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    Hoegemeyer's Barbeque Barn
    Too far to deliver

    Hoegemeyer's Barbeque Barn

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    Location and hours

    Monday - Friday
    11:30 AM - 02:00 PM
    ₩₩ • Mediterranean • Greek • Vegetarian

    711 Concrete St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401 • More

    • By The Pound

      • Baby Back Pork Ribs (1 lb)

      • Sausage (Per Link)

        Sometimes you just don't need to reinvent the wheel - that's why we've chosen to serve v and v sausage in our restaurant. We offer 2 choices - regular or jalapeno cheese. Sold by the 1-5 lb. short link.
      • Angus Brisket (1/2 lb)

      • Chopped Brisket (1 lb)

      • Chicken

      • Pork Spare Ribs (1 lb)

        Pork spare ribs just can't be beaten. This is usually the second meat we sell out of daily. We use a simple dry rub and cook our ribs until they're tender (but still put up a little fight against letting go of the bone).
      • Pulled Pork (1 lb)

        We take our favorite stringy cut of pork and slow smoke it overnight. When it is ready, we pull the pork apart, and lightly toss with our own barbecue sauce. Pair our pulled pork with some coleslaw for a little East coast Barbeque tradition.
      • Beef Ribs (1 lb)

    • Dinners

      • Po'boy Sammich Dinner

        Po-boy comes loaded with 3 types of meat - brisket, chopped brisket, and sausage - on an 8'' hoagie bun complete with all you care to eat sides.
      • Two Meat Dinner

        Two meat dinner is our most popular lunch option, includes your choice of 2 from any of our cooked-daily meats, and all-you-care to eat of our 9 delicious sides. Don't forget, you get cobbler with this plate as well.
      • One Meat Dinner

        One meat dinner includes your choice from any of our cooked-daily meats and all-you-care to eat of our 9 delicious sides.
      • The Roland Platter Dinner

      • Sammich Dinner

        We take pride in baking our own sammich buns. You can have any single (bone-free) meat of our choice on our sammiches brisket, sausage, pulled pork, or chopped brisket. Just like all the other dinners and this comes complete with our sidebar.
    • Off The Menu

      • Texas Dip

      • Fritz's Frito Pie

        A different take on a concession stands favorite-our fritz's pie comes with a boatload of Fritos corn chips, a quarter pound of chopped brisket, pinto beans, cheddar cheese, onions, and Barbeque sauce. This is pretty filling by itself.
    • Sides

      • Baked Tater Salad

        This is the side you have to try. Imagine a chopped baked potato bacon bits, sour cream, chives, more, and all mixed with chopped new potatoes.
      • Black Eyed Peas

        We like to think differently, we love black-eyed peas at home and so we brought our recipe to you. A little bacon fat, some green bean snaps, and simple seasoning make these peas just right.
      • Cole Slaw

        Simple-shredded cabbage tossed lightly in coleslaw dressing. Delicious by itself, or on our pulled pork sammich.
      • Niblet Corn

        We take the corn off the cob for you. Prepared with a little sweetness, just the right seasoning, and our niblet corn is just what you're looking for.
      • Pinto Beans

        A staple in South Texas barbecue, pinto beans can be found practically everywhere. We like to think that ours are the best out there - but we'll leave you to decide.
      • Texas Tater Salad

        When you want the standard, South Texas Barbecue potato salad (mustard and mayonnaise-based) this is what you want to order. Always crafted in small batches and always fresh.
      • Spanish Rice

        When you're looking for a great partner for our pinto beans and get some Spanish rice on your plate. Most folks like to get the 2 mixed.
      • Baked Beans

        Sweet beans give you a little break from standard Barbecue fare. Sweeten up your day with our tart and tangy baked beans.
      • Green Beans

        Who doesn't love some green beans with some simple seasoning?
    Allergens: These items may include unlisted ingredients and/or be prepared on equipment that processes allergens. Take precautions if you have an allergy.