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    7415 Northwest 54th Street, Miami, FL 33166
    Every Day
    3:00 AM - 3:10 AM

    Imex Panda

    Asian Fusion • $
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    7415 Northwest 54th Street, Miami, FL 33166
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    $ • Asian Fusion • Asian • Korean
    • Sodas and drinks / Bebidas y Refrescos
        • Coca cola
      • Salads / Ensaladas
          • Wakame salad / Ensalada de wakame
          • Crab salad / Ensalada de cangrejo
          • Octopus salad / Ensalada de pulpo
          • shrimp salad
          • Copia de shrimp salad
        • Appetizers / Aperitivos
            • Fried Wanton / Wanton Frito
            • Lumpia
            • Cantonese Caribbean Lumpia / Lumpia Cantonesa Caribeña
            • Vietnamese Lumpia / Lumpia Vietnamita
            • Butterflies / Maripositas
            • Crab Croquettes / Croquetas de Cangrejo
            • Shrimp Croquettes / Croquetas de Camarón
            • Wanton Mei Soup / Sopa Wanton Mei
            • Wanton Soup / Sopa Wanton
            • Seafood Soup / Sopa de Mariscos
            • creamy shrimp
              croquetas de camarones
            • vegetables tempura
              vegetales tempurizado
            • gyosa pork
              4 gyosas
            • spring roll
              3 uni
            • edamame
              steamed and salted soy beans in the pod
            • egg roll crab
              4 egg roll crab and vegetables
            • wantong crab
              crab vegetables
            • wanton sea marine
              shrimp crab fish squid
            • egg roll shrimp
              shrimp and vegetables
            • fried tofu szechuan
              tofu fried and spyce
            • fried tofu and honey sause and and vegetables
          • Fried Rice / Arroz Frito
              • Fried Rice with Shrimp / Arroz Frito con camarón
              • Fried Rice with Chicken / Arroz Frito con Pollo
              • Fried Rice with Chicken and Shrimp / Arroz Frito con Pollo y Camarón
              • Fried Rice with Vegetables / Arroz Frito con Vegetales
              • Special Fried Rice / Arroz Frito Especial
              • Seafood Rice / Arroz con Mariscos
              • 3 Treasures Rice / Arroz 3 Tesoros
              • fried rice thai
                stir fried egg rice onion scalion tomato with brows sause toapped with scalion
              • fried rice special
                han and egg and vegetabvles
              • Copia de Special Fried Rice / Arroz Frito Especial
              • fried rice marine
                rice and shrimp fish and crabb
              • fried rice marine paella asian
                rice and fish shrimp and crabb and calamari
            • Lo Mein Noodles / Tallarines Lo Mein
                • Noddles with Shrimp / Tallarines con Camarón
                • Noddles with Chicken / Tallarines con Pollo
                • Noddles with Chicken and Shrimp / Tallarines con Pollo y Camarón
                • Noddles with Vegetables / Tallarines con Vegetales
                • Special Noddles / Tallarines Especiales
                • Seafood Noodles / Tallarines con Mariscos
                • shabu shabu nodles soup beff
                  nodles soup beff japaneses tofu and vegetables
              • Sweet and Sour / Agrio y Dulce
                • Sweet and Sour Chicken / Agrio y Dulce de Pollo
                • Sweet and Sour Pork / Agrio y Dulce de Cerdo
                • Sweet and Sour Fish and Shrimp / Agrio y Dulce de Pescado y Camarón
                • Mixed Sweet and Sour / Agrio y Dulce Mixto
              • Meats / Carnes
                  • Mongolian Meat / Carne Mongolesa
                  • Sour and Spicy Meat / Carne Agrio y Picante
                  • Tenderloin in Oyster Sauce / Lomito en Salsa de Ostras
                  • Satay Meat / Brochetas de Carne Satay
                  • lomo saltado beff lomito import
                    chaufan rice and lomito good beff and potatos
                  • lomo saltado beff palomilla
                    lomo saltado beff palomilla
                  • meat insweet and sour sause
                    carne en salsa dulce
                • Chicken / Pollo
                    • Chicken in Honey Sauce / Pollo en Salsa de Miel
                    • Kung Pao Chicken / Pollo Kung Pao
                    • Chicken in Oyster Sauce / Pollo en Salsa de Ostras
                    • Hongkongese Chicken / Pollo Hongkonés
                    • chicken zsechuan
                      special sause chineses and spicy
                    • chicken xing hui
                      chicken vegetables and green sause and curry
                    • chicken with corn sause
                    • chicken sweet and sour sause lichi
                      chicken carriot paprika onion sweet and sour sause lichi chinese fruit and coconut
                  • Fish / Pescado
                      • White Fish Ceviche / Ceviche de Pescado Blanco
                      • Mixed Ceviche / Ceviche Mixto
                      • Hongkongese Sour and Sweet Fish / Pescado Hongkonés Agrio y Dulce
                      • Fish with Ginger and Onion / Pescado con Gengibre y Cebolla
                    • Vegetables / Vegetales
                        • Chinese Broccoli / Brócoli Chino
                        • Cantonese Eggplant with Chicken / Berenjena Cantonesa con Pollo
                        • Eggplant with Fish / Berenjena con Pescado
                      • Ribs / Costillas
                          • Sour and Sweet Ribs / Costillas Agrio y Dulce
                        • combos chinos /chinese combo
                          • Fried Rice, Meat in Oyster Sauce and Shrimp Croquette / Arroz Frito, Carne en Salsa de Ostras y Croquetas de Camarón
                          • Fried Rice and Sour and Sweet Pork / Arroz Frito y Cerdo en Salsa Agrio y Dulce
                          • Fried Rice, Rib and Lumpia / Arroz Frito, Costilla y Lumpia
                          • Fried Rice with Chicken, Crab Salad and French Fries / Arroz Frito con pollo, Ensalada de Cangrejo y Papas Fritas
                          • Thai Sauteed Noodles / Tallarines Salteados Thai
                          • Teriyaki Chicken, Hibachi Rice and White Lumpia / Pollo Teriyaki, Arroz Hibachi y Lumpia Blanca
                          • Noodles, Lumpia and Yakitores / Tallarines, Lumpia y Yakitores
                          • Yakisoba with Shrimps / Yakisoba con Camarónes
                          • Great Samurai Salad / Ensalada Gran Samurai
                          • Hibachi Rice, Sautéed Japanese Noodles, Shrimp Tempura, Char Siu Pork, Teriyaki Chicken, Thai Rib and Thai Lumpia / Arroz Hibachi, Tallarines Japoneses Salteados, Tempura de Langostino, Cerdo Char Siu, Pollo Teriyaki, Costilla Thai y Lumpia Thai
                          • Fried Rice, Chop Suey and Lumpia / Arroz Frito, Chop Suey y Lumpia
                          • Fried Rice, Chicken with Vegetables and Chop Suey / Arroz Frito, Pollo con Vegetales y Chop Suey
                          • Fried Rice, Sour and Sweet Chicken and Chop Suey / Arroz Frito, Agrio y Dulce de Pollo y Chop Suey
                          • Fried Rice, Chop Suey and Rib / Arroz Frito, Chop Suey y Costilla
                          • Fried Rice and Chicken in Honey Sauce / Arroz Frito y Pollo en Salsa de Miel
                          • Hibachi Rice, Grilled Rib and Seafood / Arroz Hibachi, Costilla Asada y Mariscos
                          • Hibachi Rice, Thai Lumpia and Seafood / Arroz Hibachi, Lumpia Thailandesa y Mariscos
                          • Sauteed Vegetables with Shrimp / Vegetales Salteados con Camarón
                          • Copia de Yakisoba with Shrimps / Yakisoba con Camarónes
                          • pollo agridulce arroz especial dos lumpia de la casa
                            chicken sewed and fried rice and 2 egg roll hause
                          • chosey especial arroz frito dos lumpia
                            chosey vegetables and fried rice and eeg roll hause
                          • pollo a la miel arroz frito especial y dos lumpias de la casa
                            chicken honey fried rice and two egg roll hause
                          • char sui cerdo arroz frito dos lumpia
                            pork and fried rice two egg roll hause
                          • pollo con vegetales arroz frito dos lumpia
                            chicken vegetables
                        • Platos mixtos
                            • Camarones a la cantonesa arroz moro, maduro y lomo de cerdo agridulce
                            • Pescado a la marinera, arroz amarillo con pollo y papas fritas
                            • Rebosado de mariscos con arroz frito y papas fritas
                            • Pollo rebosado con arroz chaufan y papas fritas
                            • Lomo salteado con arroz blanco y papas fritas
                            • Carne guisada con arroz moro y maduros
                            • Pinchos y arroz amarillo con papa fritas y ensalada
                          • soup/ sopas
                              • Original udo soup / Sopa udo original
                              • kinchi soup
                                vegetables and sause kinchi spyce
                            • korean food
                                • korean beef souse korean
                                  beef korean sause
                                • sataybeef
                                  beef satay sause mix brown sause and vegetables
                                • beff curry green
                                  beff curry green sause
                                • lemon beff
                                  beff lenmon sause
                                • beff vegetables
                                  mix vegetables and hot sause korean and beff
                                • seul beff
                                  beff mix the curry yellow and green curry and vegetables
                                • pad thai korean
                                  vegetables and beff or shrimp red sause
                              • vietnan food
                                  • beff traditional
                                    beff and vegetables and sause oriental the hause
                                  • bun
                                    noodies salad and sea food
                                  • egg roll
                                    vegetables and shrimp
                                  • spring roll
                                    vegetables and beef
                                  • pho soup
                                    traditional soup
                                  • bolws asian 1
                                    beff asian sause and white rice and vegetables
                                  • bowls asian 2
                                    chicken and white rice and vegetables
                                  • bolws asian 3
                                    chicken curry and vegetables
                                  • bolws asian 4
                                    chicken and vegetables and white rice
                                  • bolws shrimp
                                    shrimp and vegetables and white rice
                                  • bolws asian fish
                                    fish oriental vegetables and white rice
                                • fried rice hong kones
                                    • fried rice yan chow
                                      pork egg and vegetables
                                    • seung wan fried rice
                                      shrimp and pork and fish
                                    • fried rice special
                                      pork and fish in chineses sause
                                  • pork hong kong food
                                      • mogolian pork
                                        pork chinese sause and vegetables
                                      • pork homg kong charsui
                                        pork and vegetables mixt two sause special
                                    • peruvian food nikei
                                        • beff lomo saltado
                                          lomo saltado is beef peruvian and potato and white rice
                                        • chicken saltado
                                          peruvian chicken potato rice and fried rice peruvian
                                        • ceviche fish
                                          ceviche the fish limeno
                                        • ceviche norteno fish
                                          ceviche norteno fish peruvian
                                        • fish ceviche nikei japanese peruvian
                                          ceviche peruvin and japanese
                                        • combo 1 ceviche chaufan rice sea food
                                          ceviche chaufa rice nd seac food chicharon de pescado
                                        • combo 2 lomo saltado and ceviche
                                          beff peruvian and ceviche
                                        • combo 3 pollo saltado and ceviche
                                          chicken saltado and ceviche
                                        • shrimp sea food and chaufan rice
                                          shrimp and sea food peruvian fied rice
                                      • japanese ebeto
                                          • soba the shrimp
                                            noodles jajaneses cobination shrimp and vegetables
                                          • sukiyaki japanese beff and udon
                                            udon noodles and beff and vegetables
                                          • udon noodles pork
                                            vegetables and pork japanese
                                          • udon noodles chicken teriyaki
                                            chicken teriyaki and vegegetables
                                          • chicken katsu
                                            chicken katsu and fried rice
                                          • pork katsu
                                            pork and panco and katsu sause
                                        • bao
                                            • bao beff
                                              bao beff two bao
                                            • bao chicken
                                              bao chicken two
                                            • bao pork char siu
                                              bao pork two
                                            • bao fish
                                              bao fish
                                            • bao shrimp
                                              bao shrimp two
                                            • bao vegetables
                                              bao vegetables two
                                            • bao toko shirmp tempura
                                              bao shrimp tempura sause toko
                                            • bao avocavo and pork
                                              pam chino con aguacate y cerdo
                                          • streed food japanese
                                              • okomoyaki
                                                vegetables and egg
                                              • tori chicken fried japanese
                                                chicken fried and potatos and curry
                                              • beff teriyaki
                                                beff teriyaki and potatos and curry sause
                                              • pork katsu
                                                pork crispy and potatos curry with japanese rice
                                              • chicken katsu
                                                chicken and potato curry and japanese rice
                                              • yakitory chicke
                                            • house specialties
                                                • sesame chicken
                                                  chicken deep fried the stir fried in sweet sesame sause
                                                • orange chicken
                                                  chicken deep fried then stir in sween spicy orange sause
                                                • honey chicken
                                                  chicken deep fried them stir fried in sweed brown sause
                                                • mapo taufo beff and tofu
                                                  beef stir fried with tofu vegetables mixt sause special
                                                • beff with broccoli
                                                  beff stir fried with broccoli chinese kaylan and mixt vegetables
                                                • satay beff
                                                  beff stir with beean greed vegetables
                                                • chinese broccoli
                                                  broccoli kailan
                                                • vegetables chinese choysan mostaza
                                                  mostaza chinese with osyter sause
                                              • vegan asian food
                                                  • ramen vegan
                                                    vegetables mixr and tofu
                                                  • ramen special
                                                    mushoom vegetables mixt and daikon
                                                  • bokchoy sause brows
                                                    bokchoy vegetables and brows sause
                                                  • udon noodle vegan
                                                    udon vegetables and tofu
                                                  • fried potato mushroom and curry
                                                    potato and curry with mushroom
                                                  • migansu soup ve
                                                    misu and vegetables
                                                  • zaru soba
                                                    soba noodles wasabi nori and ginger and dashi vegetables mixt
                                                  • kinoko nihon soba
                                                    seasonal mushrooms with vegetables
                                                  • lom mei vegan
                                                    vegetables and tofu
                                                  • spring roll vegetables
                                                    3 spring roll
                                                  • bao vegetables and tofu
                                                    2 bao vegetables abd tofu
                                                  • bao vetables and mushroomd
                                                    2 bao mixt
                                                  • chinese eggplant and mushrooms
                                                    eggplant and mushrooms otiental sause
                                                  • eggplant and tofu
                                                    eggplant and tofu in sause
                                                  • vegetables oriental with sause curry
                                                    vetables mixt ans curry sause
                                                  • vegan thai
                                                    shitake sause and vegetables oriental
                                                  • eggplant ginger and tofu
                                                    special eggplant thai
                                                  • din san vegan
                                                    vegan ding san 4 unit
                                                • thai special food
                                                    • soup tom yum chicken
                                                      chicken and tofu with vegetables
                                                    • tom yum soup shrimp
                                                      shirmp and vegetables
                                                    • thoka soup fish ande seafood
                                                      seafood and vegetables and misu
                                                    • appetizer and tapas
                                                      hause salad greed vegetables and shirmp
                                                    • tofu salad
                                                      tofu and mixt vegetables
                                                    • salad shrimp with orange sause
                                                      shrimp and orange sause and vegetablas
                                                    • vegetaboles sprin roll
                                                      3 sprimg roll
                                                    • shrimp shumai
                                                      shrimp dumpling
                                                    • gyosa
                                                      4 unites
                                                    • coconut salmon
                                                      crispy salmon whit coconut sause
                                                    • chicken tofu
                                                      chicken tofuand veggie and sweet sause
                                                    • bangkok chicken
                                                      grilled chicken and vegetables shitake sause
                                                    • dessert lychee nut
                                                    • eggplant and chicken
                                                      eggplant chicken and vegetables
                                                    • chicken curry and potatos and white rice
                                                      delicias plate thai
                                                    • chicken vegetables
                                                      chicken vegetables and maduru
                                                  • fried rice special vegan
                                                      • fried rice vegan
                                                        bochoy vegetables green and pachoy and brokoly and eggplant
                                                      • fried rice 2 vegan
                                                        vegetables mixt and onion
                                                      • fried rice choy vegetables chinese mixt
                                                        mixt vegetables oriental
                                                      • fried rice musrron
                                                        vegetables with oriental musrron
                                                      • fried rice mopo tofu
                                                        mixt vegetables and tofu
                                                    • menu diner vegan
                                                        • menu night vegan for 1 person
                                                          rice two vegetables
                                                        • menu night asian
                                                          rice chinese and spring roll and chosey
                                                        • lon mei and two vegetales
                                                          lon mei and two vegetables
                                                        • lon mei gyosa and vegetables
                                                          lon mei two gyosas and vegetables
                                                      • diner menu 5 dollars
                                                          • rice white and spring roll chicken
                                                            rice white pring roll and chicken
                                                          • tempura shrimp and spring roll and white rice
                                                            white rice and spring roll and shrimp
                                                          • special rice two spring roll
                                                            special rice two spring roll
                                                        • pad thai
                                                            • pad thai the vegetables
                                                              pad thai the vegetables
                                                            • pad thai shrimp
                                                              pad thai vegetables and shrimp
                                                            • pad thai chicken
                                                              vegetables and chicken
                                                          • vegetables dumpling
                                                              • gyosa the vegetables
                                                                7 gyosas
                                                            • sigapore food
                                                                • noddles sigapore special
                                                                  pork egg and shrimp curry sause and vegetables
                                                                • fried rice sigapore
                                                                  pork and shrimp and egg and vegetables
                                                                • lon mei sigapore
                                                                  curry and vegetables with mixt
                                                              • tempura
                                                                  • tempura de vegetables
                                                                    mixt vegetables
                                                                  • tempura shrimp
                                                                    tempura shrimp
                                                                  • tempura fish
                                                                  • tempura mixt shrimp and vegetables
                                                                    vegetables and shrimp
                                                                • ceviche fish
                                                                    • ceviche fish
                                                                      tilapia and sause japneses and peruvian
                                                                    • ceviche shrimp
                                                                      shrimp and vegetsables special sause
                                                                  • Copia de ceviche fish
                                                                      • ceviche with sea food
                                                                        fish tilapia and crab and shrimp sause fusion oriental and peruvian
                                                                    • special food
                                                                        • chicken orange
                                                                          chicken orange rice white and egg roll
                                                                        • chicken and vegetables
                                                                          chicken vegetable and white rice and egg roll
                                                                        • pork cantonese
                                                                          pork cantonese white rice and egg roll
                                                                        • honey chicken
                                                                          honey chicken and white rice and egg roll
                                                                        • beff and oyster sause
                                                                          beff and sause brow and white rice and egg roll
                                                                        • chicken teriyaki
                                                                          chicken teriyaki and white rice and egg roll hause
                                                                        • ceviche fish
                                                                          ceviche fish and fried rice special crab
                                                                        • ceviche marine
                                                                          cevice mixt fish crab vieras and shrimp and sal crab
                                                                        • ceviche shrimp
                                                                          shrimp tomato vegetables mixt and salad avocavo
                                                                      • chicken
                                                                          • chicken cantotenses
                                                                            chicken and vehetables and sause cantonese
                                                                          • honey chicken
                                                                            chicken and sause honey
                                                                          • chicken cruch laichy sause
                                                                            chicken crunch with vegetables and laichi sause
                                                                          • chicken honey muster
                                                                            chicken honey muster whit wite rice two spring roll
                                                                          • chicken tempayaki
                                                                            chicken tempayaki white rice 2 spring roll
                                                                          • chicken oriental salt black peppers
                                                                            chicken salt black peppers whit white rice and spring roll
                                                                          • shrimp and chicken teriyaki
                                                                            shrimp and chicen tereyaki sause whit white rice and spring roll