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    Kavasutra Kava Bar (510 W Lantana Rd)
    Too far to deliver

    Kavasutra Kava Bar (510 W Lantana Rd)

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    Location and hours

    Every Day
    12:00 AM - 01:30 AMMenu
    08:00 AM - 11:59 PMMenu

    510 W Lantana Rd, FL 33462 • More

    • Kava Bar

      • Apple Juice

      • Gatorade

      • Bottled Water

      • Red Top

        Our strongest and most energizing tea. A proprietary blend of different forms of tea with an added caffeine boost.
      • Ginger Ale

      • Double Double Dub Dub

        Double van kava, mixed with a double serving of a kava extract. This mixture is potent, while still light on the body.
      • Ed Shell

        Single of the van kava, with a dehydrated kava added, strong and full body.
      • Van Classic Kava Triple

        Kava from Vanuatu has a moderate flavor and with a very strong effect.
      • Tea

        8 oz.
      • Funk Nasty Kava Triple

        From the Samoan islands. Grown in volcanic soil, the roots from Samoa create a “top shelf” kava. Both strong and smooth.
      • Stinger Bottle

      • Boom

        strongest kratom we offer.
      • Large Iced Tea

      • PCG

        Phuket city green.