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    17901 Pioneer Blvd, Suite G, Artesia, CA 90701
    Every Day
    11:00 AM - 03:00 PMLunch
    03:00 PM - 08:30 PMDinner

    I Luv Sushi TOO

    4.8 (76 ratings) • Japanese • $$$
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    17901 Pioneer Blvd, Suite G, Artesia, CA 90701
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    $$$ • Japanese • Seafood • Sushi • Group Friendly
    • Picked for you
      • Sunrise On Second Street
      • Sushi Platter (12 pcs)
      • California Roll
      • Spicy Tuna
      • Philly Roll
        • Chopsticks
          Priced by add-ons
        • Soy Sauce Packets
          Priced by add-ons
        • Wasabi Packets
          Priced by add-ons
        • Ginger
          Priced by add-ons
        • Straws
          Priced by add-ons
        • Forks
          Priced by add-ons
        • Spoons
          Priced by add-ons
      • Warm Appetizers
          • Salmon Collar
          • Sampler
            chicken karaage, gyoza, mummy shrimp
          • Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab
          • Fried Calamari
          • Mixed Tempura_
          • Shishito Pepper
          • Yellowtail Collar
          • Chicken Teriyaki
          • Beef Teriyaki_
          • Chicken Karaage_
          • Gyoza_
          • Agedashi Tofu
          • Edamame
          • Garlic Edamame
          • Spicy Edamame
          • Ika Geso
            fried squid legs
        • Sushi Appetizers
            • Sashimi Sampler
              sample portions of rhythm and blues tuna, tuna carpaccio, and yellowtail jalapeño
            • Baked Green Mussels
            • Tuna Poke
              marinated tuna with cucumber
            • Poke Taco
            • Scallop Tempura
              tossed with house special sauce
            • Seaweed Salad
          • Sushi & Sashimi
              • Inari
                1 pc swet tofu skin
              • Tamago
                1pc sweet egg
              • Albacore
              • Halibut
              • Hotate
              • Ikura
                Salmon egg
              • Masago
                smelt egg
              • Octopus
                with lemon and salt
              • Saba
                marinated mackerel
              • Squid
                with mint
              • Salmon
              • Shrimp
              • Seared Tuna
              • Tuna
              • Tobiko
                flying fish egg
              • Unagi
                fresh water eel
              • Yellowtail
              • Amaebi
                sweet raw shrimp
            • Special Rolls
              • 10 SC Rolls
              • Rainbow
              • Sunrise On Second Street
                Inside: spicy shrimp and krab, avocado. Top: Tuna, masago, green onion. Sauce: sesame dressing, sweet eel sauce, chili oil.
              • American Dragon
                Inside: spicy shrimp n krab, shrimp tempura. Top: eel, avocado, masago, green onion. Sauce: eel sauce, spicy mayo.
              • Ashley
              • Atlantic
                wrapped with soy paper. Inside: spicy salmon, shrimp tempura, avocado. Top: masago. Sauce: spicy mayo and eel sauce.
              • Autumn
                Inside: Shrimp tempura, avocado. Top: spicy albacore, masago, green onion, tempura flakes. Sauce: eel sauce and chili oil
              • B L C
                Baked Lobster on California roll.
              • B S C
                Baked Scallops on California roll.
              • Caterpillar
                Inside: Freshwater eel
                Top: Avocado
                Sauce: eel sauce
              • Cincinnati
                Inside: spicy shrimp and krab, avocado
                Top: seared salmon with chili powder
                Sauce: sunrise sauce mixed with shiso dressing
              • Crunchy
                Inside: shrimp tempura, asparagus. Outside: crunchy tempura flakes. Sauce: sweet eel sauce.
              • Extreme Crunchy
                Inside: spicy tuna, cucumber. Top: crunchy tempura flakes, chili powder. Sauce: sweet eel sauce, chili oil.
              • Fantastic
              • In and Out
              • Lynn Roll
              • Las Vegas
                Inside: shrimp tempura. Top: freshwater eel, crunchy flakes. Sauce: sweet eel sauce.
              • Mr Roll
              • Monkey Roll
              • Nine One One
                Inside: Spicy tuna. Top: avocado, green onion, chili powder. Sauce: spicy mayo, chili oil.
              • Oh Crab
                Inside: soft shell crab, masago, salted vegetable roots, cucumber. Top: freshwater eel, avocado, green onion. Sauce: sweet eel sauce, spicy mayo, chili oil.
              • Pay Roll
              • Rain Rolls
                Inside: spicy tuna, shrimp tempura wrapped with soy paper
                Top: Octopus, jalapeno, garlic
                Sauce: yuzu ponzu and eel sauce
              • Sexy Girl
              • Spider Roll
                Inside: soft shell crab, masago, gobo, cucumber. served with ponzu sauce.
              • Sumo
                Inside: shrimp tempura, avocado. Top: tuna, green onion. Sauce: sweet eel sauce, chili oil.
              • The Unpopular
                Inside: fried albacore
                Top: avocado
                Sauce: eel sauce and spicy mayo
              • Tsunami
                Inside: spicy tuna, scallop, shrimp, gobo root
                Top: albacore, red onion
                Sauce: spicy ponzu
              • Volcano
                Inside: baked salmon, avocado
                Top: whitefish, masago, green onion, baked with spicy mayo
            • Salads
                • House Salad
                  With ginger dressing.
                • Cucumber Salad
                • Cucumber Salad with imitation crab
                  Served with shredded imitation crab.
                • Tofu Salad
                • Chicken Salad
                • Sashimi Salad
              • Soups
                  • Miso Soup
                  • Spicy Miso Soup with shrimp
                  • Udon Noodle Soup
                • Hand Rolls & Cut Rolls
                    • Avocado
                    • Cucumber
                    • Vegetable
                    • Shrimp Tempura
                    • Tekka Maki (Tuna Roll)
                    • California Roll
                    • Philly Roll
                    • Spicy Albacore
                    • Spicy Salmon
                    • Spicy Shrimp n Krab
                    • Salmon Skin
                    • Spicy Tuna
                    • Spicy Yellowtail
                    • Rock n Roll
                      (baked scallops)
                    • Pacific Roll
                      (Spicy tuna, shrimp tempura)
                    • Thousand Oaks
                      (krab salad, shirmp tempura)
                    • Alaskan Roll
                      (krab salad, baked salmon), avocado, cucumber
                    • Three Amigos
                      (Spicy tuna, scallop, shrimp)
                    • A.C.E
                      Avocado, cucumber, eel
                  • Rice Bowls
                      • Chirashi
                      • Unagi Bowl
                      • Chicken Bowl
                      • Beef Bowl
                      • The Original Poke Bowl
                      • Founder's Favorite
                      • Sunrise Bowl
                      • Big Island Bowl
                      • Sexy Salmon Bowl
                    • Specialties
                        • Yellowtail with Jalapeno
                        • Rhythm and Blues
                        • Albacore on the Beach
                          Albacore sashimi with fried onion, green onion, ponzu sauce.
                        • Tuna Carpaccio
                        • Halibut Yuzu Sashimi
                        • Dynamite
                        • Spicy Tuna on Crispy Rice
                        • Firecracker
                        • Jaws Special
                        • Torpedo
                        • Yellowtail Yoyo Sushi
                        • Supreme Salmon Sushi
                        • Seared Salmon Sushi
                        • Snow White
                      • Platters
                          • Sushi Platter (12 pcs)
                            served with miso soup and salad. chef's choice sushi with tuna roll.
                          • Sashimi Platter (13 pcs)
                            served with miso soup salad, and white rice. chef's choice sashimi.
                        • Combinations
                            • Chicken Teriyaki
                            • Beef Teriyaki
                            • Salmon Shioyaki
                            • Tontaksu (Pork Cutlet)
                            • Mixed Tempura
                          • Vegetarian Rolls
                              • Sun Salutation
                              • Green Machine
                              • Crunchy Vegetable
                              • Umami Roll
                              • Earth Roll
                              • Yellow Submarine
                            • Beverages
                                • Coca-Cola®
                                  Coca-Cola Soda
                                • Thai Tea
                                • Iced Green Tea
                                • Regular Iced Tea
                                • Mango Iced Tea
                                • Ramune
                                • Diet Coke
                                • Sprite
                                • Bottled Water
                              • Kids Meal
                                  • Kiddie Meal
                                • Side Orders
                                    • Sushi Rice
                                    • Garlic Fried Rice
                                    • Brown Rice
                                    • White Rice
                                    • Half Avocado
                                    • Masago
                                    • Gobo Root
                                    • Soy Paper
                                  Frequently asked questions

                                  What is the address of I Luv Sushi TOO in Artesia?

                                  I Luv Sushi TOO is located at: 17901 Pioneer Blvd Suite G, Artesia

                                  Is the menu for I Luv Sushi TOO available online?

                                  Yes, you can access the menu for I Luv Sushi TOO online on Postmates. Follow the link to see the full menu available for delivery and pickup.

                                  What are the most popular items on the I Luv Sushi TOO menu?

                                  The most ordered items from I Luv Sushi TOO are: Sunrise On Second Street, Miso Soup, Salmon.

                                  Does I Luv Sushi TOO offer delivery in Artesia?

                                  Yes, I Luv Sushi TOO offers delivery in Artesia via Postmates. Enter your delivery address to see if you are within the I Luv Sushi TOO delivery radius, then place your order.

                                  Can I get free delivery from I Luv Sushi TOO?

                                  Delivery fees for I Luv Sushi TOO vary. Just enter your delivery address to see the delivery fee for your location. You could always get free delivery from I Luv Sushi TOO with Postmates Unlimited.

                                  Can I pick up my order from I Luv Sushi TOO?

                                  Postmates offers pickup from many restaurants in your city. To see if you can pick up your order from I Luv Sushi TOO, add items to your cart and look for the ‘pickup’ option at checkout.

                                  Can I schedule a delivery order from I Luv Sushi TOO?

                                  Some restaurants on Postmates allow you to schedule a delivery to show up at your location when you want it. At checkout, look for the option to select a delivery time. If it’s there, that means you can schedule your delivery from I Luv Sushi TOO.