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    Dippin' Dots
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    Dippin' Dots

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    Location and hours

    12:30 PM - 05:00 PM
    Monday - Saturday
    11:30 AM - 06:00 PM
    ¢¢ • Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt • Comfort Food • Desserts

    5100 N 9th Ave, Pensacola, FL 32504 • More

    • Ice Cream

      • Banana Split

        Ok, so we're little bananas. Maybe it's the vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and banana blend in our banana split ice cream. Or maybe it's our colorful personality.
      • Birthday Cake

        What's better than cake and ice cream. How about cake in ice cream. Birthday cake dippin' dots are a blend of white and yellow cake batter ice cream, icing flavored ice cream and cake bites. Who wants seconds.
      • Brownie Batter Bulk Bag

        Indulge your taste buds with this fudgy blend of brownie batter ice cream and chewy brownie chunks.
      • Bubble Gum Bulk Bag

        Whoa, who raided the gumball machine. The flavor of this blue, red, and yellow bubble gum ice cream will not burst your bubble.
      • Chocolate

        Creamy milk chocolate ice cream. Someone pass the spoon.
      • Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

        Who doughnuts love chocolate chip cookie dough dippin' dots. It's creamy vanilla ice cream with chunks of chewy chocolate chip cookie dough.
      • Cookies and Cream

        It's a cookie invasion. Oreo cookie pieces surrounded by sweet vanilla ice cream make cookies and cream America's most wanted dippin' dots flavor.
      • Cool Mint Crunch Bulk Bag

        Cool refreshing mint ice cream meets the chocolatey goodness of Oreo cookies.
      • Cotton Candy

        That's right, keep going. Skip the Ferris wheel. Dodge the tilt-a-whirl. You're here for the fun, sweet, and melt-in-your-mouth cotton candy dippin' dots ice cream.
      • Pumpkin Spice Pie Bulk Bag

        Pumpkin spice pie dippin' dots are a fun twist on a cozy classic. It's creamy vanilla and pumpkin ice cream with crunchy pie crust pieces. Pumpkin spice, it's oh-so-nice.
      • Spookies and Cream Bulk Bag

        Cookies and cream dippin' dots are cookies and cream dressed up for Halloween. Vanilla ice cream-colored orange, with oreo cookie pieces. It's unbelievably good.
      • Strawberry Bulk Bag

        Dippin' dots strawberry ice cream is as sweet as a summer's day and so berry, berry good.
      • Vanilla

        The creamy vanilla ice cream did dippin' dots style.
    • Ice

      • Blue Raspberry Ice Bulk Bag

        Blue raspberry flavored ice.
      • Frozen Confetti with Popping Candy

        A fun blast of lemon and blue raspberry ices with confetti popping candy.
      • Lemon Ice Bulk Bag

        Lemon-flavored ice.
      • Liberty Ice Bulk Bag

        A refreshing blend of blue raspberry, strawberry, and lemon ices.
      • Lime Ice Bulk Bag

        Lime-flavored ice.
      • Orange Ice Bulk Bag

        Orange flavored ice.
      • Rainbow Ice

        A colorful blend of strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, and blue raspberry ices.
      • Strawberry Ice Bulk Bag

        Strawberry flavored ice.
    • No Sugar Added

      • Vanilla Bulk Bag (No sugar added)

        A healthy alternative to our traditional vanilla ice cream. It's reduced fat and no sugar added.
    • Yogurt

      • Yodots Cookies and Cream

        Yodots cookies and cream dippin' dots is your favorite flavor, but in a low-fat vanilla frozen yogurt with oreo cookie pieces.
      • Yodots Cookie Dough

        Cookie dough dots is a fun combination of creamy chocolate frozen yogurt and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces. You won't believe it's (140 calories per pack) it's just that good.
      • Yodots Cotton Candy

        Satisfy your sweet tooth with this new, blue, tasty treat. Low-fat cotton candy dots can’t be beaten!
      • Yodots Rainbow

        Fruit just got a whole lot cooler with new rainbow dots. It’s a delicious blend of strawberry, orange, lemon, lime, and blue raspberry frozen yogurts that are a treat for your tongue and your eyes.
      • Yodots Strawberry Cheesecake Bulk Bag

        A smooth and creamy blend of strawberry and cheesecake froze yogurt dippin' dots.
    Allergens: These items may include unlisted ingredients and/or be prepared on equipment that processes allergens. Take precautions if you have an allergy.