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    Robataya Oton
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    Robataya Oton

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    Location and hours

    12:00 PM - 04:00 PM
    Monday - Friday
    12:00 PM - 12:30 PM
    12:00 PM - 04:00 PM
    ¢¢ • Japanese • Asian • Sushi

    5447 Kearny Villa Rd , Suite D, San Diego, CA 92123 • More

    • Sushi and Sashimi

      • Spot Prawn

      • Tuna (Maguro)

      • Scottish Salmon

      • Mackerel (Saba)

      • Black Cod (Gindara)

      • Scallop (Hotate)

      • Yellowtail (Hamachi)

      • Salmon Roe (Ikura)

      • King Crab (Zuwaigani)

      • Sprat (Kibinago)

      • Cockle Clam (Torigai)

      • Egg (Tamago)

    • Starter

      • Yamaimo Sengiri Yama Sen)

        Sliced fresh Japanese yam served with plum paste.
      • Tako Wasa

        Raw octopus mixed with wasabi sauce.
      • Ankimo

        Steamed monkfish liver.
      • Kyuri

        Fresh cucumber with salty seaweed.
      • Yakko

        Chilled tofu topped with sliced fresh onion, green onion, and chili sesame oil with fried garlic chips.
      • Edamame

        Boiled young soybeans.
    • Salads

      • Crunchy Salmon Skin Salad

        Spring mix salad and deep-fried salmon skin topped with original dressing.
    • Appetizers

      • Chawanmushi

        Steamed egg custard with shrimp, chicken, and mushroom in traditional Japanese dashi.
      • Ebimayo

        Fried shrimp with original mayonnaise sauce.
      • Tataki

        Lightly seared beef slices served with original garlic jalapeno sauce.
      • Firecracker Poke

        Deep-fried sushi rice with chili oil, citrus ponzu sauce topped with a variety of diced sashimi.
      • Dashi Maki

        Japanese style egg omelet prepared to order.
      • Hamachi Carpaccio

        Thin slices of fresh raw hamachi served with aioli and yuzu ponzu.
      • Kani Uni

        Baked crab leg topped with sea urchin.
      • Whole Crab Legs

        Boiled crab legs with ponzu dipping sauce.
      • Kamo Kushi

        Duck on skewers grilled to perfection.
      • Tsukune Kushi

        Homemade chicken meatball with sweet and salty sauce and quail egg for dipping.
    • Deep Fried

      • Chicken Karaage

        Lightly starched and deep-fried. One of the favorites in Japanese food culture.
      • Nankotsu Karaage

        Deep-fried chicken cartilage, popular in Japanese food culture.
      • Garlic Calamari

        Deep-fried Surume squid with a hint of garlic flavor.
      • Soft Shell Crab

        Lightly starched and deep-fried soft shell crab.
      • Deep Fried Pork Belly

        Lightly breaded and deep-fried mugifuji pork belly.
      • Ham Cutlet

        Lightly breaded and deep-fried kurobuta ham with potato salad sandwiched in the middle.
      • Fried Cheese

        Melted cheese wrapped in wonton skin and deep-fried served with original raspberry sauce.
      • Maitake Prosciutto Tempura

        Maitake mushrooms rolled into prosciutto and then deep-fried in tempura batter.
    • Grilled

      • Shishamo

        Grilled smelt.
      • Tara Saikyo

        Black cod marinated in homemade saikyo miso.
      • Grilled Kalbi

        Beef short rib, with salt for sauce flavor.
      • Horumon

        Cast iron pan-fried beef intestines, bamboo shoots, and green onion served in garlic sauce.
      • Saba Shio

        Lightly salted and grilled mackerel.
      • Ayu Shio

        Freshwater trout lightly salted, grilled, and one of the most popular grilled fish in Japan.
      • Beef Tongue Steak

        Thick cut beef tongue grilled to perfection in cast iron pan.
    • Hot Pots

      • Crab Hot Pot

        King crab and a variety of vegetables and mushrooms cooked at the table in Japanese dashi soup stock. Served with ponzu dipping sauce. Try finishing this pot in the traditional way by adding rice or udon noodle into the soup at the end.
      • Kalbi Hot Pot

        Fresh beef short ribs simmered in soup stock along with a variety of vegetables.
      • Sukiyaki

        Sweet and salty mixed stew with vegetables, mushrooms, firm tofu, and premium thin sliced beef. Slowly simmered at your table in Washita soy sauce, miring, and sugar soup base. Sukiyaki is traditionally eaten after dipping in fresh raw egg.
      • Shabu Shabu

        Premium thin-sliced beef and vegetables, mushrooms, and tofu cooked in Japanese dashi soup stock. Enjoy with sesame sauce or ponzu sauce. As an option, enjoy finishing this pot in the traditional way at the end by adding rice or udon noodle into the soup.
      • Motsunabe

        Mixed stew with cabbage, Chinese chives, and beef intestines in soy sauce or salt flavored soup base. As an option please try finishing this pot in the traditional manner by adding ramen noodles at the end.
      • Chanko Nabe

        Mixed stew with vegetables, mushrooms, tofu, and your choice of chicken or pork in a choice of miso for salt flavored soup. One of the regular dishes favored by Japanese sumo wrestlers. As an option please try finishing this post in a Japanese traditional manner by adding ramen noodles at the end.
      • Duck Hot Pot (Kamo)

        Duck meat and a variety of vegetables that are cooked in a tomato-based soup stock. We optionally offer a risotto set to finish this dish, which will turn into a tomato cheese risotto.
    • Rice Dishes

      • Crab and Sea Urchin (Uni) Bowl

        Flavored mixed rice with crab meat and uni (sea urchin).
      • Unagi Gohan

        Mixed rice with barbecued unagi (river eel).
      • Ochazuke

        Rice in broth, served with your choice of nori (seaweed), grilled salmon, or pickled plum.
      • Onigiri

        Hand-packed rice ball with nori (seaweed). Your choice of pickled plum, grilled salmon, or bonito flakes.
    • Sushi and Rolls

      • Kearny Mesa Crunchy Roll

        Cream cheese, avocado, tuna, topped with soy sauce glaze, and sweet chili aioli sauce.
      • Red Sniper

        Roll made from yellowtail, asparagus, topped with bigeye tuna, cilantro tempura, and seasoned with jalapeno garlic sauce.
      • Rising Dragon

        Shrimp tempura and snow crab mix topped with barbecued river eel (unagi), avocado, and soy sauce glaze.
      • King Tarantula

        Softshell crab tempura topped with avocado, snow crab mix, and jalapeno cilantro aioli sauce.
      • Battera

        Marinated mackerel box sushi.
      • Temaki

        Avocado, cucumber, seaweed, and sushi rice.
    • Noodles

      • Mentaiko Udon

        Udon with spicy cod roe (mentaiko) sauce.
      • Zaru Soba

        Chilled buckwheat noodles served with a soy sauce-based dipping sauce.
      • Kakiage Soba

        Thin buckwheat noodles with deep-fried sliced vegetables and seafood in tempura batter.
    • Deserts

      • Warabi Mochi

        A jelly-like confection made from bracken starch. Enjoy with sweet roasted soybean (kinako powder) and brown sugar syrup.
      • Ice Cream

    • Soft Drinks

      • Hot Roasted Green Tea

      • Iced Green Tea

      • Coca Cola

      • Sprite

      • Sparkling Water

    Allergens: These items may include unlisted ingredients and/or be prepared on equipment that processes allergens. Take precautions if you have an allergy.