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    Tako Cheena - John Young
    Too far to deliver

    Tako Cheena - John Young

    View delivery time and booking fee.

    Location and hours

    Sunday - Thursday
    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    Friday - Saturday
    11:00 AM - 03:00 PM
    ₩ • Mexican • Latin American • New Mexican

    2141 N John Young Pkwy, Orlando, FL 32804 • More

    • Asian Hot Dogs

      • Bahi Mi Dog

        Kimchi, spicy mayonnaise mixed cabbage, sesame seeds, and cilantro.
      • Korean Hot Dog

        Avocado-wasabi sauce, spicy mayonnaise mixed cabbage, fumi, and scallions.
      • Japa Dog

        Marinated beef bulgogi, kimchi fried rice, mixed vegetables, sriracha, ginger scallion oil, cilantro, and sour cream.
    • Burritos

      • Korean Beef Burrito

        Chopped, marinated bulgogi beef with mixed cabbage, cilantro, scallions, sesame seeds, and kimchi slaw.
    • House Takos

      • Korean Beef Tako

        Grilled chicken with mixed cabbage, cilantro, scallions, crushed peanuts, and a Thai peanut sauce.
      • Thai Peanut Chicken Tako

      • Thai Peanut Tofu

      • Indian Curry Dusted Chicken Tako

      • Tom Yum Mojo Tofu Tako

      • Panko Crusted Tofu Tako

        Fried tofu, mixed cabbage, cilantro, scallions, spicy mayonnaise, celery, and celery sauce.
      • Indian Curry Dusted Tofu Tako

        Your choice of 3 house takos.
      • House Tako Special (3 pcs)

        Panko breaded, fried cod with cabbage, scallions, spicy mayonnaise, a sweet, and sour onion sauce.
    • Signature Takos

      • Panko Crusted Cod Tako

        Latin and Asian infused marinated grilled shrimp with a spicy seasoned slaw, scallions, and cilantro.
      • Tom Yum Mojo Shrimp Tako

        Pickled daikon and carrots, spicy mayonnaise cucumber, and cilantro.
    • Empanadas

      • Empanada

        Empanadas come with your choice of ginger guava or jackfruit habanero salsa when available.
    • Arepas

      • Three Cheese Arepa

        Fried queso blanco, mozzarella cheese, Cotija cheese, pickled daikon and carrot, spicy mayonnaise and cilantro.
      • Indian Curry Beets Arepa

        Roasted red beets, yellow curry, celery sauce, mixed cabbage, spicy mayonnaise mozzarella cheese, and cilantro.
      • Pernil Pulled Pork Arepa

        Pulled pork, pickled daikon and carrots, spicy mayonnaise mozzarella cheese, Cotija cheese, cilantro.
    • Beverages

      • Ginger Berry Kombucha

        Mild-medium and sweet savoury.
      • Spicy Mexican Coke

        Mild-medium and creamy.
      • Orangina

        Mild-medium and citrus.
    • Desserts

      • Fried Crispy Churros

        Served with chocolate, key lime condensed milk, and butterscotch dipping sauces.
      • Asian Ginger Apple Empanadas

        Drizzled with key lime condensed milk and butterscotch.
      • Sopapilla Chips

        Drizzled with key lime condensed milk and butterscotch.
    • Sauces and Salsa

      • Ginger Guava Salsa

      • Avocado-Wasabi Sauce

      • Jack Fruit Habanero