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    Gunpowder Cafe
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    Gunpowder Cafe

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    Location and hours

    11:00 AM - 11:01 AM
    Tuesday - Saturday
    ₩₩ • Indian • Gluten Free Friendly • Allergy Friendly • Indian Curry • Asian • Halal • Biryani • Vegetarian Friendly • Vegan Friendly

    630 West 24th Street, Charlotte, NC 28206 • More

    • Appetizers

      • Samosa Samurai

        # Fried Dumpling# Vegetarian# Potato A deep-fried triangle shaped pastry stuffed with a mixture of spiced potatoes, peas and onion served hot with a savory chutney
      • Pakora Passion

        # Fritters # Vegetables# Appetizers Fritters made from Indian cottage cheese dipped in a batter of gram flour, served with various savoury chutneys.
      • Cottage Cheese Kebab Carnage

        # Puffed Rice# Chaat# Bhel Puri Chicken Marinated with hun yogurt, sour cream and mild spices. Let the succulent chicken melt in your mouth.
      • Cream Chicken Kebab

        # Cream Chicken Kebab# Indian # Tandoori A Mughlai Indian dish served during feasts by Persian Kings.
      • Tandoori Chicken Hóly Moly Half

        # Chicken # T andoor# Indian Charcoal roasted chicken marinated in a marinade made out of yogurt, various herbs and traditional Indian spices. The chicken is grilled to perfection and then, smoked to infuse a unique flavor which lingers in the mouth. [Leg + breast]
      • Tandoori Chicken Hóly Moly Full

        # Chicken # Tandoor# Indian Charcoal roasted chicken marinated in a marinade made out of yogurt, various herbs and traditional Indian spices. The chicken is grilled to perfection and then, smoked to infuse a unique flavor which lingers in the mouth. [Leg + breast] .
      • Chaat Samosa Deconstructed

        # Samosa # Chickpeas# Yogurt Mashed Samosa(a savory Indian pastry filled with our secretly seasoned potatoes along with peas and cilantro)served with sweet, sour and hot chutneys and sev to give you a burst of flavours that delights your soul.
    • Vegetarian Entrees

      • Peas & Paneer

        # Mattar Paneer# Curry# Vegetarian A comforting green peas curry slow cooked to perfection in a light curry with Indian cottage cheese.
      • Spinach Cottage Cheese Greener Pasture

        # Spinach# Cottage Cheese# Vegetarian Our tender Indian Cottage Cheese engulfed in a thick paste made from puréed Spinach, seasoned with Garlic, Ginger, our signature spice blend.
      • Daal Black Knight

        # Black Lentils # Daal Makhani# Indian Black lentils slow cooked till tender for hours and then tempered with butter garlic, cumin and coriander leaves. A totally vegan recipe the preparation leaves you with no guilt but delight.
      • Chickpea Classic

        # Chickpea# Curry# Vegetarian A vegan recipe in which larger than usual chickpeas are simmered and cooked to perfection in a tomato based curry with Traditional spices. Also, known as Chholay
      • Daal Bright Lights

        # Yellow Lentils # Daal# Vegetarian Black Ientils are cooked with spices, tomatoes, and cream for ? wholesome and delicious dish also known as �maa ki daal� or mom's lentils for its comfort-food qualities.
    • Non-Vegetarian Entrees

      • Chicken Peshawari

        # Butter Chicken# Curry# Indian First, we cook our well-seasoned chicken in a tandoor, then pan grill it with our special spices and then mix it with a sweet and spicy curry sauce that is absolutely smothered in our imported Indian butter.
      • Chicken Madras Murgun

        # Chicken # South Indian# Curry A chicken dish prepared in a reduced tomato, green-chilli, bell peppers onion and Indian spices base. It is a perfect accompaniment with rice, rotis and other breads.
      • Tikka Masala Tango

        # Tikka Masala# Protein# Curry Chicken tikka masala is composed of chicken tikka, boneless chunks of chicken marinated in spices and yogurt that are roasted in an oven, served in a creamy curry sauce.
      • Butter Lamb Labyrinth

        # Butter Lamb# Lamb# Curry A classic Indian dish of cooked spinach studded with cubes of chicken, along with added spices. It is a perfect accompaniment with rotis and other breads.
      • Vinadloo Lamb Love

        # Lamb# Vindaloo Curry# Indian A traditional curry from Goa, this spicy curry has an influence from Portugal in it. Cooked with lamb, a perfect accompaniment with rice, rotis and other breads.
    • Breads and Rice

      • Vegetable Biryani Peshawari

        # Rice# Vegetable# Spicy Basmati rice mixed with a blend of spices and served with raita.
      • Chicken Biryani Peshawari

        Rice, chicken, and spicy. Long-grained rice flavored with exotic spices such as saffron and is layered with chicken. Served with raita (Indian yogurt) and salan (spicy sauce).
      • Lamb Biryani Peshawari

        # Rice# Lamb# Spicy asmati rice cooked with spices, raisins and nuts in a meat stock. Meat and rice are cooked separately till half cooked and then mixed together and left to cook again. Infused with kewra water and saffrons. This preparation never lets you feel low and lightens up your mood every time you have it.
      • Garlic Garlic Naan

        # Bread# Garlic# Side Fresh naans baked in our clay oven seasoned with fresh garlic
      • Butter Butter Naan

        # Bread# Butter# Side Flatbreads made from all purpose flour with our specially flavoured yoghurt replacing the yeast
      • Roti Tandoori

        # Bread# Grilled # Indian Whole wheat flatbreads baked in our traditional clay oven, so soft that you won't miss your mom!
    • Desserts & Beverages

      • Yogurt Shake

        # Lassi# Yogurt# Sweet Chilled churned yogurt drink, served salted or sweet as per patro’s choice.
      • Yogurt Mango Shake

        # Alphonso Mango# Yogurt# Milkshake Chilled churned yogurt drink with alphonso mango.
      • Carbonated Soda Can

        # Soda# Can# Coke Carbonated can to quench your thirst!
      • Rasmalai

        # Dessert# Sweet # Indian Delicious Indian dessert made out of milk