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    Kolache Factory (3706 N Lamar Blvd)
    Too far to deliver

    Kolache Factory (3706 N Lamar Blvd)

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    Location and hours

    07:00 AM - 01:30 PM
    Monday - Saturday
    06:00 AM - 01:30 PM

    3706 N Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78705 • More

    • Featured Items

      • Coffee-To-Go

        160 oz of the freshest brewed Katz coffee. Choose from regular, dark roast, flavored (Texas Pecan or Hazelnut) or single origin Costa Rican. Serves 20 people - 8 oz cups provided.
    • Party Trays

      • Breakfast Tray

        6 ea of Potato, Egg & Cheese, Bacon, Egg & Cheese, Sausage, Egg & Cheese and Ranchero. You can substitute another egg or Sausage and Gravy in increments of six. Substitutions may affect final price. 2 dozen feeds 12-24 people depending on how hungry they are!
      • Lunch Party Tray

        6 each of our BBQ Brisket, Italian Chicken, Jalapeno Popper, Pepperoni Pizza, Sausage & Cheese, and Philly Cheese Steak - Feeds 18 people - 2 per person. *Some stores outside of Texas may have to substitute a regional item in lieu of one of the above selections based on availability.
      • Sweet Party Tray

        6 each of our Cinnamon Rolls, Cinnamon Twists, Strudel Niks and Muffins. Feeds 24 - 1 per person. *Some stores outside of Texas may have to substitute Sticky Buns in lieu of Muffins and/or Cinnamon Twists based on availability.
      • Standard Party Tray

        6 each of our Sausage, Ham & Cheese, Bacon & Cheese, Sausage & Cheese , Fruit, and Cream Cheese - Feeds 18 people - 2 per person - some items contain pork products.
      • Coffee To Go

        160 oz of the freshest brewed Katz coffee. Choose from regular, dark roast, flavored (Texas Pecan or Hazelnut) or single origin Costa Rican. Serves 20 people - 8 oz cups provided.
    • Dinner Rolls

      • 1 Dz Dinner Rolls

        If you love our kolaches you will be in heaven over our dinner rolls! We take our wonderfully semi-sweet dough and allow it to proof for up to an hour until light and fluffy, then they are baked to perfection. Make sure your holiday festivities have these on the table! Your family will devour them we promise! 1 dozen of our famous Dinner Rolls. Choose from plain or topped with poppyseed or sesame seed. Available Baked or Frozen to bake at home. *Limit 6 dozen. Please contact your store 24 hours in advance for larger orders.
    • Traditional Kolaches

      • Assorted Fruit

        Can't decide which yummy flavors to get? Tell us how many and we'll take care of the rest
      • Apple

        Sweet Apples with a hint of Cinnamon make this one of our favorite fruits. - vegetarian friendly
      • Cream Cheese

        A cheesecake that fits in the palm of your hand. Take cream cheese, add cottage cheese with a hint of vanilla and our signature dough...Voila! The perfect sweet treat!
      • Cherry

        Red cherries in a delicious filling remind you of the perfect cherry pie.
      • Peach

        Peach filling with a touch of cinnamon make this almost like having an old-fashioned cobbler without all the sticky mess. (ice cream not included)
      • Strawberry

        Sweet strawberries picked at the perfect moment to give you this delicately sweet treat.
    • Egg Kolaches

      • Bacon, Egg & Cheese

        Perfectly cooked eggs, filled with bacon and cheese make eating breakfast on the go a breeze with no mess. A clean kitchen and a clean shirt...who knew life could be so easy? - Pork Product
      • Egg & Cheese

        Just the basics... perfectly cooked eggs topped with american cheese.
      • Potato, Egg & Cheese

        This one is so good. Take seasoned and grilled potatoes and onions, mixed with roasted tomatoes, lightly scrambled eggs with smidgen of american cheese. Honestly it just doesn’t get better than this. - vegetarian friendly
      • Ranchero

        The #1 seller in our egg offerings. Scrambled eggs mixed with ground ham, picante sauce, cheese and jalapeños will kick start your day in the right direction. Guaranteed! - Pork Product.
      • Sausage, Egg & Cheese

        Ground sausage tossed in with our perfectly cooked eggs and topped with some cheese. Yeah, it’s pretty darn good, and I hear topping it with apple jelly takes it to the next level! - Pork Product
    • Savory Kolaches

      • Bacon & Cheddar Cheese

        Bacon lovers dream. Diced bacon bits and pieces filled with cheddar cheese. - Pork Product
      • Bar-B-Q Brisket

        Delicious smoked Texas brisket doused in Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce. Eating BBQ without the mess!
      • Chicken Enchilada

        Cheesy and chickeny and kinda spicy too! If you love Tex-Mex and want to eat on the go give this one a whirl.
      • Cream Spinach

        Spinach dip to the next level in our delicious sweet bread makes this a crowd pleaser. - vegetarian friendly
      • Ham & Swiss Cheese

        Ground ham and a perfect amount of swiss cheese making this one of our long time favorites. - Pork Product
      • Italian Chicken

        Oh my! Marinated Italian chicken breast, with cream of mushroom and cheddar cheese make this one of the most beloved kolaches for breakfast or lunch. We promise you will definitely want two of these!
      • Jalapeño Popper

        Diced jalapeños, bacon and cream cheese. So good your mouth will want to blow up! - Pork Product.
      • Pepperoni Pizza

        Move over delivery pizza we have a pepperoni lovers dream right here! Mozzarella cheese, tons of pepperoni and marinara sauce means kids will eat them all, and parents will hide them for themselves! - Pork Product
      • Philly Cheese Steak

        Seasoned steak, grilled peppers and onion and then filled with Monterey Jack cheese, well do we need to say more? Nom..nom..nom...
      • Smoked Beef Sausage

        Looking for an all beef smoked sausage? Well we have found the one that will rival any rodeo sausage. Texas made and smoked in pecan wood with absolutely no pork. It's juicy, full of flavor and easy to bite into. YeeHaw!!!
      • Sausage & Cheese

        Link smoked sausage with American cheese - our #1 seller in Texas! - Pork product
      • Sausage & Gravy

        Throw out the fork and knife, you won't need it for this favorite! Perfectly cooked seasoned ground sausage with creamy gravy wrapped secretly in our famous dough. You may never eat traditional biscuits and gravy again! - Pork Product
      • Sausage, Jalapeño & Cheese

        We take our favorite Sausage and Cheese kolaches and add in some spicy jalapeños making this a favorite! -Pork Product
    • Polish Sausage

      • Hot Polish Sausage

        We take a large Vienna Beef Sausage that has been perfectly seasoned with red pepper and then wrap it in our special kolache dough to give this polish sausage just enough kick. - All Beef
      • Texas Hot Polish Sausage

        Large link sausage with diced jalapeño and cheese. A huge favorite! - Pork Product
    • Sweets

      • Cinnamon Rolls

        Light and airy with the perfect amount of icing. Kids and adults crave them.
      • Cinnamon Twists

        Our cinnamon twists are simply put delicious. Sweet, full of cinnamon, drizzled with icing and made fresh every morning.
      • Muffins

        One look at our muffins and you will fall in love. Baked fresh you can choose from an assortment of flavors like Chocolate Chip, Blueberry, Cranberry Walnut or Banana Nut. Please note some stores may not carry all flavors. Please contact your nearest store for more information.
      • Strudel Niks

        Looking for a super flaky crust look no further. Our strudels may not be the neatest to eat according to your shirt, but they are light, perfectly cooked and filled with your choice of Apple or Mixed Berry filling. A super sweet treat!
    • Beverages

      • Bottled Soda

        Choose from Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite*, Coke Zero - 20 oz *items may not be available at some locations please select an alternate in case a particular store does not have this flavor.
      • Milk

        Choose from whole, 2%, or chocolate milk - One Pint *Milk supplier may vary by location.
      • Juice

        Choose from Premium Orange or Apple. * Check with your local store on other flavor offerings. Juice brands are Minute Maid or Simply Orange.
      • Sparkling Water

        Topo Chico sparkling mineral water.
      • Bottled Water

        Purified Bottled Water 16.9 oz
      • Hot Chocolate

        Enjoy the rich flavor of Ghirardelli Chocolate, topped with fluffy marshmallows. Please note: To ensure product quality, this item will not be prepared until customer arrives for pick up .
    • Croissants

      • Ham & Cheese Croissants

        Ground ham and swiss cheese make this perfect for breakfast or lunch. We hand roll each of our croissants each morning, so they are light and flakey. - Pork Product.
      • Ham, Egg & Cheese Croissant

        Ground ham, perfectly cooked eggs and american cheese. - Pork Product.
      • Italian Chicken Croissant

        Hands down one of the best croissants! Seasoned chicken breast, cheddar cheese and cream of mushroom will make your taste buds sing.