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    Celebrate St Pattys Day all week @jrsbagel and get your favorite sandwich on a green bagel 😍😍😍

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#jrsbagels #nyc #queens #bayside #nyceats #bagelshop #coffeeshop #bagels #newyorkbagels #nybagels #onthego #foodie #bagelsandwich #coffee #breakfast #lunch #shoplocal #ubereats #doordash #grubhub
    cream cheese & tomato .

#jrsbagels #nyc #queens #bayside #nyceats #bagelshop #coffeeshop #bagels #newyorkbagels #nybagels #onthego #foodie #bagelsandwich #coffee #breakfast #lunch #shoplocal
    sliced nova. scallion cream cheese. lettuce. onion. capers. gluten free bagel.

enough said.

#jrsbagels #nyc #queens #bayside #nyceats #bagelshop #coffeeshop #bagels #newyorkbagels #nybagels #onthego #foodie #bagelsandwich #coffee #breakfast #lunch #shoplocal #ubereats #doordash #grubhub
    #jrsbagels #nyc #queens #bayside #nyceats #bagelshop #coffeeshop #bagels #newyorkbagels #nybagels #onthego #foodie #bagelsandwich #coffee #breakfast #lunch #shoplocal
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    Location and hours

    222-10 Union Tpke, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364
    06:00 AM - 01:00 PMMenu
    01:00 PM - 02:30 PMAfter 1
    Monday - Saturday
    05:30 AM - 01:00 PMMenu
    01:00 PM - 02:30 PMAfter 1

    JR's Bagels Factory

    4.7 (266 ratings) • Bakery • $
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    222-10 Union Tpke, Oakland Gardens, NY 11364
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    $ • Bakery • American • Family Meals • Group Friendly
    • Picked for you
      • Egg Sandwich
      • Hungry Man
      • Muffins
      • Tropicana
      • Scallion CC
    • Bagels w/...
      • Bagel & Spread
      • Bagel & Sliced Lox
      • Bagel & Smoked Whitefish
    • From The Grill
      • Egg Sandwich
      • Egg Platter
      • Hungry Man
      • Pancakes
      • French Toast
      • Grilled Cheese
      • Potato Pancakes
        4 pieces
      • Crab Cakes
        2 pieces
    • Omelettes
      • Cheese Omelette
      • Veggie Omelette
      • Greek Omelette
      • Western Omelette
      • Lox & Onion Omelette
        3 Eggs & Sliced Lox & Onions
        **Sorry No Substitutions**
      • Create Your Own Omelette
    • Bagel Boxes
      • Small Bagel Box
      • Large Bagel Box
    • Family Bundles
        • Custom Family Bundle
          Create your own bundle package to buy more in bulk. Need to select at least 4 options. No Substitutions. Sorry
        • Family Package 1
          Dozen Assorted Bagel, (2) 1/2lbs of cream cheese, 1/2lb butter, 1lb tuna salad, 1lb Chicken Salad
          Serves 6-8ppl **Sorry No Substitutions**
        • Family Package 2
          Dozen Assorted Bagels, (2) 1/2lbs of cream cheese, 1/2lb butter, 1lb turkey, 1lb Ham, 1/2 lb sliced cheese of your choices **Sorry No Substitutions**
          Serves 6-8ppl
        • Family Package 3
          Dozen Assorted Bagels, (2) 1/2lbs of cream cheese, 1/2lb butter, 1/2lb Slice Lox, 1/2lb Whitefish salad, 1/2lb shrimp salad **Sorry No Substitutions**
          Serves 6-8ppl
        • Family Package 4
          Dozen Assorted Bagels; (2) 1/2lbs of cream cheese, 1/2lb butter, (4) Assorted Muffins of Choice; (4) Assorted Fruit Stick pastries **Sorry No Substituions**
          Serves 6-8ppl
      • Salads
          • Create Your Own Salad
          • Italian Salad
            Mixed Greens, Ham, Salami, Pepperoni, Roasted Red Pepper, Mozzarella Cheese & Provolone Cheese
            **Sorry No Substitutions**
          • Caesar Salad
            Romaine Lettuce, Parmesan Cheese & Croutons
            **Sorry No Substitutions**
          • Greek Salad
            Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Feta Cheese, Sliced Black Olives
            **Sorry No Substitutions**
          • Cobb Salad
            Iceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Cucumber, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon & Hard Boiled Egg
            **Sorry No Substitutions**
          • Grilled Chicken Salad
            Grilled Chicken, Mixed Greens, Roasted Red Pepper, Onions, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese
            **Sorry No Substitutions**
        • Specialty Sandwiches
          • The Hangover
          • The Princess
          • The Pig Pen
          • The Leesh
          • The Doc
          • The Classic
          • The Bristro
          • The Fantasia Italiana
          • The Crush
          • The Smitty
          • The Mason
          • The Seaside Circus
          • The Goldy Lox
          • The Fat Cat
          • The Austin
          • The Jackie Special
          • The Honey
          • The Dailey Double
          • The Wedgie
          • The Moke
          • The Boomer
            Chicken Salad, Hot Sauce, Bacon, Pepper Jack Cheese, Avocado
          • The Sweet Melissa
            Prosciutto, Chicken Cutlet, Roasted Red Pepper, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese & Balsamic Dressing
          • The Spicy Italian
            Ham, Genoa Salami, Pepperoni, Provolone Cheese, Jalapeños, Onions & Italian Dressing
          • The Valentine
            Chicken Cutlet, Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, Banana Peppers & Thousand Island Dressing
          • The Charlotte
            Chicken Cutlet, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, French Fries, Honey Mustard
        • Wraps
          • Chicken Caesar Wrap
          • Mediterranean Chicken Wrap
          • Sriracha Tuna Wrap
          • Hummus Wrap
          • Fiesta Chicken Wrap
            Grilled Chicken, Black Olives, Jalapeños, Tomato, Cheddar Cheese & Chipotle Mayo
          • All American Wrap
            Roast Beef, Turkey, Ham, American Cheese & Swiss Cheese
        • Avocado Toast
            • Avocado Toast w/ Sliced Tomato, Sliced Cucumber, Sliced Red Onion & Feta Cheese
            • Avocado Toast w/ Sliced Lox, Sliced Tomato & Sliced Red Onion
            • Avocado Toast w/ Fried Egg & Bacon
            • Avocado Toast w/ Sliced Tomato, Jalapeños & Sliced Red Onion
          • Sandwiches
            • Philly Cheese Steak
            • Grilled Vegetables
            • Cold Cut Sandwich
            • B.L.T.
            • Chicken Cutlet, Avocado B.L.T.
            • Hot Sandwiches
            • Cold Salad Sandwiches
          • Specialty Side Salads
              • Asian Noodle
                Tangy Lo Mein style salad with a medley of Chinese vegetables and noodles in a well balanced, sweet and spicy Asian inspired Sauce
              • Spinach Penne Pesto Salad
                Penne Rigate pasta combined with spinach and cheese in a flavorful pesto dressing.
              • Mediterranean Orzo Salad
                Orzo with black olives, feta and mozzarella cheese in an Italian herb vinaigrette.
              • Roasted Corn Salad
                A vibrant medley of roasted corn, black beans, onions, red & green peppers, bathed in a spicy chipotle vinaigrette.
              • Fiesta Pasta
                Bright, festive salad contains gemelli pasta, whole grape tomatoes, broccoli florets, whole black olives, carrots and red & yellow peppers.
              • Broccoli Rabe
                Broccoli Rabe with olive oil, garlic & Parmesan Cheese.
              • Mango Lime Quinoa Salad
                A blend of quinoa and adzuki beans with diced mango and pumpkin seeds in a cilantro-lime vinaigrette.
            • Wings & Hot Appetizers
                • Bone-In Chicken Wings
                  Buffalo Chicken Wings
                • Boneless Chicken Wings
                  Buffalo Chicken Wings
                • Chicken Tenders
                  4 pieces
                • Breaded Cheese Curds
                  Deep Fried Breaded Cheese Curds
                • Fried Macaroni & Cheese Bites
                  8 pieces
                • Street Corn Poppers
                  Deep Fried Mexican Street Corn Poppers
                • Chicken Teriyaki Potstickers
                  Potstickers filled with Chicken Teriyaki
                • Onion Rings
                • Fried Stuffed Jalapeños
              • Soups & A La Carte
                  • Chicken Pot Pie
                  • Soup of the Day
                  • Fruit Salad
                  • Potato Knish
                  • Low Fat Yogurt
                    w/ Granola Crunch
                  • KozyShack Rice Pudding
                  • KozyShack Chocolate Pudding
                  • Sweet Potato Fries
                  • French Fries
                • Beverages
                  • Coffee
                  • Cold Brew Coffee
                  • Cold Brew Growler
                    32oz. Growler of ColdBrew
                  • Latte
                  • Espresso
                    One Shot of Espresso
                  • Box O’ Joe
                    Comes with Cups, Assorted Sweeteners, Milk
                  • Iced Coffee
                  • Tea
                  • Iced Tea
                  • Lemonade
                  • Hot Chocolate
                  • Cappuccino
                  • Spiced Chai Tea Latte
                • Drinks
                    • Sail Away Cold Brew Coffee Can
                    • Monster Energy Drink
                    • Tropicana
                    • Nesquik
                    • Gatorade
                    • Soda Bottle
                    • Hal's Sparkling Water
                    • Snapple
                    • Essentia Water
                    • Milk
                    • Celsius
                    • Spindrift
                    • Naked
                    • Brew Dr. Kombucha
                    • Coconut Water
                    • Sparkling Ice
                  • Chips n Things
                      • Hal's Kettle Chips
                    • Just Bagels
                        • Just Bagels
                        • 1/2 Dozen Bagels
                        • Dozen Bagels
                        • Flagel
                        • 1/2 Dozen Flagels
                          (6) Flagels
                        • Dozen Flagels
                          (12) Flagels
                        • Bialy
                        • Challah Loaf
                        • Bagel Twist
                        • Large Bialy
                        • Egg Roll
                        • Onion Roll
                        • Kaiser Roll
                        • Ciabatta Bread
                        • Asiago Cheese Ciabatta Bread
                        • Udi's Gluten Free Bagel
                      • Fish
                          • 1/4lb Sliced Nova
                          • 1/4 Smoked Whitefish
                          • 1/4lb Herring & Cream Sauce
                          • 1/4lb Baked Salmon
                        • Spreads - By the Pound
                            • Butter
                            • Cream Cheese
                            • Lite Cream Cheese
                            • Vegetable CC
                            • Lite Vegetable CC
                            • Scallion CC
                            • Garlic & Herb CC
                            • Jalapeno CC
                            • Black Olive CC
                            • Chocolate Chip CC
                            • Fun-Fetti CC
                            • Apple Cinnamon & Raisin CC
                            • Cranberry CC
                            • Strawberry CC
                            • Blueberry CC
                            • Honey Pecan CC
                            • Pumpkin CC
                            • Lox Spread
                            • Jelly
                            • Peanut Butter
                            • Nutella
                            • Horseradish & Cheddar CC
                          • Cold Cuts - By the Pound
                              • Bologna
                              • Liverwurst
                              • Ovengold Turkey
                              • Deluxe Ham
                              • Honey Maple Glazed Turkey
                              • Honey Maple Glazed Ham
                              • Cracked Pepper Turkey
                              • Salsalito Turkey
                              • Blazing Buffalo Chicken
                              • Everroast Chicken
                              • Genoa Salami
                              • Pepperoni
                              • Roast Beef
                              • Corned Beef
                              • Pastrami
                            • Sliced Cheese - By the Pound
                                • American
                                • Provolone
                                • Swiss
                                • Muenster
                                • Mozzarella
                                • Cheddar
                                • Pepper Jack
                              • Deli Salads - By the Pound
                                  • Egg Salad
                                  • Tuna Salad
                                  • Chicken Salad
                                  • Vegetable Tuna
                                  • Low Fat Tuna
                                  • Spicy Sriracha Tuna Salad
                                  • Buffalo Chicken Salad
                                  • Shrimp Salad
                                    by the lb
                                  • Whitefish Salad
                                  • Seafood Salad
                                  • Baked Salmon Salad
                                  • Chic Pea Salad
                                  • Potato Salad
                                  • Macaroni Salad
                                  • Cole Slaw
                                  • Classic Hummus
                                  • Roasted Pepper Hummus
                                  • Marinated Mozzarella Balls
                                    Seasoned Fresh Mozzarella Balls with Grape Tomato in Oil
                                  • Cranberry Walnut Chicken Salad
                                • Bakery
                                  • Muffins
                                  • Danish
                                  • Crumb Cake
                                  • Cannoli
                                  • Chocolate Covered Cannoli
                                  • Large Gourmet Cookie
                                  • Cinnamon Bun
                                  • Chocolate Pretzel
                                  • Apple Turnover
                                  • Croissants
                                  • Brownie
                                  • Cake Slice
                                  • Banana Bread Slice
                                  • Chocolate Banana Bread Slice
                                  • Pretzel Croissant
                                  • Cherry Turnover
                                  • Chocolate Horn
                                  • Raspberry Horn
                                  • Linzer Tart
                                  • Black&White Cookie
                                  • 1/2lb Rugelach
                                  • 1/2lb Italian Cookies
                                  • 1/2lb Rainbow Cookies
                                  • Raspberry Croissant
                                $0 Delivery Fee (Spend $10)
                                Frequently asked questions

                                What is the address of JR’s Bagels Factory in Queens?

                                JR’s Bagels Factory is located at: 222-10 Union Tpke , Oakland Gardens

                                Is the menu for JR’s Bagels Factory available online?

                                Yes, you can access the menu for JR’s Bagels Factory online on Postmates. Follow the link to see the full menu available for delivery and pickup.

                                What are the most popular items on the JR’s Bagels Factory menu?

                                The most ordered items from JR’s Bagels Factory are: Egg Sandwich, Bagel & Spread, Cold Cut Sandwich.

                                Does JR’s Bagels Factory offer delivery in Queens?

                                Yes, JR’s Bagels Factory offers delivery in Queens via Postmates. Enter your delivery address to see if you are within the JR’s Bagels Factory delivery radius, then place your order.

                                Can I get free delivery from JR’s Bagels Factory?

                                Delivery fees for JR’s Bagels Factory vary. Just enter your delivery address to see the delivery fee for your location. You could always get free delivery from JR’s Bagels Factory with Postmates Unlimited.

                                Can I pick up my order from JR’s Bagels Factory?

                                Postmates offers pickup from many restaurants in your city. To see if you can pick up your order from JR’s Bagels Factory, add items to your cart and look for the ‘pickup’ option at checkout.

                                Can I schedule a delivery order from JR’s Bagels Factory?

                                Some restaurants on Postmates allow you to schedule a delivery to show up at your location when you want it. At checkout, look for the option to select a delivery time. If it’s there, that means you can schedule your delivery from JR’s Bagels Factory.