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    Fire Ass Thai (92 Corporate Park)
    Too far to deliver

    Fire Ass Thai (92 Corporate Park)

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    Location and hours

    05:00 AM - 05:30 AM
    Monday - Saturday
    ₩ • Noodles • Asian • Thai

    92 Corporate Park, Irvine, CA 92606 • More

    • Appetizers

      • Spicy Papaya Salad

        Spicy, sweet, sour, and salty - four elements in harmony.
      • Spicy Chicken Satay (5)

        Grilled satay chicken skewers with a peanut dipping sauce.
      • Spicy Fried Tofu

        Deep fried tofu, served with sweet & sour sauce.
      • Spicy Egg Rolls (5)

        Golden flaky veggie filled egg rolls with a sweet and sour dipping sauce.
      • Spicy Chicken Larb

        Bliss out with a mix of super-spicy greens and proteins. Choice of meat with onion, green onion, chili, roasted rice, and lime juice.
    • Soups

      • Spicy Tom Kha Soup

        Those seeking burning questions must seek within - within a coconut, at least.
      • Spicy Tom Yum Soup

        A bit sour, a lot of spice - prepare to get chili high.
    • Noodles

      • Spicy Pad See Ew

        Light noodles cooked with dark sauce - in all things, duality.
      • Spicy Pad Thai

        Thai classic. Deep breaths optional.
      • Spicy Drunken Noodles

        Despite the name, there’s no alcohol in here. Life is full of surprises.
    • Curries

      • Spicy Yellow Curry

        In Thai culture, Yellow is said to be the lucky color of Monday. Good way to start the week.
      • Spicy Red Curry

        Red. The color of heat. Also the color of fire. Coincidence?
      • Spicy Green Curry

        This complex union of spices and herbs has been cited as an aphrodisiac. Is it hot in here?
      • Spicy Panang Curry

        This one has peanuts. If you need some time to consider your options, meditate on it.
    • Entrees

      • Spicy Thai Basil

        Protein, spices, basil, and focus. Keep it simple.
      • Spicy Eggplant

        Dedicate this moment to eggplants. They’re spongy and absorbent, much like our minds.
      • Spicy Garlic and Pepper

        Pepper, the source of heat. Paired with garlic, this one is not to miss.
    • Fried Rice

      • Spicy Thai Fried Rice

        Protein, spices, rice, and focus. Keep it simple. Did I mention the spices?
      • Spicy Pineapple Fried Rice

        The only thing sweeter than pineapple rice is a moment of spicy mindfulness. Far out.
    • Sides

      • White Rice

      • Brown Rice

    • Beverages

      • Thai Iced Tea

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