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    Smitten Ice Cream (Berkeley)
    Too far to deliver

    Smitten Ice Cream (Berkeley)

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    Location and hours

    Every Day
    11:00 AM - 01:00 PMMenu
    03:30 PM - 02:00 AMMenu

    1812 University Ave , Unit A, Berkeley, CA 94703 • More

    • Powered by All Day Kitchens

      • Introducing All Day Kitchens

        All Day Kitchens partners with great local restaurants to help share their food with new neighborhoods. Our delivery and pickup outposts for our restaurant partners can be found all throughout Chicagoland. This menu is our marketplace, where you can mix and match dishes across different restaurants and cuisines.
      • Contact Us

        Text or call 415-942-8304 to reach our All Day support team. We’re here to help with any issue, from placing to receiving your order.
    • Bestselling Combos

      • Ice Cream Pint 2 Pack

        Don't limit yourself to just one pint. Pick your two favorites with our 2 pack combo.
      • Ice Cream Float Family Pack

        Everything you need for ice cream floats for the whole family. Choose 2 ice cream pints and 2 drinks.
      • Ice Cream Float Combo

        Ready for an ice cream float? Choose your ice cream pint and your drink!
    • Ice Cream Pints

      • Chocolate Ganache

        Forget everything you’ve ever known about “chocolate ice cream.” This is not chocolate ice cream. This is a modern take on an ice cream classic that will change everything you think you know about chocolate ice cream! 61% dark chocolate Guittard morsels are slowly melted into luscious gooey goodness and then whisked into Clover Sonoma milk & cream. Contains dairy and eggs. We cannot make substitutions.
      • Coffee with Cream & Sugar

        We cold-steep this medium roast coffee in fresh milk & cream for over 24 hours, resulting in a clean, bold coffee ice cream that truly highlights the supreme quality of the coffee beans, bringing out notes of raspberry, orange zest, and caramel. Contains dairy and eggs. We cannot make substitutions.
      • Earl Grey with Milk Chocolate Chips

        We steep the highest quality black tea leaves from Mountanos Family Coffee & Tea into fresh milk and cream before adding decadent house-made Guittard chocolate chips. Each bite brings melting flavors of bergamot, orange, black tea, and creamy, rich milk chocolate. Contains dairy and eggs. We cannot make substitutions.
      • Classic Vanilla

        We treat vanilla ice cream as the ultimate barometer of a company’s quality – you can’t hide behind it. With just milk and cream, sugar, salt, a touch of egg yolk and a dash of vanilla extract from Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, our Classic Vanilla flavor lets the purity and texture of our ice cream speak for itself. Contains dairy and eggs. We cannot make substitutions.
    • Drinks

      • Dr. Pepper

        12 oz can of Dr. Pepper.
      • Diet Coke

        12 oz can of Diet Coke.