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    Location and hours

    140 Front Street, Hempstead, NY 11550
    8:00 AM - 7:45 PMMenu
    Monday - Friday
    7:30 AM - 8:45 PMMenu
    9:00 AM - 4:00 PMLunch specials
    7:30 AM - 8:45 PMMenu

    Makondo Restaurant Hempstead

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    140 Front Street, Hempstead, NY 11550
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    • Picked for you
        • Mini Tray (Mini Bandeja)
          Smaller portions and no avocado.
        • Milk Cake (Tres Leches)
        • Bread Seasoned with Cheese (Pan Aliñado con Queso)
        • Oatmeal Drink (Avena Casera)
        • Rice (Arroz)
          Normal rice.
      • Soup of the Day (Sopas)
          • Complete Soup (Sopa Completa)
            Steak or chicken, rice, house salad or beans, sweet or green plantain.
          • Soup Only (Sopa Sola) 16 onz
          • Sopa sola Grande 32 onz
            large soup 32 onz
        • Breakfast (Desayunos)
            • Heated (Calentado)
              Rice-beans mix with egg, cheese topped arepa and steak, grilled chicken or pork sausage.
            • Meat with Arepa (Carne Con Arepa)
              Steak, grilled chicken, beef liver, or pork loin with cheese topped arepa.
            • Eggs to Taste (Huevos Al Gusto)
              Eggs any style with cheese topped arepa or rice.
          • Typical (Tipicos)
              • Paisa Tray (Bandeja Paisa)
                Colombian platter with pork, grilled steak, chorizo, rice, and beans.
              • Mini Tray (Mini Bandeja)
                Smaller portions and no avocado.
              • Personal Chop (Picada Personal)
                Steak, chicken, pork sausage and belly, salami, fried yucca, corn cake, sweet plantains, green plantains, tomatoes, and lime.
              • Chopped for Two (Picada Para Dos)
                Steak, chicken, pork sausage and belly, salami, fried yucca, corn cake, sweet plantains, green plantains, tomatoes, and lime.
              • Bean Casserole (Cazuela de Frijoles)
                Bean bowl with steak, pork bellies, chorizo, and avocado served with rice.
            • Beef (Carnes)
                • Creole Steak (Bistek a la Criolla)
                  Grilled skirt steak with Colombian sauce.
                • Grilled Steak (Carne Asada)
                  Grilled top-round steak.
                • Grilled Skirt Steak (Entraña)
                • Sautéed Loin (Lomo Salteado)
                  Sautéed beef with onions and tomatoes, served over fries and rice.
                • Steak with Onions (Bistek Encebollado)
                  Grilled steak topped with onions.
                • Rib-Eye Steak (Churrasco)
                • Mixed Sautéed (Salteado Mixto)
                  Sautéed beef, shrimp, and chicken with onions and bell peppers.
                • Ground Beef (Carne Molida)
              • Pork (Cerdo)
                  • Breaded Pork Chop (Chuleta de Cerdo Empanizada)
                    Breaded and deep-fried pork loin.
                  • Grilled Pork Loin (Lomo De Cerdo Asado)
                  • Hawaiian Pork Loin (Lomo de Cerdo Hawaiiano)
                    Grilled pork loin topped with pineapple and mozzarella cheese.
                • Chicken (Pollo)
                  • Breaded Chicken Breast (Milanesa de Pollo)
                  • Chicken-Rice Mix with Vegetables (Arroz con Pollo)
                  • Grilled Chicken Breast on Mushroom Sauce (Pechuga en Champiñones)
                  • Grilled Chicken Breast (Pechuga Asada)
                  • Chicken Supreme (Suprema de Pollo)
                    Breaded chicken cutlet topped with ham, cheese, and mushroom sauce.
                • Seafood (Pescado y Mariscos)
                    • Shrimp with Garlic Sauce (Camarones Al Ajillo)
                    • Surf and Turf (Mary Tierra)
                      Rib-eye steak with shrimp topped with seafood creamy sauce.
                    • Marinated Snapper (Pargo Marinado)
                      Red snapper topped with seafood creamy sauce.
                    • Grilled or Breaded Fish Fillet (Filete de Pescado Empanizado)
                      Grilled or breaded to fillet fish.
                    • Fried Red Snapper (Pargo Frito)
                    • Salmon with Mango Sauce (Salmon en Salsa de Mango)
                    • Fried Tilapia (Mojarra Frita)
                    • Grilled Fish Fillet (Filete de Pescado Asado)
                    • Fillet with Shrimp (Filete con Camarones)
                      In mushroom sauce or garlic.
                  • Bakery (Panaderia)
                      • Cheese Bread (Pan de Queso)
                        Baked cheese bread.
                      • Pastry Filled with Guava (Chicharron de Guayaba)
                      • Fried Cheese Ball (Bunuelo)
                      • Colombian Cheese Bread (Pandebono)
                        Baked cheese bread.
                      • Corn Arepa with Cheese (Arepa de Chocolo con Queso)
                      • Bread Seasoned with Cheese (Pan Aliñado con Queso)
                      • Hawaiian Bread (Pan Hawaiano)
                      • Cheese and Guava Filled Baked Empanada (Empanada de Cambray)
                      • Sweet Corn Patty (Arepa de Chocolo)
                      • Milk Bread (Pan Leche)
                        Bread with cheese.
                      • Croissant
                      • Pastel Gloria
                    • Snacks (Antojitos)
                      • Arepa with Cheese (Arepa con Queso)
                      • Beef Empanadas (Empanada de Carne)
                      • Chorizo with Arepa (Chorizo con Arepa)
                      • Chicken Empanadas (Empanada Pollo)
                      • Chicharron with Arepa (Chicharron con Arepa)
                      • Blood Sausage (Morcilla con Arepita)
                    • Side Orders (Ordenes Adicionales)
                        • Rice-Bean Mix (Calentado)
                        • Rice (Arroz)
                          Normal rice.
                        • Beans (Frijol)
                        • Sweet Plantains (Maduros)
                        • Fried Green Plantains (Tostones)
                        • Yellow Potato (Papa Criolla)
                          10 yellow potatoes (10 papas criollas).
                        • Mixed Salad (Ensalada Mixta)
                        • Fried Yucca (Yuca Frita)
                          8 yuccas.
                        • French Fries (Papas Fritas)
                      • Desserts (Postres)
                          • Mousse Passion Fruit (Mousse Maracuya)
                          • Blackberry Mousse (Mousse De Mora)
                          • Milk Cake (Tres Leches)
                          • Flan
                        • Drinks (Bebidas)
                            • Imported Sodas (Sodas Importadas)
                              Pepsi and Sprite in can.
                            • Fruit Juices
                            • National Soda (Soda Nacionales)
                              Colombian, apple, Brittany, orange, grape, and juices hit.
                            • Milo Cold (Milo Frio)
                            • Colombian Coffee
                            • Oatmeal Drink (Avena Casera)
                            • Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice (Jugo de Naranja Natural)
                            • Hot Chocolate
                            • Herbal Tea (Te)
                              Hot herbal tea.