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    Coconut Girl Kitchen
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    Coconut Girl Kitchen

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    Location and hours

    Sunday - Thursday
    12:00 PM - 07:30 PM
    Friday - Saturday
    12:00 PM - 09:00 PM
    ¢¢ • Asian Fusion • Street Food • Chinese

    4658 Mission Boulevard, San Diego, CA 92109 • More

    • Picked for you

      • Soupy Dumplings (BEST Seller)

        6 traditional steamed chicken soupy dumplings filled with chicken, cabbage, green onion. Please allow 20 mins for us to prepare this dish for you.
      • Chili Wontons (NEW)

        House made chili oil served over 10 delicious pork & shrimp wontons. It's spicy!
      • BBQ Pork Buns (Char Siu Buns - Popular)

        Two steamed, soft, savory Char Siu Bun (BBQ pork). Great snack item. You'll love them.
      • Chicken Pot Stickers (BEST Seller)

        4 crispy pan-fried dumplings with chicken, carrots, cabbage, and green onions.
      • Shrimp, Chicken & Pork Shumai (6 pcs)

        6 open-faced dumplings stuff with a juicy mixture of chicken, pork, shrimp, and fresh herbs.
      • Shrimp Dumplings (Hargow) (5 pcs)

        5 deliciously steamed, tasty flavorful shrimp and bamboo shoot filled dumplings (aka harrow).
      • Taro Steamed Buns

        Soft steamed buns with taro filling.
    • Street Snacks

      • Vietnamese Spring Rolls (4 pcs)

        4 halves rice paper wrapped tofu, lettuce, cucumber, and carrots spring rolls with house-made peanut sauce.
      • Crunchy Veggie Egg Rolls (4 pcs)

        4 fried egg rolls with cabbage & carrots filling. Served with sweet chili dipping sauce.
      • Dirty Wontons

        Crispy seasoned fried chicken wontons serve with cheese and spicy mayonnaise.
      • Thai Style Popcorn Chicken (BEST Seller)

        Deliciously seasoned Thai style popcorn chicken coated with roasted rice powder, spicy, sweet and sour sauce, top with green onions.
      • Roti Puffs With Curry Dip

        Crunchy roti puffs (Malaysian pancake puffs) w yellow curry dip. Top w crushed peanuts, green onions. Easy to eat & delicious. You'll love it!
      • Loaded Tots & Popcorn Chicken (Popular)

        Tater tots served with spicy mayo with your choice of the Thai Style Popcorn Chicken or the Korean BBQ flavor Popcorn Chicken. It's so junkie & delicious. You'll love it. Try it!
      • Crab Rangoon (Popular)

        Fried wontons filled with cream cheese, bits of crab meat, onions. Served with sweet chili sauce.
    • Main Dishes

      • Royal Pad Thai (BEST Seller)

        Stir-fried rice noodles with proprietary pad thai sauce, bean sprouts, green onion, and egg topped with crushed peanuts.
      • Mi Goreng (Popular)

        Malaysian style stirs fry egg noodles, cabbage, carrots, green onions, broccoli, egg, and bean sprouts.
      • Rocco's Special Chicken (BEST Seller)

        Chicken tossed in house special sweet tangy orange sauce with broccoli. Top with roasted cashews. NOTE: We only have white rice option at this time.
      • Pineapple Fried Rice (Popular)

        Thai style fried rice with pineapple, egg, and carrots. NOTE: We only have white rice option at this time.
      • CGK Yellow Curry (Popular)

        House special coconut curry with carrots and potatoes base. Served with rice. NOTE: We only have white rice option at this time.
      • Mongolian Beef

        Stir-fried marinated tender beef slices with garlic, onion, and broccoli. Served with rice. NOTE: We only have white rice option at this time.
      • Teriyaki Chicken

        Stir-fried marinated chicken with teriyaki sauce. Served with rice and carrots, top with sesame seeds. NOTE: We only have white rice option at this time.
      • Laksa (Malaysian Curry Noodle Soup - Popular)

        Popular Malaysian curry noodle soup served with bean sprouts, cabbage, hard-boiled egg, crispy onions, and crispy tofu.
      • Katsu Curry Chicken

        Crispy breaded and fried boneless chicken served over rice with carrots, broccoli, topped with house special curry sauce. NOTE: We only have white rice option at this time.
      • Spicy Basil Eggplant

        Eggplant stir fried with basil, bamboo shoots, cabbage using house special brown sauce. Served with white rice. NOTE: We only have white rice option.
      • Kung Pao Chicken

        Stir-fried chicken with KP sauce, dried chilis, bell peppers, onions, and peanuts served over rice. NOTE: We only have white rice option at this time.
      • Thai Red Curry

        House special Thai red curry with green beans and cabbage. NOTE: We only have white rice option at this time.
      • Pad See-Ew

        Stir fried flat rice noodles in house special brown sauce with cabbage, carrots, eggs, broccoli
      • Drunken Noodles

        Stir fried flat rice noodles in house special brown sauce with baby corn, fried tofu, Thai basil, onion, bell peppers & mildly spiced with house chili paste
      • Crab Fried Rice (Popular)

        Deliciously fried rice with lump crab meat, eggs & veggies.
      • KungPao Tofu

        Stir fried tofu chunks with KP sauce, dried chilis, bell peppers, onions & peanuts served over rice.
      • Kid's Meal

        Small fried rice, fried chicken clusters & broccoli. Served with sweet chili sauce on the side.
    • Drinks

      • Milk Tea

        NOTE: No Ice option is available for $0.75. Oat milk option is $0.75. Options are in the boba section. We ONLY have Oat Milk. ALL TEAS ARE PRE-SWEETENED. NO SUGAR OPTION, NOT AVAILABLE.
      • Punch or Lemonade

        Enjoy a refreshing lemonade with any of these flavors: Butterfly Pea Tea, Mango, Green Tea, Hibiscus, Strawberry or Thai Tea. NOTE: ALL TEAS ARE PRE-SWEETENED. NO SUGAR OPTION, NOT AVAILABLE.
      • Fruity Slushies

        Mango, strawberries or mixed berries slushies...refreshing.
      • Vietnamese Iced Coffee

      • Stubborn Fountain Soda Drinks

      • PB Banana Slushie

        Creamy blended smoothie with bananas, peanut butter, and milk.
      • Strawberry Matcha Latte (Popular)

        Delicious mix of strawberry, matcha & milk. It's so good. Try it. NOTE: We only have Oat Milk option. PRE-SWEETENED. The matcha & milk is presweetened. No sugar option is not available.
      • Strawberry Banana Slushie (NEW)

        Enjoy the delicious combination of strawberries, bananas, milk
    • Desserts

      • Crispy Nutella Choc Banana Sticks

        4 crispy Nutella chocolate and banana filled sticks.
      • Cinnamon Sugar Crispy Malaysian Roti (Pancake)

        Cinnamon Sugar Crispy Malaysian Roti (Pancake Puffs) Sweet just enough, gooey from the condensed milk. Great finger food. You will like it!
      • Sesame Balls

        Crispy fried sesame balls with red bean filling.
      • Large Double Choc Chip Cookies

        Two freshly baked large chocolate chip cookies
    • Grab and Go

      • Bottled Water

      • Gatorade (Blue)

      • Gatorade (Red)

      • Pepsi (Canned)

      • Diet Pepsi (Can)

      • Sierra Mist

      • Bang Energy Drink (Blue Razz)

      • Bang Energy Drink (Power Punch)

      • Pure Leaf Iced Tea (Unsweetened)

      • Pure Leaf Iced Tea (Sweetened)

      • Pure Leaf Hibiscus Iced Tea

      • Coconut Water

      • Fresh Coconut

        Enjoy refreshing coconut juice directly from the whole coconut at the comfort of your home. Yes we will open the coconut for you. All you have to do is enjoy the delicious goodness of the juice. Try it!
    • Side of Rice or Noodles

      • Side of Rice

      • Side of Noodles

      • Side of Fried Rice

        side of fried rice to replace white rice