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    Passage to India

    Indian • $
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    909 E Elliot Rd, Tempe, AZ 85284
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    $ • Indian • Vegetarian • Asian
    • Appetizers
        • Kati Roll - Our Specialty
          Two delicious & flaky prantha rolls filled with onion, bell peppers and your choice of potato, paneer, egg, chicken or shrimp.
        • Pakora
          Marinated in home made spices, battered and deep fried with your choice of vegetable, paneer, chicken, fish and shrimp.
        • Chilly Chicken & Paneer
          Cubes cooked with bell peppers and chilly sauce.
        • Manchurian
          Battered, fried & sauteed with onions, bell peppers in Manchurian sauce with your choice of vegetables, gobi or chicken.
        • Chicken 65
          Boneless chicken pieces marinated, deep fried and sauteed with chefs special yogurt sauce.
        • Vegetable Samosa & Aloo Tikki
          Two-crispy fried turnovers filled with potatoes and peas/flavored potatoes patties.
      • Tandoori Sizzlers
          • Chicken Tikka
            Marinated for hours in yogurt & spices.
          • Lamb Tikka
            Marinated for hours in yogurt & spices.
          • Tandoor Chicken
            Tandoori roasted bone in chicken.
          • Chicken Sheekh Kabab
            Minced chicken, marinated in spices.
          • Lamb Sheekh Kabab
            Minced lamb, marinated in spices.
          • Tandoori Kind Prawns
            King prawns marinated in yogurt & spices.
        • Soups
            • Vegetable Soup
              Mix vegetable soup filled with herbs.
            • Sambar
              Lentil & mixed vegetable soup.
            • Mullligatawny Soup - Chicken Soup
              Lentil soup with chicken, full of flavor and herbs.
          • Traditional Vegetarian Entrees
              • Chili Vegetables
                Fresh vegetables cooked with green chili, ginger, tomatoes and onions.
              • Paneer Tikka Masala
                Homemade style cheese pieces cooked with tomatoes & onions gravy in a creamy sauce.
              • Gutti Vankaya, Eggplant Curry
                Fresh eggplant cooked in tomatoes, onions, sesame seeds & peanuts in a curry style.
              • Mirchi Ka Salan
                Fresh green chilies cooked in tomatoes, onions, sesame seeds & peanuts in a curry style.
              • Bombay Aloo
                Cubed potatoes cooked in cumin seed, fresh tomatoes and spices.
              • Matar Paneer
                Homemade cheese cubes and green peas cooked in cream sauce, tomatoes, ginger & coriander.
              • Shahi Paneer
                Homemade cheese pieces cooked in tomato, spices & nuts.
              • Malai Kofta
                A dish for special occasions, Malai Kofta is the vegetarian alternative to meatballs cooked in mild sauce.
              • Palak Paneer & Palak Aloo
                Specialty of punjab, fresh spinach cooked curry style with cheese cubes or potatoes and seasoned with aromatic herbs.
              • Vegetable Korma
                Mixed vegetables cooked in cream and yogurt, garnished with almonds and nuts.
              • Aloo Gobhi
                A Nepal originated dish made with cauliflower and potatoes.
              • Mushroom Sabji
                Mushroom and peas cooked in herbs and spices.
              • Chana Masala
                Garbanzo beans cooked with ginger in spices full of sauce.
              • Aloo Matar
                Potatoes and green peas cooked with onions and tomatoes.
              • Baingan Bhartha
                Eggplant roasted seasoned with herbs and spices.
              • Bhindi ,Okra Masala
                Okra cooked with onions and spices full of flavor.
              • Daal Makhni
                Split lentils cooked with herbs and spices.
            • Traditional Non-Vegetarian Entrees
                • Tikka Masala
                  A popular dish of North India, prepared with onions, tomatoes & spices in a creamy sauce.
                • Korma
                  Muglai style dish, mildly spices, cooked with cream and yogurt, garnished with almonds and nuts.
                • Andhra Curry
                  A unique curry style dish from Andhra regions of India, prepared with poppy seeds gasalu & South Indian spices.
                • Curry
                  A dish prepared using a blend of North Indian spices with tomatoes & onion based sauce.
                • DoPiaza
                  Specialty of Hyderabad region, an elegant dish cooked with onions, whole roasted spices and garnished with coriander.
                • Saag
                  A true dish of Punjab, spinach leaved cooked curry style, seasoned with fresh herbs and spices.
                • Chettinadu
                  A dish originating in South Asia, curry extensively cooked with red chilies, tamarind, finished with coriander.
                • Vindaloo
                  Popular dish in the Indian region of Goa, curry prepared with red chili, vinegar and garlic.
              • Specialty Entrees
                  • Malibu Malabar
                    Kind prawns cooked in mild coconut sauce, finished and Malibu rum.
                  • Chapala, Fish & Prawns, Pulusu
                    A unique dish of South India, cooked extensively with tamarind and South Indian spices.
                  • Tandoori Machi Masala
                    Fish fillet made from a combination of spices and a base of ginger, garlic and tomatoes.
                  • Kerala Duck Curry
                    A popular dish from the region of kerala is a spicy and tangy curry with coconut milk.
                  • Mughla Chicken
                    A creamy dish from Mughal, cooked with an egg in spices and nuts.
                  • Lamb Rogan Josh
                    A dish from Kashmir, cooked with a gravy based on browned onions, yogurt, garlic, ginger and aromatic spices.
                  • Tandoori Chicken Makhni
                    Strips of tandoori chicken cooked in butter and creamy sauce.
                  • Gongura Chicken & Lamb
                    A dish of Andhra Pradesh, chopped hibiscus sabdariffa, gongura, edible plant from South India cooked with chicken or lamb.
                  • Chicken & Lamb Jalfrezi
                    Chicken or lamb cooked in sliced bell peppers, onions, ginger and aromatic spices.
                • Tandoori Naan Bread
                    • Plain Naan
                      To date the most popular creation of tandoor.
                    • Butter Naan
                      Plain naan buttered.
                    • Keema Naan
                      Naan stuffed with minced lamb.
                    • Chicken Tikka Naan
                      Naan stuffed with pieces of chicken tikka.
                    • Garlic Naan
                      Naan layered with chopped garlic.
                    • Paneer Naan
                      Naan stuffed with Indian cheese.
                    • Onion Naan
                      Naan stuffed with chopped onions.
                    • Peshawri Naan
                      Naan stuffed with nuts and raisins.
                    • Tandoori Roti
                      Whole wheat bead baked in Tandoor.
                    • Paratha
                      Two pieces of multi layered whole wheat bread.
                  • Sides
                      • Plain Riata
                      • Mixed Pickles
                      • All Chutneys
                    • Desserts
                        • Gulab Jamun
                          Milk balls served in sugar syrup.
                        • Pishta Kulfi
                          Indian style pistachio ice cream.
                        • Mango Kulfi
                          Mango flavored kulf.
                      • Beverages
                          • Mango Lassi
                          • Soft Drinks