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    Location and hours

    57 Ira Rd, Syosset, NY 11791-3504
    11:00 AM - 07:20 PM
    Monday - Thursday
    11:00 AM - 08:20 PM
    Friday - Saturday
    11:00 AM - 08:45 PM

    La Bottega (Syosset)

    4.9 (144 ratings) • Italian
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    57 Ira Rd, Syosset, NY 11791-3504
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    Italian • Salads • Sandwich • Pasta • Deli • Healthy • Only available here
    • Picked for you
      • Avocado Salad
      • Cotoletta Panini
      • Chicken Alla Vodka Panini
      • Pietro Panini
      • Caesar Salad
        Romaine Hearts, ciabatta croutons, shaved Parmigiano, & Caesar Dressing Mixed in
    • Antipasti
      • Fried Zucchini
      • Spaghetti Pattie
      • Meatball
      • Mini Arancini Antipasti
      • Mozzarella Caprese
      • Stuffed Avocado
      • Eggplant Bruschette
      • Mozzarella Sticks
      • Calamari Fritti
        Crispy golden fried calmari served with a fresh tomato sauce.
      • Mozzarella Carroza
        Home made mozzarella breaded and pan fried served with marinara sauce.
    • Soup Specials
      • Lenticchie (Pint)
      • Seafood Soup (Pint)
      • Chicken Ball Soup
        Homemade chicken balls, spaghetti, veggies in a chicken homemade stock
      • Zuppa di Pollo e Vegetali (Pint)
        Chicken vegetable.
      • Pasta con Fagioli (Pint)
        (Optional gf with no pasta).
      • Split Pea (Pint)
      • Escarole and Bean (Pint)
        Sereved with sausage.
      • Zucca (Pint)
        Butternut squash.
      • Minestrone (Pint)
        (Optional gf with no pasta).
      • Tortellini in Brodo (Pint)
        Cheese tortellini, tomatoes, and scallions in broth.
      • Vegetariano (Pint)
        Mixed vegetables with egg whites in broth.
    • Bruschette
      • Bruschette
    • Salads
      • Stagione Salad
      • Tricolore Salad
      • Isalata di Pere Salad
      • Bietole Salad
      • Insalata con Funghi Salad
      • Mediterranean Chickpea Salad
      • Bistecca E Zola Salad
      • Avocado Salad
      • Rucola Caprino e Pollo Salad
      • Insalatina di Pollo Salad
      • Insalata di Pomodoro Salad
      • Insalata di Carciofi Salad
      • Insalata di Quinoa Salad
      • Insalata di Cavolo Salad
      • Insalata di Mango Salad
      • Pollo e Guacamole Salad
      • Sal Salad
      • Di Rosa Salad
      • Susan Salad
      • Parma Salad
      • Tacchino e Avocado Salad
      • Insalata di Calamari Salad
      • Insalata di Tonno Salad
      • Romana con Gamberoni Salad
      • Gamberoni e Guacamole Salad
      • Salmone e Guacamole Salad
      • Salmone e Quinoa Salad
      • Salmone e Pere Salad
      • Caesar Salad
        Romaine Hearts, ciabatta croutons, shaved Parmigiano, & Caesar Dressing Mixed in
      • Rucola e Farro Salad
        Grilled chicken, baby arugula, barley, cherry tomatoes, gorgonzola, roasted hot peppers, and hearts of palm with honey dijon dressing.
      • Mint Salad
        Grilled chicken, romaine hearts, walnuts, raisins, fresh mint, and quinoa with mango dressing.
      • Turkey Bacon Salad
        Romaine hearts, turkey, bacon, avocado, gorgonzola, cherry tomatoes, and balsamic vinaigrette.
      • Insalata di Mango e Gamberi Salad
        Grilled shrimp, fresh mango, iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella with raspberry vinaigrette.
    • Panini
      • Pollo e Pomodoro Panini
      • Pollo e Spinaci Panini
      • Latina Panini
      • Trieste Panini
      • Anthony Panini
      • Pollo Panini
      • Nycom Panini
      • Udine Panini
      • Cuneo Panini
      • Savona Panini
      • Hogans Panini
      • Nuoro Panini
      • Perugia Panini
      • Prato Panini
      • Pietro Panini
      • Peperoni Panini
      • Cotoletta Panini
      • Piccante Panini
      • Ancona Panini
      • Chicken Alla Vodka Panini
      • Buffalo Chicken Panini
      • Chicken Marsala Panini
      • Sicilia Panini
      • Potenza Panini
      • Foggia Panini
      • Trapani Panini
      • Portobello Panini
      • Terra Panini
      • Sienna Panini
      • Vegetariano Panini
      • Crudo Panini
      • Prosciutto Panini
      • Pippo Panini
      • Lecce Panini
      • Matt Panini
      • Frosinone Panini
      • Alexandro Panini
      • Bari Panini
      • Meatball Parmigiana Panini
        Homemade ground beef meatballs, fresh mozzarella, marinara sauce on ciabatta
      • Ispica Panini
        Grilled chicken breast with sautéed onions and fontina cheese on focaccia.
      • Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini
        Breaded fried chicken cutlet, fresh mozzarella, crispy bacon, ranch dressing on ciabatta
      • Chicken Francese Panini
        Fresh egg battered breast of chicken, Fresh Mozzarella, smothered in our Francese sauce
      • Gubbio Panini
        Roasted portobello, goat cheese, basil pesto, roasted pepper on whole wheat.
      • Vittoria Panini
        Artichoke hearts, sundried tomatoes, roasted peppers, and baby arugula on focaccia.
      • Goat Cheese Panini
        Goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, gaeta olives, grilled zucchini, and red onion on focaccia.
      • The Americana Panini
        Prosciutto, mozzarella, roasted peppers, vinaigrette, and on foccia.
      • Turkey BLT Panini
        Roasted turkey, bacon, herb mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato on focaccia.
      • San Remo Panini
        Roasted turkey, mozzarella, and roasted hot peppers, and guacamole on ciabatta.
      • Turkey Avocado Panini
        Roasted turkey, provolone, avocado, roasted peppers, herb mayonnaise, and spinach on focaccia.
      • Tonno Panini
        Italian tuna in olive oil with fresh tomato, baby arugula, and spicy aioli on krispina.
      • Napoli Panini
        Grilled shrimp, salsa aioli, and baby arugula on a round rustic.
      • Asti Panini
        Grilled shrimp, broccoli rabe, mozzarella, and roasted hot pepper on ciabatta.
      • Agrigento Panini
        Grilled shrimp, marinated artichoke, tomato, and roasted garlic aioli on round rustic.
      • Shrimp Parmigiana Panini
        Fried Shrimp, Fresh Mozzarella, Marinara sauce on ciabatta
      • Bistecca Panini
        Hanger steak, sautéed onion, and smoked mozzarella on ciabatta.
      • Bistecca e Mozzarella Panini
        Hanger steak, mozzarella, and roasted pepper on ciabatta.
      • Bistecca e Funghi Panini
        Hanger steak, fontina, and sautéed mushrooms on ciabatta.
      • The New Yorker Panini
        Sweet sausage, roasted pepper, and sautéed onion, and mozzarella on ciabatta.
      • Sardegna Panini
        Sweet sausage, mozzarella, roasted hot pepper on round rustic.
    • Burgers
      • Hamburger Classica
      • Hamburger Moderna
      • Bison Burger
        Topped with gorgonzola, bacon, sauteed onion, and herb mayonnaise on round rustic.
      • Chicken Burger
        Avocado, mixed greens, tomato, provolone, and pesto on round rustic.
      • Salmon Burger
        Herb mayonnaise, avocado, arugula, and tomato on round rustic.
      • Veggie Burger (Beyond Burger - Meat Free)
        Topped with provolone, tomato, avocado, sauteed spinach, and roasted pepper spread on round rustic.
      • Veggie Sausage Panini
        Beyond meat veggie sausage topped with fresh mozzarella, broccoli rabe, and roasted pepper spread on ciabatta.
    • Panini Basket
      • 5 Panini
    • Piadina classica
      • Grilled chicken piadina
      • Grilled shrimp piadina
      • Hanger steak piadina
        Certified angus hanger steak with fontina cheese, peppers and onions. Served with a side order of stagione or Caesar salad, Tuscan fries or sweet fries.
      • Prosciutto di Parma piadina
        With fresh baby arugula, Brie cheese, and drizzled with mikes hot honey. Served with a side order of stagione or Caesar salad, Tuscan fries or sweet potato fries.
    • Pizza
      • Margherita Pizza
      • Cauliflower Crusted Margherita Pizza
      • Bianca Pizza
      • Salsiccia
      • Ala Vodka Pizza
      • Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza
      • Vegetarian Primavera
        Grilled zucchini, grilled eggplant, sauteed bell peppers, onion, and black olives topped with fresh mozzarella.
      • Buffalo Chicken Pizza
        Buffalo cheese, fresh mozzarella, blue cheese, and buffalo sauce.
    • Secondi
      • Bruschette di Pollo
      • Petto di Pollo
      • Salmone con Vino Bianco
      • Shrimp Francese
      • Shrimp Parmigiana
        Breaded and fried shrimp topped with melted mozzarella and marinara. Served with choice of potato and vegetable, or pasta.
      • Pollo Mozzarella
        Chicken breast topped with fresh tomato, broccoli rabe, and fresh mozzarella in a lemon and white wine sauce. Served with choice of potato and vegetable, or pasta.
      • Pollo Funghi
        Chicken breast with mixed mushrooms and onions in a marasala wine sauce. Served with choice of potato and vegetable, or pasta.
      • Pollo al Vino Bianco
        Breast of chicken with white wine, lemon, and fresh parsley. Served with choice of potato and vegetable, or pasta.
      • Pollo Alla Sorrentino
        Breast of chicken with eggplant, prosciutto, and fresh mozzarella in a brown sauce. Served with choice of potato and vegetable, or pasta.
      • Pollo Alla Griglia
        Grilled chicken, brocooli rabe, roasted peppers with melted fresh mozzarella, and in a light wine sauce. Served with choice of potato and vegetable, or pasta.
      • Grilled Skirt Steak (8 oz)
        Skirt steak grilled to perfection. Served with choice of potato and vegetable, or pasta.
      • Salmone Pomodorini
        Pan seared atlantic salmon and cherry tomato light sauce. Served with choice of potato and vegetable, or pasta.
      • Grilled Salmon
        Fresh grilled atlantic salmon filet. Served with choice of potato and vegetable, or pasta.
      • Eggplant Rollatini
        Fresh eggplant battered and rolled with ricotta, parmigiana, fresh mozzarella, and tomato sauce. Served with choice of potato and vegetable, or pasta.
    • Pasta
      • Zucchini Primavera Pasta
      • Penne with Italian Sweet Sausage
      • Brown Rice Pesto Pasta
      • Vegetarian Bolognese Pasta
      • Syosset Alla Vodka
      • Rigatoni Bolognese
      • Seafood Pasta
      • Spaghetti Chicken Bolognese Pasta
      • Tortellini Tricolore
        Tricolor Cheese Tortellini with chicken cutlet in a creamy Alfredo sauce
      • Linguine con Gamberi Pasta
        Linguine with jumbo shrimp, white wine, garlic, cherry tomato, and a touch of marinara.
      • Penne Integrali con Pollo Pasta
        Brown rice penne, grilled chicken, spinach, and cannelini beans with garlic and oil.
      • Ravioli con Gamberi
        Cheese ravioli and sauteed shrimp in a tomato sauce with a touch of cream.
      • Zucchini Bolognese
        Zucchini style spaghetti mixed with our delicious bolognese meat sauce.
    • Restaurant Specials
      • Antipasto Prosciutto Buffalo
      • Sunday Pasta di Buffalo
      • Linguine with clam & shrimp
      • Brown Rice Shrimp Pasta
      • Salmon Francese
      • Red Lentil Salmon Pasta
      • Fried Ravioli
        4 Fried cheese raviolis with side of marinara
      • Buffalo Calamari
        Fried Calamari mixed with buffalo sauce with a side of blue cheese dressing.
      • Chicken Ball Soup
        Homemade chicken balls, spaghetti & veggies in a chicken broth
      • Gnocchi Buffalo Bolognese
        Fresh Gnocchi in our delicious bolognese sauce topped with buffalo mozzarella & fresh basil
      • Gnocchi pesto di buffalo
        Gnocchi with pesto sauce, cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts topped with buffalo mozzarella
    • Panini Per I Bambini (Kids Only)
        • Pollo con Patatine
          Chicken strips with a side of Tuscan fries.
        • Mattia
          Mozzarella, tomato, and basil on rustic hero.
        • Erika
          Chicken cutlet and mozzarella on rustic hero.
        • Formaggino
          Double mozzarella melted between flattened round bread.
        • Penne kids
        • Raviolini kids
          Penne with choice of marinara, garlic, and oil, or butter sauce.
        • Giuseppe Jr.
          Hamburger, mozzarella, ketchup, and tomato on round bread.
        • Pollo con patatine(xtra Chx no fries)
          Extra chicken strips no French fries.
      • Sides
        • Chicken Cutlet
        • Shrimp
        • Spinach
        • Broccoli rabe
        • Tuscan Fries
        • Broccoli
        • Cauliflower
        • Potatoes, Peppers, and onions
        • Mushrooms
        • Grilled Chicken
          2 Grilled Chicken
        • Mixed vegetables
        • Escarole and Beans
        • Sweet Potato Fries
      • Drinks
          • Homemade Raspberry Unsweetened Iced Tea
          • Homemade Unsweetened Iced Tea
          • Homemade Mango Unsweetened Iced Tea
          • Coca Cola
          • Sprite
          • Diet Coke
          • Ginger ale
          • Poland spring water
          • Minute Maid lemonade
          • Golden peak sweet tea
          • Seagrams Seltzer Water
          • Fuze Lemon Ice Tea
        • Dessert
            • Tiramisu
              Mascarpone, espresso, lady fingers and chocolate ganache.
            • Chocolate Mousse Cake
              Wonderful, rich chocolate mousse blend.
            • Toasted Almond Cake
              Vanilla pound cake with a toasted almond coating.
            • Cannoli(3)
              Crisp pastry filled with sweet ricotta cream, dusted with powdered sugar.
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