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    Dolcezza Gelato (BAL04-1)
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    Dolcezza Gelato (BAL04-1)

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    Location and hours

    Every Day
    11:00 AM - 02:00 AM
    ₩ • Grocery • Desserts • Ice Cream + Frozen Yogurt • Snacks

    7 S Eden Street, Baltimore, MD 21231 • More

    • Gelato

      • Dolcezza Gelato Mascarpone and Berries (1 Pint)

        Tart, creamy mascarpone cheese gelato carefully folded together with a strawberry, raspberry, blueberry jam
      • Dolcezza Gelato Stracciatella (1 Pint)

        A straight-forward, unadulterated classic using the best ingredients. clean, nuanced Pennsylvania cream gelato combined with ladles of dark chocolate stracciatella.
      • Dolcezza Gelato Roasted Strawberry (1 Pint)

        This flavor calls back to hot summer days in Georgia, eating strawberry ice cream in the back of a pick-up truck, swinging our legs off the tail gate. no matter where we are, this flavor always takes us back to that moment in time.
      • Dolcezza Gelato Peanut Butter Stracciatella (1 Pint)

        We blend the FINEST peanut butter into our milk and cream base to achieve the RICHEST peanut butter gelato this side of the Mississippi. We then fold in melted dark chocolate at an attempt to resolve our lifelong obsession with the ETERNAL peanut butter cup
      • Dolcezza Gelato Dark Chocolate (1 Pint)

        We made the darkest chocolate gelato we could possibly make. We melt 70% chocolate couverture and combine it with cocoa powder and Pennsylvania milk and cream. Earthy, smoky, thick, frozen fudge. To go any darker is not recommended.
      • Dolcezza Gelato Coffee & Cookies (1 Pint)

        Espresso gelato with generous portions of chocolate-covered biscoff cookies folded in. The classic airline cookie has gone supersonic.
      • Dolcezza Gelato Tramontana (1 Pint)

        Sweat cream gelato with ribbons of dulce de leche and chocolate covered rice crisp pearls folded together. Another classic in the gelato parlors of Buenos Aires.
      • Dolcezza Gelato Swiss Chocolate (1 Pint)

        Milk chocolate gelato with ribbons of dulce de leche and melted dark chocolate folded together. Like eating melted candy bar. A classic in the gelato parlors of Buenos Aires.
      • Dolcezza Gelato Hazelnut Crackle (1 Pint)

        Hazelnuts from the sacred piedmont region of Italy. Chocolate hazelnut praline with flecks of wafer and hazelnut chunks. Pair these two together and you summon a beast capable of obliterating the most passionate disciples of self-control.
      • Dolcezza Gelato Banana Split (1 Pint)

        Violeta grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina eating smashed bananas with dulce de leche as her favorite childhood dessert. We try to awaken that early magic by making a sweat banana cream gelato and mixing it together with gobs of dulce de leche and melted chocolate, redefining this namesake American classic with no regret.
      • Dolcezza Gelato Coconut with Dulce de Leche (1 Pint)

        Another classic reigning from the cool gelato parlors in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Sweet coconut cream gelato folded together with gobs of dulce de leche, like your grandma’s coconut cream pie but jettisoned into another realm with the addition of dulce de leche.
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