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    100 Indenpendence Way, B10, Danvers, MA 01923
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    Sea Lion Sushi

    4.8 (81 ratings) • Japanese • $
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    100 Indenpendence Way, B10, Danvers, MA 01923
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    $ • Japanese • Asian • Sushi • Group Friendly
    • Picked for you
      • Gyoza (8 pcs)
      • Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll
      • Spicy Salmon Roll
      • California Roll
      • Avocado Roll (12 pcs)
        Small roll.
    • Poke Bowls
        • Salmon Poke Bowl
        • Tuna Poke Bowl
        • Crab Stick Poke Bowl
        • Sweet Tofu Poke Bowl
        • Shrimp Tempura Poke Bowl
      • Sushi Party Platter
          • Nigiri Sushi Delight
            20 pcs of nigiri sushi.
          • Vegetable Platter
            48 pcs of garden roll, mango garden, avocado, cucumber, and vegetable dragon.
          • Ocean Delight
            36 pcs (16 pcs) of nigiri California roll, salmon roll, and tuna roll.
          • Majesty Platter
            52 pcs (20 pcs) nigiri Hawaiian, caterpillar, rainbow, and sea lion roll.
          • Cooked Sushi Platter
            40 pcs shrimp tempura roll, California roll, green garden roll, crying tiger roll, and spider roll.
          • Sea Lion Platter
            48 pcs rainbow, sea lion, California, spicy tuna, Alaska salmon, and Boston roll.
          • Deluxe Sea Lion
            84 pcs caterpillar, Hawaiian, rainbow, sea lion, spicy salmon, California, tuna roll, salmon roll, and cucumber roll.
          • Grand Sea Lion Platter
            70 pcs. 30 pcs of nigiri, rainbow roll, caterpillar, California, spicy roll, and eel roll.
        • Chefs Special
          • Hawaiian Roll
          • Rainbow Roll
          • Volcano Roll
          • Red Sox Roll
          • Crying Tiger Roll
          • Alligator
          • Red Spider Roll
          • Snow White
          • Mango Tango
            8 pcs Spicy Tuna mango with salmon, black tobiko on top
          • Caterpillar
            8 pcs BBQ eel, eel sauce, and avocado sliced on top.
          • Spider Roll
            Soft shell crab, tobiko, avocado, and sauce.
          • Sea Lion Roll
            8 pcs spicy salmon with eel and avocado on top with sauce.
          • Grand Sea Lion Roll
            8 pcs spider roll with BBQ eel slices on top and sauce.
          • Mexican Shrimp Tempura Roll
            8 pcs shrimp tempura, tobiko, avocado, and eel sauce on top.
          • Crazy Roll
            8 pcs Mexican shrimp tempura roll with eel and avocado sliced on top and sauce.
          • Torch Roll
            Cucumber, avocado with torched eel, salmon, and tuna with sweet sauce on top.
          • Salmon Crazy Roll
            8 pcs shrimp tempura with salmon tobiko and spicy mayonnaise on top.
          • Orange Dragon
            Spicy salmon roll with salmon on top.
          • Crunchy Tuna Dragon
            California roll with sweet and spicy sauce and tempura flakes on top.
          • Eel Dragon
            Eel roll with BBQ eel on top.
          • Fire Dragon
            Spicy salmon roll with tuna and hot sauce on top.
          • Pink Lady
            10 pcs tuna mango cucumber avocado soy paper.
          • Green Monster
            Crab stick, shrimp, tobiko, eel sauce and
            sliced avocado on top.
          • Spicy Red Dragon Roll
            Eight pieces.shrimp
            tempura,avocado,jalapeno,with tuna,spicy mayo,eel sauce,tobiko and crispy onion on top.
        • Vegetarian
            • Avocado Roll (12 pcs)
              Small roll.
            • Cucumber Roll (12 pcs)
              Small roll.
            • Sweet Potato
              8 pcs sweet potato with sweet sauce on top.
            • Garden Roll
              8 pcs carrot cucumber avocado.
            • Green Garden
              8 pcs cucumber avocado.
            • Mango Garden
              8 pcs cucumber avocado mango.
            • Veggie Philly
              8 pcs garden roll with cream cheese.
            • Inari
              4 pcs sweet tofu.
            • Green Dragon
              8 pcs cucumber avocado with sliced avocado on top.
            • Celtics Roll
              Seaweed Salad ,Avocado
            • Arizona Roll
              sweet potato, cucumber,avocado,with sweet sauce on top.
          • Sushi Burrito
              • Tuna Sushi Burrito
              • Shrimp Tempura Sushi Burrito
              • Spicy Toast Crab Stick Sushi Burrito
              • Salmon Sushi Burrito
              • Hawaiian Sushi Burrito
              • Vegetarian Burrito
                Wrapped in regular seaweed with cucumber, lettuce, carrots, seaweed salad,sweet tofu and sushi rice. Served with choice of sauce.
            • Hand Rolls
                • BBQ Eel Hand Roll (2 pcs)
                  BBQ eel, avocado, and eel sauce.
                • Spicy Tuna Hand Roll (2 pcs)
                  Tuna, avocado, cucumber, and spicy mayonnaise on top.
                • Spicy Salmon Hand Roll (2 pcs)
                  Salmon, avocado, and cucumber with spicy mayonnaise on top.
                • California Hand Roll (2 pcs)
                  Crab, avocado, and cucumber.
                • Shrimp Tempura Hand Roll (2 pcs)
                  Shrimp tempura avocado, cucumber, tobiko with sweet, and spicy sauce on top.
              • Classic Maki Sushi
                • Black and White Roll
                • Boston Roll
                • California Roll
                • Eel Roll
                • Spicy Salmon Roll
                • Philly Roll
                • Spicy Crunchy Roll
                • Alaska Salmon Roll
                • Alaska Sweet Potato Roll
                • Small Roll (6 pcs)
                • Tobiko Roll
                • Giant Shrimp Tempura Roll (Giant Roll)
                • Spicy Shrimp Tempura Roll
                • Ninja Roll
                • Cali Crispy Onion Roll
                  California roll on top spicy sauce and crispy onion.
                • Mango California Roll
                  California with mango.
                • Spicy California Roll
                  California roll with spicy mayonnaise on top.
                • Philly California Roll
                  California roll with cheese.
                • Chicken Teriyaki Roll
                  8 pcs and chicken with teriyaki sauce on top.
                • Spicy Tuna Roll
                  Tuna and cucumber with spicy mango on top.
                • Tobiko Shrimp Roll
                  Shrimp, tobiko, and cucumber.
                • Alaska Cooked Salmon
                  Grilled salmon, avocado, and cucumber.
                • Alaska Mango Roll
                  Salmon with mango and avocado.
                • Spicy Tuna Cheese Mango (Giant Roll)
                  5 pcs. Tuna, cream cheese, mango, cucumber, sweet, spicy sauce, and tempura flake on top.
                • Salmon Teriyaki Roll
                  Grilled salmon, cucumber, and scallion with teriyaki sauce on top.
                • Shrimp Tempura with Crispy Onion Roll
                  8 pcs shrimp tempura, avocado, sweet spicy sauce, and crispy onion.
                • Crunchy Shrimp Tempura Roll
                  8 pcs shrimp tempura, avocado with eel sauce, and crunchy.
                • Three Color Roll
                  tuna, salmon,avocado
                • Pokemon Roll
                  Eight pieces.tuna,crab stick.
              • Nigiri and Sashimi
                • Shrimp (Ebi)
                • Crab Stick (Kani)
                • Tuna (Maguro)
                • Salmon (Sake)
                • Unagi (BBQ Eel)
                • Egg (Tamago)
                • Ika (Squid)
                • Tako
                • Tobiko (Flying Fish Roe)
              • Sushi Combo and Entree
                • Nice Combo (16 pcs)
                • Salmon Teriyaki
                • Salmon Sashimi on Top Rice
                • The Sashimi Bowl
                • Sampler Sushi (16 pcs)
                  Eel roll, spicy tuna rolls, spicy salmon rolls, and California rolls.
                • Variety Special (16 pcs)
                  California rolls, spicy tuna rolls, green garden rolls, and philly rolls.
                • Trio Special (12 pcs)
                  Spicy tuna rolls, spicy salmon rolls, and eel rolls.
                • Tuna Lover
                  3 pcs tuna nigiri and 8 pcs tuna avocado roll.
                • Una Don
                  BBQ eel on top of rice, a side of salad, and miso soup.
                • Diet Special (18 pcs)
                  Tuna rolls, salmon rolls, and cucumber rolls.
                • Red and Yellow Combo (6 pcs)
                  Tuna and salmon roll.
                • Sushi & Sashimi Combo
                  9 pcs sashimi 6 pcs nigiri ( Chef choice ) and california roll
              • Side
                • White Rice
                • Brown Rice
                • Sushi Rice
                • Spicy Mayonnaise
                • Eel sauce
                • Sriracha
                • Mango Sauce
                • Spicy Mango Sauce
                • Sweet Chili Sauce
                • Seasoning Rice
              • Appetizers
                • Edamame
                • Mini Shrimp Spring Rolls (6 pcs)
                • Crispy Shrimp Tempura (5 pcs)
                • Shumai (9 pcs)
                • Gyoza (8 pcs)
                • Seaweed Salad
                • Avocado Salad
                • Spicy Crispy Shrimp Salad
                • Sea Lion House Salad
                • Cucumber Salad
                • Miso Soup
                • Takoyaki
                • Crab Salad
                • Tuna Poke Nachos
                • Spicy Edamame
                • Vegetable Spring Roll
              • Beverages
                • Soda (Can)
                • San Pellegrino
                • Poland Bottled Water
                • Green Tea (Can)

              Frequently asked questions

              What is the address of Sea Lion Sushi in Danvers?

              Sea Lion Sushi is located at: 100 Indenpendence Way B10, Danvers

              Is the menu for Sea Lion Sushi available online?

              Yes, you can access the menu for Sea Lion Sushi online on Postmates. Follow the link to see the full menu available for delivery and pickup.

              What are the most popular items on the Sea Lion Sushi menu?

              The most ordered items from Sea Lion Sushi are: Spicy Crunchy Roll, Fire Dragon, Nice Combo (16 pcs).

              Does Sea Lion Sushi offer delivery in Danvers?

              Yes, Sea Lion Sushi offers delivery in Danvers via Postmates. Enter your delivery address to see if you are within the Sea Lion Sushi delivery radius, then place your order.

              Can I get free delivery from Sea Lion Sushi?

              Delivery fees for Sea Lion Sushi vary. Just enter your delivery address to see the delivery fee for your location. You could always get free delivery from Sea Lion Sushi with Postmates Unlimited.

              Can I pick up my order from Sea Lion Sushi?

              Postmates offers pickup from many restaurants in your city. To see if you can pick up your order from Sea Lion Sushi, add items to your cart and look for the ‘pickup’ option at checkout.

              Can I schedule a delivery order from Sea Lion Sushi?

              Some restaurants on Postmates allow you to schedule a delivery to show up at your location when you want it. At checkout, look for the option to select a delivery time. If it’s there, that means you can schedule your delivery from Sea Lion Sushi.