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    Location and hours

    720 Grand Ave, St Paul, Saint Paul, MN 55105
    04:00 PM - 07:30 PM
    Monday - Saturday
    11:00 AM - 08:30 PM

    Coconut Thai (St. Paul)

    4.9 (75 ratings) • Thai • $$
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    720 Grand Ave, St Paul, Saint Paul, MN 55105
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    $$ • Thai • Asian • Noodles
    • Picked for you
      • Pad Thai
      • Cream Cheese Wontons
      • Egg Rolls
      • Spring Rolls
      • Panang Curry
        Gluten-free. Savory red curry with fresh herbs, ground peanuts, bell pepper, and sweet basil.
    • Appetizers
      • Egg Rolls
      • Spring Rolls
      • Satay
      • Cream Cheese Wontons
      • Fried Tofu
      • Chicken Wings
      • Curry Puffs
        Vegetarian. Deep-fried savory vegetarians mix potato, onion, and yellow curry powder. Wrap in wonton pastries. Served with cucumber relish.
      • Battered-Fried Vegetables
        Vegetarian. Deep-fried fresh carrot, green beans, mushrooms, and broccoli, served with our delicious plum sauce.
      • Crispy Calamari
        Calamari rings deep-fried in a light and crunchy tempura batter. Served with plum sauce.
      • Edamame
        Vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan. Steamed soybeans with salt.
      • Crunchy Wrapped Shrimp
        Crunchy shrimp wrapped in egg roll skin and deep-fried. Served with plum sauce.
      • Gyoza
        Pan-fried pork dumplings.
      • Fried Cashew
        Gluten-free. Deep-fried whole cashews topped with salt and green onions.
    • Soups
        • Wonton Soup
          Thai style pork wonton soup, in a delightful clear broth with sliced carrots, peapods, napa cabbage, topped with garlic oil, black pepper, and fresh cilantro.
        • Tofu Soup
          Gluten-free. Fresh tofu in a delightful clear broth with sliced carrots, peapods, napa cabbage, topped with garlic oil, black pepper, and fresh cilantro.
        • Tom Yum Soup
          Gluten-free. Traditional thai style hot-sour soup with straw mushrooms, cilantro, kaffir lime leaves, and lemongrass. Served with steamed jasmine rice, can be made.
        • Tom Kha Soup
          Gluten-free. Om kha flavored coconut milk with chicken, lemongrass, galanga, lemon juice, straw mushrooms, and kaffir lime leaves. Served with steamed jasmine rice.
      • Salads
          • Yala Salad
            Vegetarian, gluten-free. A mild but rich salad with fried tofu, crisp lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, boiled egg, topped with peanut sauce.
          • Papaya Salad
            Gluten-free. The flavorful and refreshing salad featured fresh green papaya, juicy tomatoes, carrots, peanuts, and lively spicy dressing.
          • Larb Salad
            Gluten-free. Enjoy your choice of meat, blended with lime juice, roasted rice powder, coriander, green onion, mint, and cilantro. Served with sticky rice.
          • Beef Salad
            Gluten-free. Beef tenderloin mixed with fresh lettuce, tomato, cucumber, onion, lime juice dressing, and fresh cilantro.
        • Curry
          • Red Curry
          • Green Curry
          • Seafood Curry
          • Pineapple Curry
          • Squash Curry
            Gluten-free. Kabocha squash in red curry sauce; made from a delightful combination of coconut milk and homemade red curry paste. With bell pepper and sweet basil.
          • Rama Spinach Curry
            Gluten-free. A mild golden peanut curry sauce in coconut milk served on steamed young spinach and bean sprouts.
          • Massaman Curry
            Gluten-free. A delectable dish of potato, tomato, onion, and roasted peanuts in one of our favorite curry sauces.
          • Panang Curry
            Gluten-free. Savory red curry with fresh herbs, ground peanuts, bell pepper, and sweet basil.
        • Stir Fry
          • Mixed Vegetables Stir Fried
          • Sweet & Sour
          • Cashews Stir Fried
            Gluten-free. Crunchy cashews, onion, water chestnuts, mushrooms, carrot, and green onion stir-fried perfection.
          • Thai Basil Stir Fried
            Gluten-free. A favorite traditional thai dish, with thai basil, green beans, mushrooms, onion, jalapeno, bell pepper, and freshly made sauce.
          • Fresh Ginger Stir Fried
            Gluten-free. Your choice of meat with fresh young ginger, green onion, onion, mushrooms, celery, carrot, garlic, and black pepper in our favorite sauce.
          • Garlic & Black Pepper
            Gluten-free. Garlic and black pepper-infused to create this wonderfully classic thai dish over crisp lettuce, tomato, and cucumber.
          • Asparagus Stir Fried
            Gluten-free. A popular dish, with fresh young asparagus, crisp carrot, in a delicious sauce.
          • Yellow Curry Seafood Stir Fried
            Gluten-free. Fresh ocean seafood stir-fried with egg, onion, celery, and bell pepper in a yellow curry sauce can be made.
        • Noodles
          • Pad See Yew
          • Pad Thai
          • Drunken Noodles
            Gluten-free. Stir-fried wide rice noodles with egg, basil, onion, bell pepper; this dish have a distinctive spiciness.
        • Fried Rice
            • Pineapple Fried Rice
              Gluten-free. Flavorful fried rice with sweet juicy pineapple, egg, cashews, raisins, carrot, peas, and green onion.
            • Thai Fried Rice
              Gluten-free. Thai-style fried rice with egg, carrot, peas, and green onion.
            • Basil Fried Rice
              Gluten-free. Fresh sweet basil with our authentic thai fried rice.
            • Curry Fried Rice
              Gluten-free. Thai fried rice with unique yellow curry powder, egg, carrot, peas, and green onion.
            • Sriracha Fried Rice
            • Crab Fried Rice
              Gluten-free. Fried rice with crab meat, crab claws, egg, carrot, peas, and green onion, fabulous.
          • Desserts
              • Sr Custard
                Sweet sticky rice with rich and creamy coconut custard, thai style, topped with sweet coconut milk.
              • Bananas & Ice Cream
              • Ice Cream
                Gluten friendly.
              • Cheesecake Roll
                Deep-fried cheesecake roll with raspberry sauce.
            • Extras
                • Jasmine Rice
                • Brown Rice
                • Sticky Rice
                • Rice Noodles
                • Wide Noodles
                • Cucumber Relish
                • Egg Roll Sauce
                • Spring Roll Sauce
                • Peanut Sauce
                • Sweet & Sour Sauce
                • Plum Sauce
                • Sweet Chili Sauce
                • Side Steamed Veggie
                • Side Steamed Broccoli
                • Side Steamed Chicken
              • Specials
                  • Thai Sausages
                  • Prik Khing Curry Stir Fried
                  • Tamarind Fried Rice
                  • Yellow Curry
                • Beverages
                    • Coffee
                    • Decaf Coffee
                    • Hot Tea
                    • Unsweetened Ice Tea
                    • Sweet Tea
                    • Thai Iced Tea
                    • Thai Iced Coffee
                    • Limeade
                    • Pineapple Juice
                    • Chocolate Milk
                    • Milk
                    • Root Beer
                    • Arnold Palmer
                    • Sparkling Water