Monday - Saturday

    2707 Boston Ave, San Diego, CA 92113 • More

    • Mains

      • Brothers Ice Cream Vanilla Ice Cream Bonbons (Box of 12)

        You may have had vanilla ice cream with chocolate before and but these bonbons take the combo to a whole new level. And clocking in at a mere 60 calories per bonbon these little morsels are the perfect treat. 12 BonBons included.
      • Brothers Ice Cream Mint Ice Cream Bonbons (Box of 12)

        Mint ice cream with chocolate is one of the best dessert combinations known to humanity. When in bonbon form the outcome is absolutely heavenly. And clocking in at a mere 60 calories per bonbon and these little morsels are the perfect treat. 12 BonBons included.
      • Absolute Fruit Coconut Sorbet (Pint)

        Our coconut sorbet is inspired by trips to the Caribbean Islands. We wanted to make it creamy, tropical, and silky sweet. It helps cool down the hottest nights or cap off a perfect meal. We love it paired with spicy Thai food.
      • Absolute Fruit Mango Sorbet (Pint)

        One bite of our creamy mango sorbet and you will be transported to the magical streets of Havana or Cartagena. We sourced some of the sweetest mangos we could get our hands on to create a pure product that is truly otherworldly. Grab a pint, shut your eyes, and enjoy.
      • Absolute Fruit Raspberry Sorbet (Pint)

        Our raspberry sorbet is inky, tart, fragrant, and filled with vibrant flavor. It’s equally at home at the bottom of a champagne glass, an ice cream bowl, or right out of the pint.
      • Natural Choice Organic Mango Fruit Bars (Box of 4)

        These fruit bars are fantastic. They’re packed full of organic fruit and that sweet sticky mango flavor. Kids and adults both gobble up these healthy bars. They pair best with family, yoga, swim parties, birthday parties, BBQs, and any other gathering filled with love and joy. Oh, and they’re vegan too!. 4 bars included.
      • Natural Choice Organic Pomegranate Berry Fruit Bars (Box of 4)

        We took organic fruit from pomegranates, raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries and combined them into refreshing antioxidant packed frozen fruit bar. These bars are an absolute must. 4 bars included.%5Cn
      • Natural Choice Organic Strawberry Fruit Bars (Box of 4)

        Our strawberry bars fruit bars are the result of an obsession. We love strawberries. For us, they represent spring, summer, dessert, love, California. We wanted to source the best quality organic fruit we could find and we couldn’t be happier with the results. 4 bars included.