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    Il Terrazzo
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    Il Terrazzo

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    Location and hours

    12:00 PM - 07:30 PM
    Tuesday - Thursday
    03:00 PM - 07:30 PM
    Friday - Saturday
    12:00 PM - 07:30 PM
    ¢ • Italian • Pasta • Comfort Food

    315 S Montgomery St, Portland, OR 97201 • More

    • Antipasti

      • Piccolo Antipasti

        A individual plate of artisan cheeses & salumi served with assorted seasonal bites
      • Burrata

        This Italian speciality mozzarella stuffed with cream soaked fresh mozzarella served with petite heirloom tomatoes & wild arugula - finished with Italian olive oil & balsamic crema
      • Tapenade

        A rustic spread of Italian country olives, fresh basil & roman pepper. Served with rosemary crackers .
      • Bread Service with House Olives

        Italian olive mix of castelvetrano & cerignola. Bread service with olive oil & balsamic
      • Insalata di Caesar*

        A classic Romaine salad dressed in our family Caesar dressing recipe - finished with Parmigiano Reggiano & croutons (GF without croutons)
      • Family style Insalata di Caesar*

        Serves 4-6 people. A classic Romaine salad dressed in our family Caesar dressing recipe - finished with Parmigiano Reggiano & croutons (GF without croutons)
      • Caprese

        The classic Italian tricolore salad of fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, fresh tomatoes, Italian extra virgin olive oil & balsamic reduction.
      • Bread service

        Artisan breads served with Italian olive oil & balsamic crema
      • Bruschetta

        A classic. Italian toasts, confit of tomato & fresh basil - served with Italian olive oil & balsamic
      • Salmon Affumicato

        Northwest smoked salmon plate with whipped goat cheese, wild arugula, shallots, capers, seasonal tomatoes & Italian toasts
      • Insalata di Stefano

        A classic American iceberg wedge salad with creamy blue cheese dressing, granny smith apples, toasted walnuts & chives
    • Pasta

      • Bolognese

        The classic Italian pasta dish with a rich meat ragu recipe rooted in Portland's sister city of bologna finished with parmigiano reggiano.
      • Pasta Greca *vegetarian with vegan option

        Artichoke hearts & taggiasca olives with fresh tomato confit of garlic, onion, fresh herbs & Italian olive oil finished with Pecorino Romano.
      • Fresh Pesto *vegetarian

        Fresh pasta & fresh pesto finished with Pecorino Romano
      • Sweet Italian Ragu

        A simple pomodoro sauce with Italian sausage & fresh pasta finished with Pecorino Romano
      • Ragu Napoletano

        The traditional stewed meat & tomato ragu slowed cooked with sofrito, fresh basil & pancetta. Served with fresh rigatoni.
      • Roasted tomato Cream sauce *vegetarian

        A Northern Italian tomato cream sauce with tortelloni
      • Ravioli with fresh Sage & pancetta

        Traditional "quattro formaggi" four cheese ravioli finished with fresh sage & pancetta rendered in Italian olive oil & white wine - finished with Parmigiano Reggiano
      • Sugo alla Puttanesca*

        A simple San Marzano red sauce of Sicilian anchovies, garlic, olices & capers Served with bucatini & finised with Italian parsley
      • Carbonara

        A classic Roman dish of creamy egg & cheese pasta finished with pancetta
    • Drinks

      • Can Coca-cola

      • Lurisia

        Sparkling Water from the Peidmont region of Italy.
      • Pellegrino

        Sparkling Water from Bergamo, Italy.
      • Can Sprite

      • Can Coke Zero

      • Can Sprite Zero

    • Dessert

      • Tiramisu

        A Northern Italian classic – espresso & Cuban rum soaked lady fingers layered under a decadent mascarpone custard dusted with dark chocolate.
      • Seasonal cheeses & nuts

        Seasonal cheeses & nuts
      • Cannoli

        Two of the days special cannolo flavor