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    177 Drs James Parker Blvd, Red Bank, NJ 07701
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    6:30 AM - 5:00 PM

    Coffee Corral

    Coffee and Tea • $$
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    177 Drs James Parker Blvd, Red Bank, NJ 07701
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    • Organic Cold-Pressed Juices

      • Love Grace Blueberry Ginger Lemonade Juice
        Lemon juice, blueberry puree, coconut nectar, ginger juice 12 fl ounces refreshing fruity, and hydrating, with a probiotic boost.
      • Love Grace Ginger Bomb Juice
        Lemon, orange, ginger, oregano extract, and Himalayan salt 4.5 fl ounces.
      • Love Grace Longevity Tonic Juice
        Fo-ti root, lemon, cayenne, coconut nectar, Himalayan sea salt; 12 fl ounces fo-ti root is a master herb rich in minerals and life-giving nutrients.
      • Love Grace Organic Orange Juice
        Made purely with 100 percent organic fresh oranges, sunshine, and love, and just as nature intended.
      • Love Grace Purify Juice
        Coconut water, lime, celery, Swiss chard, spinach, cucumber 12 fl ounces a bright combination of green juice, and coconut water.
      • Love Grace Restore Juice
        Spinach, carrot, beet, cucumber, celery, parsley, lemon, and orange 12 fl ounces even non-beet lovers love the beat of this juice. A multifunctional juice with a perfect balance of veggies and sweetness.
      • Love Grace Watermelon Cleanser Juice
        Watermelon, lemon, ginger, and hibiscus 12 fl ounces with its bright and refreshing flavor watermelon is naturally hydrating and high in lycopene.
    • Egg Sandwiches

      • Beast Sandwich
        Hearty sandwich with crispy bacon, egg, avocado slices, baby spinach, cherry tomato, and a garlic aioli keto mayo on whole-grain toast.
      • Egg and Cheese Sandwich
        English muffin sandwich. Quick and easy, meatless, and breakfast.
      • Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Sandwich
        English muffin sandwich.
      • Slim and Fit Sandwich
        English muffin sandwich with 2 egg whites, spinach, cheese, and avocado.
    • Waffles and Toasts

      • Waffle #1
        Belgian waffle with Nutella spread, topped with strawberries, and whipped cream.
      • Waffle #2
        Belgian waffle with peanut butter topped with banana slices and chocolate drizzle.
      • Waffle Bomb
        Belgian waffle sandwich, made with 3 scrambled eggs, bacon slices, and American cheese.
      • Waff Acodo
        Belgian waffle topped with fresh slices of avocado, baby spinach, and cherry tomato.
      • Toast #1
        Whole grain toast, topped with peanut butter, banana slices, and a sprinkle of chia seeds.
      • Toast #2
        Whole grain toast, topped with peanut butter, apple slices, and honey drizzle.
      • Toast #3
        Whole grain toast, avocado, bacon bits, and spinach.
      • Toast #4
        Whole grain toast, avocado, scrambled egg, baby spinach, and cherry tomato.
    • Pastries

    • Coffee

      • Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee (20 oz)
        The smooth operator of coffee. Sweet-toned with notes of dark chocolate and a touch of honey. Creamy and smooth finish.
      • Kenya Coffee (20 oz)
        Light roast. Apricot, cranberry, grapefruit, and raspberry.
      • Maya Decaf Coffee (Organic) (20 oz)
        Medium roast. Swiss water processed. Dark chocolate and lemon.
      • Sumatra Coffee (Organic) (20 oz)
        Dark roast. Black cherry, pepper, and big body.
      • Timor Decaf Coffee (20 oz)
        Dark roast. Mountain water processed. Dark chocolate, licorice, and vanilla.
      • Brazil Cerrado Coffee (20 oz)
        Dark roast. Cocoa, walnuts, and nutty.
      • Colombia Coffee (Organic) (20 oz)
        Medium roast. Tangerine, caramel, and peach.
      • Bali Blue Moon Coffee (Organic) (20 oz)
        Full medium roast. Cedar, dark chocolate, and licorice.
      • Candy Blend Coffee (20 oz)
        Medium. Milk chocolate and cherry.
      • Sulawesi Coffee (20 oz)
        Medium roast. Cedar, cocoa, and vanilla.
      • Jamaica Marley Blend Coffee (20 oz)
        Delicious jamaica blend. Medium roast. Toast, walnuts, and smokey.
      • Mexican Coffee (Organic) (20 oz)
        Medium roast. Cherry, orange, and cocoa.
      • Costa Rica Coffee (Organic) (20 oz)
        Medium roast. Red apple, orange, and caramel.
    • Coffee Ish

    • Tea

    • Iced Coffee and Tea

      • Cold Brew (20 oz)
        Traditional cold brew is a customer favorite, and can't go wrong with the classics.
      • Iced Tea (20 oz)
        Iced black tea.
      • New Orleans Style Cold Brew (20 oz)
        Brewed with chicory for a smokey new Orleans style feel.
    • Superfood Lattes

      • Mermaid Latte (20 oz)
        Spirulina, maca root, coconut sugar, and almond milk.
      • Beet Rockin' Latte (20 oz)
        Beetroot and almond milk.
      • Medicinal Mushroom Latte (20 oz)
        Reishi (mushroom extract), maca root, coconut sugar, espresso, and almond milk.
      • Purple Haze Latte (20 oz)
        Acai, coconut sugar, cold brew, and almond milk.
    • Protein Smoothies

      • Peanut Butter Protein Blast Smoothie (20 oz)
        Peanut butter, banana, chocolate, cold brew, protein powder, and almond milk.
      • Energizer Mermaid Smoothie (20 oz)
        Blueberries, banana, spinach, agave, spirulina, maca root, and almond milk.
      • Ho' Brah Smoothie (20 oz)
        Banana, blueberries, acai, protein powder, and almond milk.
      • Green Monkey Smoothie (20 oz)
        Spinach, avocado, green apple, protein powder, and almond milk.
      • Keto Coffee Smoothie (20 oz)
        Grass Fed butter, brain octane MCT oil, protein, coffee, and almond milk.
    • Simply Smoothies

    • Bottled Drinks