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    44 N Franklin St, Hempstead, NY 11550
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    Monday - Friday
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    Colombian • $
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    44 N Franklin St, Hempstead, NY 11550
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    $ • Colombian • Peruvian
    • Appetizers
        • Guacamole De La Casa
          Served with green plantains.
        • Calamares Fritos
          Fried calamaries.
      • Side Orders
          • Aguacate
          • Tostones
            Green plantations.
          • Maduros
            Sweet plantains.
          • Papas Fritas
            French fries.
          • Yuca Frita
            Fried Cassava.
          • Frijoles
          • Guacamole
          • Papas Cocinadas
            Boiled potato.
          • Chicharron Con Arepa
            Fried pork skin with corn cake.
          • Chorizo Con Arepa
            Spanish sausage with corn cake.
          • Morcilla
            Blood sausage.
          • Arroz Amarillo
            Yellow rice.
          • Arroz Blanco
            White rice.
          • Ordenes De Papa Criolla
            Small fried potato.
          • Vegetales Al Vapor
            Steam vegetables.
        • Salads
            • Ensaladas Mama Arepas
              Salad, avocado, skirt steak, and shrimp.
            • Ensalada Con Pollo Y Aguacate
              Salad, avocado, and chicken.
            • Ensalada Ceasar
              Ceasar salad with chicken.
            • Ensalada De La Casa
              Salad with avocado.
            • Ensalada el Paraiso
              Salad with avocado Shrimp and Skirt Steak.
          • Breakfast
              • Desayuno El Paraiso
                Skirt steak (50 oz), rice with beans, scrambled eggs, sausage, corn cake with cheese, sweet plantain, and avocado.
              • Desayuno Valluno
                Rice with beans, scrambled eggs, fried pork ribs blood sausage, corn cake with cheese, and sweet plantain.
              • Huevos En Caserola
                Eggs casserole and cake with cheese.
              • Desayuno Tipico
                Grilled steak, mixed rice, beans, eggs, and corn cake with cheese.
              • Carne Asada
                Grilled steak and corn with cheese.
              • Calentado Paisa
                Grilled steak, fried pork skin, scramble eggs, mixed rice and beans, corn cake with cheese, avocado, and sweet plantain.
              • Desayuno Antioquena
                Mixed rice and beans, scramble eggs, corn cake with cheese, sausage, and sweet plantain.
              • Huevos Rancheros
                Fried eggs in spicy sauce, fries, and toast.
              • Desayuno Americano
              • Desayuno Centro Americano
              • Huevos Pericos
                con Arepa con Queso y Arroz Blanco.
                Escramble Eggs with Corn Cake and White Rice.
            • Delicious Pasta
                • Fettucini Alfredo Con Pollo A La Plancha
                  Fettucini alfredo with grilled chicken, salad, and chicken.
                • Fettucini Alfredo Con Camarones
                  Fettucini alfredo with shrimp, salad, and bread.
              • Seafood
                  • Pargo Frito
                    Fried red snapper, fried green plantain, salad, and rice.
                  • Mojarra Frita
                    Fried green plantain, salad, and rice.
                  • Trucha Marinada
                    Fried green plantain, salad, and rice.
                  • Salmon Al Horno
                    Baked salmon with steam vegetables, fried green plantain, salad, and rice.
                  • Pargo al Ajillo
                    Fried red snapper in a garlic sauce, fried green plantain, salad, and rice.
                  • Filete De Tilapia Al Horno
                    Baked tilapia fillet, French fries, rice, and salad.
                  • Arroz Con Camarones
                    Rice with shrimp with salad and French fries.
                  • Paella Valenciana
                    Rice with seafood, French fries, and salad.
                  • Cazuela de Mariscos
                    Seafood soup, rice, salad, and fried green plantain.
                  • Arroz Marinero Tipo Paella
                    Seafood rice style paella with salad and French fries.
                • Our Delicious Chicken
                    • Arroz Con Pollo
                      Rice with chicken, sweet plantain, and salad.
                    • Pechuga Italian En Salsa De Champinones
                      Chicken breast with mushroom sauce, french fries, rice, and salad.
                    • Pechuga Con Camarones
                      Grilled chicken breast, shrimps, yellow rice fried green plantain, and salad.
                    • Penchuga A La Parrilla
                      Grilled chicken breast, rice, beans, sweet plantain, and salad.
                    • Pechuga Y Arepas Con Queso
                      Grilled chicken with corn cake and cheese.
                    • Milanesa De Pollo
                      Breaded chicken breast, rice beans, French fries, and salad.
                    • Pollo Entrero
                  • Native Dishes
                      • Bandeja Paisa
                        Grilled beef or ground beef, egg, pork skin, corn cake, sweet plantain, avocado, rice, and beans.
                      • Lomo De Cerdo A La Parrilla
                        Grilled pork loin, rice, beans, salad, and sweet plantain.
                      • Mini Bandeja
                        Grilled beef, egg, pork skin, and corn.
                      • Mini Picada
                        Ribs, pork loin blood sausage, grilled steak, chicken wings, and fried pork skin.
                      • Carne Asada Y Arepa Grande Con Queso
                        Big corn cake with cheese and grilled steak.
                      • Bisket A Caballo
                        Steak on sauce, rice, fried eggs, beans, salad, and cassava.
                      • Bistek Encebollado
                        Steak with sauteed onion sauce, rice, salad, and French fries.
                      • La Picada Mama
                        Ribs, pork loin blood sausage, grilled steak, chicken wings, and fried pork skin.
                      • Chuleta De Cerdo Empanizada
                        Breaded pork loin, rice, beans, salad, and sweet plantains.
                      • Canastado Arepas
                        Grilled beef, blood sausage, sausage, fried pork skin, egg, avocado, and sweet plantain.
                      • La Super Bandeja De Mama
                        Pork loin, chicken, pork skin, steak, rice, two eggs, beans, sweet plantain, and corn cake.
                      • Milanesa de Res
                        Arroz, Frijoles, Ensalada y Maduro.
                        Breaded Steak, Rice, Beans, Salad and Sweet Plantain.
                    • Kids Mains
                        • Salchipapas
                          Mixed sausage, french fries, sausage, and eggs.
                        • Nuggets De Pollo
                          Chicken nuggets with French fries.
                        • Salchimixto
                          Sausage, chicken wings, eggs, French fries, and pink sauce.
                        • Deditos De Pollo Con Papas Fritas
                          Chicken fingers with French fries.
                        • Perro Plain
                          Plain hot dog, mayonnaise, mustard, and tomato sauce.
                        • Super Perro
                          Super hot dogs, ham, chicken, eggs, bacon, and fries.
                      • Our Corn Bread
                          • Mini Arepas (Four Pieces)
                            Mini corn cakes, stuffed with shrimp, chicken, steak and fried pork skin, and sauce.
                          • Arepas Quimbaya
                            Corn cake, shredded beef, chicken, shrimp, and avocado.
                          • Arepas De Carne Desmechada
                            Corn cake, shredded beef, avocado, and mayonnaise.
                          • Arepas Y Mas
                            Corn cake, sausage, fried pork skin, chicken, beef, and avocado.
                          • Super Arepa Mama
                            Sausage, fried pork skin, chicken, beef, avocado, tomato, mayonnaise, cheese, and pink sauce.
                          • Arepa Con Queso
                            Corn cake and cheese.
                          • Arepa Especial
                            Skirt steak fajitas, sauteed onions, shrimp, melted cheese, and avocado.
                          • Arepa a Lo Paisa
                            Fried pork skin, beans, avocado, and sweet plantains.
                          • Arepa Combinada
                            Chorizo, camaron, guacamole, salsa rosada, shredded sirloin, spanish sausage, shrimp, avocado, and pink sauce.
                          • Arepa de Pollo Desmechado
                            Corn cake, shredded chicken, avocado, and mayonnaise.
                          • Arepa Rellena de Chicharron
                            Corn cake filled with fried pork skin.
                        • Hamburger
                            • Super Hamburguesa De Mama
                              Beef, ham, bacon, cheese, egg, French fries, lettuce, tomato, and five sauces.
                          • Sandwiches
                              • Sandwich De Carne Asada O Pollo
                                Lettuce, tomato, fried onions, and mayonnaise.
                            • Shish Kabob
                                • Carne
                                  Beef. Each shish kabob with peppers and onions.
                                • Pollo
                                  Chicken. Each shish kabob with peppers and onions.
                                • Chuzo Mixto/ Shish Kabob
                                  Chicken, beef, and shrimp. Each shish kabob with peppers and onions.
                                • Camarones
                                  Shrimp. Each shish kabob with peppers and onions.
                              • Antojios
                                  • Nuestro Cholado
                                  • Salpicon
                                  • Raspado
                                  • Fresas Con Crema
                                  • Banana Con Fresas Y Crema
                                  • Ensalada De Frutas
                                • Shakes and Juices
                                    • Mango
                                    • Mora
                                    • Guanabana
                                    • Papaya
                                    • Lulo
                                    • Maracuya
                                      Passion fruit.
                                    • Fresa
                                    • Guayaba
                                    • Banana
                                  • Beverages
                                      • Pony Malta
                                      • Avena Alpina
                                      • Milo Frio
                                      • Red Bull
                                      • Jugo De Naranja
                                        Orange juice.
                                      • Jugo De Zanahoria
                                        Carrot juice.
                                    • Desserts
                                        • Tres Leches
                                          Three Leches
                                        • Flan De Caramelo
                                      • Empanadas (Patties)
                                          • Empanada de Carne
                                          • Empanada de Pollo
                                        • Pollo a la Brasa/Rotisserie Chicken
                                            • Combo #1
                                              1 Pollo Entero (Papas Frita y Ensalada)
                                              1 Whole Chicken (French Fries and Salad)
                                            • Combo #2
                                              1 Pollo Entero (Arroz y Frijoles)
                                              Whole Chicken Rice and Beans.
                                          • Carnes/Beef
                                              • 1/2 Churrasco Encebollado
                                                Half. Onion sauteed sirloin, rice salad beans, and sweet plantains.
                                              • 1/2 Churrasco Poblano
                                                Half. Sirloin steak, rice, salad, beans, sweet plantain, and guacamole.
                                              • 1/2 Churrasco Ranchero
                                                Half. Onion sauteed sirloin, rice, salad, beans, and guacamole.
                                              • 1/2 Churrasco a Lo Pobre
                                                Half sirloin steak, rice, salad, beans fried eggs, and sweet plantain.
                                              • 1/2 Churrasco a lo Pacifico
                                                Sirlon Steak putanesca style; Shrimp, Salad, Rice and Fried Green plantains.
                                              • 1/2 Churrasco de La Casa
                                                Sirloin steak, rice, salad, latin potatoes, and beans.
                                              • 1/2 Entrana Especial
                                                Half skirt steak special shrimps, guacamole, rice, salad, and fried green plantain.
                                              • 1/2 Entrana Salteada con Camarones
                                                Half skirt steak sauteed in onions with shrimp rice, French fries, and salad.
                                              • 1/2 Entrana a lo Pobre
                                                1/2 Skirt Steak with Rice Fried Eggs Beans,Salad and green plantain.
                                            • Tacos
                                                • Taco de Pollo
                                                  Chicken Taco
                                                • Tacos al Pastor
                                                  Tacos Carne Desmechada
                                                • Tacos de Lengua
                                                  Tongue Tacos
                                                • Tacos de Camarones
                                                • Tacos Jarocho
                                              • Central American Food
                                                  • Baleada Especial de Carne
                                                  • Pollos con Tajadas
                                                  • Chaumin de Camaron
                                                  • Enchiladas de Carne y Ensalada
                                                  • Enchilada de Pollo y Ensalada
                                                  • Pupusa Clasica
                                                  • Camarones a la Plancha