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    Jafra Mediterranean Restaurant
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    Jafra Mediterranean Restaurant

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    Location and hours

    10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    03:00 PM - 08:00 PM
    Thursday - Saturday
    10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
    ₩ • Mediterranean • Salads • Sandwiches

    3551 Veterans Memorial Parkway, Saint Charles, MO 63303 • More

    • Appetizers

      • Falafel (6 pcs)

        Seasoned chickpeas with garlic and parsley deep-fried to a golden brown.
        vegan and vegetarian
      • Kibbeh (3 pcs)

        A traditional dish of spiced meat and bulgur wheat deep-fried to a golden brown.
      • Hummus with Shawarma

      • Stuffed Meat Pies

        Traditional meat pies stuffed with spiced ground meat and onions.
      • Stuffed Cheese Pies

        Traditional cheese pies stuffed with nebula white cheese.
      • Stuffed Spinach Pies

        Pastry stuffed with spinach and onion.
        vegan and vegetarian
      • Za'atar Manaqish

        Flatbread dough topped with an olive oil-based za'atar spread.
        vegan and vegetarian
      • Grape Leaves (7 pcs)

        Grape leaves stuffed with spiced ground beef and rice mixture.
      • Foul Moudamas

        A plentiful portion of fava beans, tomatoes, and garlic.
        vegan and vegetarian
      • Hummus

        Smoothly blended chickpea dip with tahini, garlic, and lemon.
        vegan and vegetarian
      • Mosabaha

        Whole chickpeas and tahini with garlic and lemon.
      • Muhammara

        Mixed oriental nuts crushed in spicy sauce and served with olive oil.
      • Labneh

        Thick Arabic yogurt dip drizzled with olive oil and dried mint.
      • French Fries

    • Sandwiches

      • Falafel Sandwich

        Perfectly seasoned chickpeas with garlic and parsley fried to a golden brown. Served wrapped in a toasted pita.
      • Beef Shawarma Sandwich

        Beef roasted on a rotating spit and shaved in thin slices. Served wrapped in a toasted pita with onions, pickles, and tomatoes.
      • Chicken Shawarma Sandwich

        Grilled chicken sliced into thin pieces. Served wrapped in a toasted pita with onions and pickles. Tomatoes and tahini sauce.
      • Shish Tawuk Sandwich

        Grilled cubes of marinated chicken. Served wrapped in a toasted pita with onions.
      • Beef Kefta Sandwich

        Grilled minced beef mixed with fresh onions and parsley. Served wrapped in a toasted pita with onions, pickles, and tomatoes.
    • Salads

      • Fatoush Salad

        Fresh romaine lettuce with tomatoes, onions, radishes, cucumber, and pita chips.
        vegan and vegetarian
      • Greek Salad

        Fresh romaine lettuce with onions, cucumber, and feta cheese. Served with olive oil and vinegar dressing.
        vegan and vegetarian
      • Tabbouleh Salad

        Fresh parsley, ripe tomatoes, onions, and burghul wheat.
        vegan and vegetarian
      • Turkish Salad

        Chef's choice of assorted fresh hot and spicy ingredients.
      • Spicy Potato Salad

        Spiced and roasted potato cubes mixed with coriander, garlic, and red bell peppers.
      • Tahini Salad

        Tomatoes, cucumber, and tahini.
        vegan and vegetarian
      • Caesar Salad

        Green salad of romaine lettuce, croutons dressed with caesar, and parmesan cheese.
    • Soups

      • Lentil Soup

        A soup based on yellow lentils.
        vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free
      • Freekeh Soup

        Chicken broth and healthy green wheat soup.
    • Main Dishes

      • Shish Tawook

        Grilled chicken breast cubes marinated in garlic, lemon juice, and a special spice blend. Served with rice.
      • Beef Kafta

        Grilled minced beef, mixed with fresh onions and parsley. Served with rice.
      • Beef Shawarma Plate

        Beef roasted to perfection on a rotating spit. Shaved into thin pieces and served with basmati rice.
        Vegan, Vegetarian, and Gluten-free
      • Chicken Shawarma

        Grilled chicken cut in thin slices and served with basmati rice.
      • Grilled Shrimp

        Jumbo shrimp marinated in garlic and spices, grilled to perfection, and served with basmati rice.
      • Lamb Chops

        Lamb chops marinated in olive oil and spices. Served with basmati rice.
      • Lamb Shish Kebab

        Cubes of lamb marinated in spices and olive oil, then grilled to perfection. Served with basmati rice.
      • Jafra Mixed Grill

        Chicken kebab, beef kebab, lamb kebab, and grilled jumbo shrimp. Served with basmati rice.
      • Chicken Fajitas with Fries

        Grilled chicken, served with billed peppers and onions. Topped with cheese.
      • Ouzi

        Filo dough pastry stuffed with cooked rice, lamb, spices, peas, and nuts.
    • Kids Meal

      • Kids Chicken Nugget (6 pcs)

        Served with fries.
      • Kids Chicken Tenders (2 pcs)

        Served with fries.
    • Desserts

      • Baklava (4 pcs)

        Sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and held with syrup.
      • Hareeseh (1 pc)

        Traditional middle eastern sweet cake made from Arabic semolina and coconut. Served with sugar syrup.
      • Kunafeh (1 pc)

        Shredded filo dough crust and a sweet cheese filling. Topped with flavored simple syrup.
      • Cheese Kolaj (Warbat) (2 pcs)

        Cheese stuffed filo dough and served with sugar syrup.