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    Tipico House Bar and Grill
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    Tipico House Bar and Grill

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    Location and hours

    12:30 PM - 09:00 PM
    Tuesday - Wednesday
    03:30 PM - 07:30 PM
    Thursday - Friday
    12:30 PM - 07:30 PM
    12:30 PM - 08:30 PM
    ¢¢ • American • Burgers • Sandwiches

    90 Lake Ave, Rochester, NY 14608 • More

    • Appetizers (Aperitivos)

      • Chicken Wings (Alitas de Pollo)

        Chicken wings. Alitas pollo a la BBQ, buffalo, tipica, country sweet.
      • Taco

        Tacos de pollo ores. Chicken or beef tacos.
      • Mozzarella Sticks

        Palitos de queso mozzarella.
      • Quesadilla

      • Tostones Rellenos

        Montaditos rellenos de jamon y queso o camarones extra. Loaded plantain cups with ham and shrimp in garlic cream sauce.
      • Yaroa Tipica

        Papas fritas con carne molida y queso derretido. Loaded fries with ground beef cheese ketchup mayonnaise.
      • Longaniza

        Fried dominican sausage.
      • Salami Frito

        Fried dominican salami.
      • Queso Frito

        Feta cheese.
      • Mofonguitos

        Fried mofongo balls with garlic cream sauce.
      • Montaditos de Camarones

        Shrimp plantain sliders.
      • Montaditos de Churrasco

        Skirt steak plantain sliders.
      • Tirita de Chicharron de Cerdo

        Pork rind strip.
      • Scalchipapa

        Loaded fries with hotdog bits and shredded cheese.
    • Entrees

      • Chicken Breast Cream Sauce

        Chicken breast in cream pechuga de pollo en salsa de crema de ajo. Chicken breast in garlic cream sauce.
      • Pica Longa Para Dos

        Plate for 2. Carne frita de cerco, pollo frito, longaniza, salami. Fried pork, chicken, salami, and sausage.
      • Pork Rinds (Chicharron de Cerdo)

        Chicharrón de cerdo frito. Fried pork rind.
      • Skirt Steak (Churrasco Tipico)

        Filete de falda marinado. Marinated skirt steak.
      • Steak Onions (Bistec Encebollado)

        Steak and onions. Bistec preparado en cebollas. Steak prepared in onion.
      • Fried Chicken Chunks (Chicharron de Pollo)

        Fried chicken. Pollo empanizado frito. Fried breaded chicken.
      • Breaded Chicken Fingers (Pechurina)

        Pechuga de pollo empanizada frita. Breaded chicken breast.
      • Fried Pork Chunks (Carne Frita)

        Carne de cerdo frita. Fried pork chunk.
      • Pepper Chicken (Pechuga de Pollo Salteada)

        Sauteed chicken breast.
      • Garlic Sauce Chicken Breast (Pechuga de Pollo Al Ajillo)

        Garlic chicken breast.
      • Fajitas de Pollo

        Chicken fajitas.
      • Fajitas de Pollo y Res

        Chicken and beef fajitas.
      • Pepper Steak (Bistec Ala Pimienta)

      • New York Strip Steak

      • Mondongo

        Stew tripe.
      • Mangu 3 Golpes

        Mash plantains with salami, eggs, and cheese.
      • Arroz Frito de Veggie

        Veggie fried rice.
      • Arroz Frito Mixto

        Shrimp and steak fried rice.
    • Seafood (Mariscos)

      • Fried Fish (Pescado Frito Al Coco)

        Coconut fried fish. Pargo de pescado frito con salsa de coco. Fried red snapper with coconut sauce.
      • Fried Fish (Pescado Ala Boca Chica)

        Fish to the boca chica. Pargo rojo frito al estilo caribeño. Fried red snapper caribbean style.
      • Steak and Shrimp (Mar y Tierra)

        Sea and land. Filete con camarones. Steak with shrimp topping.
      • Fried Shrimp (Camarones Frito)

        Fried shrimp. Camarones empanadas fritos. Breaded fried shrimp.
      • Garlic Shrimp (Camarones Al Ajillo)

        Garlic shrimp. Camarones en salsa de ajo. Shrimp in garlic sauce.
      • Camarones y Carruchos Ala Boca Chica

        Camarones al estilo caribeño. Shrimp in carribean style.
      • Octopus Salad (Ensalada de Pulpo)

      • Conch Salad (Ensalada de Carrucho)

      • Shrimp Salad (Ensalada de Camarones)

      • Shrimp and Octopus Salad (Ensalada de Camarones y Pulpo)

      • Chofan Mixto de Res y Camarones

        Fried rice with steak and shrimp.
      • Churrasco y Longosta

        Skirt steak and lobster.
      • Mar y Tierra de Churrasco

        Sea and land skirt steak with shrimp.
      • Mariscos Criollos

        Creole seafood.
      • Camarones Criollos

        Creole shrimp.
      • Camarones Alla Crema

        Shrimp in garlic cream sauce.
      • Lobster Lovers

        Amantes a la langosta 4 colas de langosta.
      • Churrasco Con Longosta

        Skirt steak with lobster.
      • El Campesino

        Mofongo wrapped with a skirt steak and garlic shrimp.
      • Pasta de Camarones En Crema

        Shrimp in garlic cream pasta.
      • Carrucho a la Criolla

        Conch with creole sauce.
      • Fajitas con Camarones

        Shrimp fajitas.
    • Mofongos

      • Mofongos de queso

        Cheese mofongo. Mofongo de plátano con tope de queso. Mashed fried plantain with cheese topping.
    • Sides (Acompanantes)

      • Tostones

        Fried plantains.
      • Habichuelas Rojas

        Red beans.
      • Mofongo

        Our mofongo is made from deep-fried green plantain pieces that are mashed with garlic and either salt-cured pork or pork crackling.
      • French Fries (Papa Frita)

      • Platanos Maduros

        Sweet plantains.
      • Arroz Blanco y habichuela

        White rice.
      • Fried Sweet Potato (Batata Frita)

        Sweet potato fries.
      • Trifongo

        Mashed fried yuca, yellow, and green plantains.
    • Drinks (Bebidas)

      • Agua

      • Refresco

      • Jugos Naturales

      • Juices

    • Kids Menu

      • Kids Pechurinitas

        Chicken finger. Served with choice of side. Include drink.
      • Kids Salami Frito

        Fried salami. Served with choice of side. Include drink.
      • Kids Carne Frita

        Fried pork chunks. Served with choice of side. Include drink.
    Allergens: These items may include unlisted ingredients and/or be prepared on equipment that processes allergens. Take precautions if you have an allergy.