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    Mesa Mercado
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    Mesa Mercado

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    Location and hours

    10:00 AM - 07:30 PM
    03:00 PM - 07:30 PM
    Tuesday - Friday
    11:30 AM - 07:30 PM
    10:00 AM - 07:30 PM

    6241 Fair Oaks Blvd, Carmichael, CA 95608 • More

    • Margaritas | Must order with food to follow state laws

      • 3 for $20 Margaritas

        3 Favorites Margaritas (Mesa Mercado Margarita, Tamarindo & Mango)
      • Tamarindo Margarita

        Tamarind, tequila, lime juice and agave nectar.
    • The Show

      • Arrachera & Enchilada

        Grilled flat iron steak marinated in a citrus, onions, garlic sauce. Choose a sauce on your enchilada, green tomatillo, red guajillo or mole sauce.
      • Carnitas a La Mercado

        Slow simmered, savory pulled pork with grilled onion and cascabel salsa. Served with Mexican-style rice, beans and warm tortillas.
      • Chicken Enchiladas

        Three corn enchiladas stuffed with marinated shredded chicken. Choose your sauce, green tomatillo, red guajillo sauce, mole sauce or try one of each.
      • Chile Relleno de Queso

        Roasted poblano pepper stuffed with queso fresco, dipped in egg batter then fried and topped with a memorable chile tomato sauce and sour cream.
      • Mole Oaxaqueño

        Layers of chiles, spices and chocolate reveal themselves in our mo-lay wa-ha-kay-nyoh sauce, plated over tender chicken. Served with Mexican-style rice and warm tortillas.
      • Pollo Del Mercado

        Half roasted chicken with adobo and Mexican herb rub all served with rice, beans and Mexican slaw.
      • Veracruzano Pescado

        Eco-friendly barramundi fish filet covered in a spicy and colorful sauce of sautéed tomatoes, olives, garlic, onion, capers, and pepperoncini’s.
      • Chile Verde

    • To Starts

      • My Guacamole

        Guacamole is served fresh “deconstructed” for you to mix exactly the way you like it. Vegan
      • Queso Fundido

        Melted queso oaxaca, chorizo, corn, rajas, served with blue corn tortillas.
      • Esquité

        Roasted spiced corn, crema, queso fresco, cotija cheese, served with blue corn tortillas. Vegetarian.
      • Crafted Salsa Trio with Chips

        Take a tour of México’s diverse flavors, with three styles of house crafted salsas.
      • Tacos Dorados

        A Mexican street food staple! Four small crispy tortillas filled with smashed potatoes. Topped with lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream, cheese and mild salsa. Vegetarian.
      • Mexican Wet Nachos

    • Introduction

      • Poblano Soup

        Smooth and creamy roasted poblano pepper soup.
      • Chile En Nogada

        Roasted poblano chili stuffed with beef and pork, raisins, nuts and herbs, topped with a luscious white walnut sauce, finished with a sweet red raspberry sauce. Traditionally served at room temperature.
      • Tinga De Pollo Tostadas

        Three spicy and smokey pulled chipotle chicken tostadas topped with lettuce, crema and queso fresco.
      • Ceviche de Pescado

        Fresh chunks of meaty whitefish cooked in citrus juices, onion and cilantro. Served chilled with chips
    • Soups & Stews

      • Pozole Rojo

        Pre colonial stew, combining juicy pork and hominy with red chiles. Served with oregano, limes and tostadas.
      • Albóndingas

        Smokey Mexican meatball stew, melded with carrots, celery, Mexican squash and chipotle peppers. Served with warm corn tortillas.
      • Caldo de Res

        Tender beef chunks with an abundance of fresh vegetables, celebrating the beautiful bounty of California’s farms.
    • Salads

      • Ensalata Mixta

        Harvest blend greens, serrano lime vinaigrette, fuji apples, dried cranberries, glazed sweet pecans and queso fresco.
    • Tacos

      • Al Pastor Tacos

        Two large tortillas filled with roasted chunks of pork that is marinated in a house made grilled pineapple salsa with rice and beans.
      • Al Pastor

        Burrito with a chipoltle flour tortilla, enchilada style or hand held!
      • Arrachera Tacos

        Two large tortillas filled with marinated skirt steak, topped with poblano chile strips, roasted corn and cream. Served with rice and beans.
      • Tierra Madre Tacos

        Mother earth. Two tacos, fresh grilled spinach, with mushrooms, onions, roasted poblano and avocado served on a blue corn tortillas. Topped with queso fresco. Served with rice and beans. Vegetarian.
      • Wild Alaskan Cod Fish Tacos

        Two tacos served with rice and beans. Beer battered and lightly fried cod, topped with cabbage, tomatoes, cilantro and aioli chipotle garlic sauce.
      • Tierra Madre

        With melted cheese in a quesadilla or enchilada style.
    • Kids

      • Kids Bean & Cheese Burrito Platter

        Filled with refried bean with melted cheese. Comes with two sides, a drink and a special sweet treat.
      • Kids Nachos Platter

        Topped with refried beans, melted cheese and sour cream. Comes with two sides, a drink and a special sweet treat.
      • Kids Quesadilla Platter

        Flour tortilla with melted cheese, white rice and beans. Topped with refried beans, melted cheese and sour cream. Comes with two sides, a drink and a special sweet treat.
      • Kids Enchilada Platter

        Topped with red enchilada sauce. Your choice of cheese or chicken. Comes with two sides, a drink and a special sweet treat.
    • Aguas Frescas

      • Jamaica

        A sweet, refreshing tea brewed from the hibiscus flower.
    • Desserts

      • Mango Mousse Cake

        A tender cake with fresh mango mousse, raspberry-sauce, with fresh chunks of mango, and whipped cream. A Mesa Mercado favorite.
      • Traditional Flan

        This traditional caramel custard is so creamy and rich you’ll want a spoon to capture all that delicate sweet caramel sauce with each bite.
      • Churros & Ice Cream

        Our churros are rolled in cinnamon-sugar and served warm over vanilla cinnamon-churro ice cream.
      • Cinnamon Brown Sugar Ice Cream

        Creamy and buttery vanilla churro flavor ice cream.
    • W I N E

      • Bogle Cabernet

      • Robledo Chardonnay

        The Seven Brothers Chardonnay 2014
      • DAOU Cabernet

        2017 Paso Robles
    • Mexican Beverages

      • Mexican Beverages

    • Vegan Menu / Starters

      • Salsa Trio with Chips

        Three different house crafted salsas showcasing the diverse flavors of México served with chips.
      • Guacamole

        Creamy ripe avocados one of nature’s finest creations! We serve our guacamole deconstructed so you can mix it to your taste.
    • Vegan Menu / Appetizers

      • Ceviche

        You’ll swear it’s regular ceviche – but there’s no seafood here, and you won’t miss it. (neither will the seafood, for that matter). You’ll want to eat yours and steal your neighbor’s. Fresh summer flavors with finely chopped cauliflower, crisp cucumber, onion, cilantro, tomato and freshly squeezed lime juice.
      • Mango Tostada

        Two medium crisp tostadas topped with fresh juicy mango, creamy avocado, purple micro cilantro and jalapeño.
    • Vegan Menu / Entrees

      • Tacos de Papa

        A favorie Mexican street food! Three crispy tortillas filled with seasoned smashed potatoes and topped with salsa fresca and shredded lettuce.
      • Tierra Madre

        Mother earth. Fresh grilled spinach, mushrooms, onions, roasted poblano chiles and creamy avocado. Two Tacos on blue corn tortillas with vegan rice and beans. Two Enchiladas with vegan rice and beans. Chipotle Tortilla Burrito with vegan rice and beans.
      • Mole Negro

        One of our best dishes! Fit for an Aztec warrior, our mole negro has layers of deep, complex flavor and is served over sautéed plantains topped with whole roasted pumpkin seeds, peanuts, pecans, almonds and raisins. Accompanied by tortillas and buttered bolillo ‘bread’, so you won’t miss a drop of that wonderful sauce. This dish will bring you the courage of a warrior and the power of an Aztec god.
      • Cauliflower Tacos

        Three divine Cauliflower tacos you’ll swear are yummy fish tacos. We dip Cauliflower in a delicious beer batter and fry until it’s crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. No fishing pole used in this dish. Just a lovely fresh head of cauliflower, and everything else you adore in a fish taco – tomato, purple cabbage, and lime all wrapped in a flavorful blue corn tortilla.
    • Vegan Menu / Sweet Mexico

      • Magica de Xocolatl

        A rich chocolate brownie made with sweet potato! You’ll never believe this has no eggs. Topped with fresh seasonal berry sauce.