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    Wake Up Call - Dishman-Mica
    Too far to deliver

    Wake Up Call - Dishman-Mica

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    Location and hours

    Every Day
    05:00 AM - 07:00 PM

    1703 S Dishman Mica Rd, Spokane Valley, WA 99206 • More

    • Signature Drinks

      • Abbey

        A blend of white chocolates.
      • London Latte

        A sweet and salty caramel treat sprinkled with cinnamon.
      • Double Decker Mocha

        Chocolate and real peanut butter.
      • Frostbite

        Dark chocolate, white chocolate and peppermint with chips on whip.
      • Royal Crush

        Dark chocolate and salted caramel with salted caramel whip and a sea salt crush.
    • Espresso Drinks

      • Americano

        Espresso shots and water.
      • Latte/Mocha

        Espresso shots and milk.
      • Cappuccino

        Espresso shots and steamed milk with micro foam. (Iced cold-foam cappuccinos cannot be made with alternative milks and foam may collapse during transportation)
      • C³ (C-Cubed)

        Carbonated, caffeinated, coffee.
    • Coffee and Tea

      • Brewed Coffee

        Signature house blend.
      • Cold Brew Coffee

        Signature roast, brewed cold, and served chilled.
      • Chai Tea Latte

        Chai tea.
      • Sugar Free Chai Latte

        Steamed chai tea.
      • Tea

        Tea blend steeped and served hot or iced.
      • London Fog

        Black tea brewed with water, milk, and vanilla syrup.
    • Blended Drinks

      • Ice Cream Shake

        Blended soft serve ice cream and flavor.
      • Espresso Ice Cream Shake

        Blended shake, with shots of espresso and flavor!
      • Fruit Smoothie

        Fruit purees blended with cream and ice.
      • Granita

        Blended coffee mix.
    • Infused Drinks

      • Italian Soda

        Club soda and flavors served over ice.
      • Red Bull Italian Soda

        Red Bull energy drink and flavors served over ice.
    • Coffee Free Drinks

      • Steamer/Hot Chocolate/Flavored Milk

        Steamed milk and flavor.
      • Orange Juice

        Locally squeezed orange juice.
    • Bottled Drinks

      • Red Bull 8.4oz

        Can of Red Bull energy drink.
      • Water 20oz

        A bottle of high quality H₂O.
      • Frizz 8.5oz

        A bottle of sweet and sparkling espresso.
    • Breakfast or Bakery Items

      • Breakfast Burritos

        Scratch made locally by Latitudes of The Lodge at Carlin Bay!
      • Scones

        Scratch baked vegan scones from the Scone Ranger
      • Oatmeal

        Oatmeal cups.
      • Cake Pops

        Cake on a stick.
      • Donuts

        Donuts from Casual Friday Donuts.
      • Muffins

        Scratch baked muffins from Celebrations.
      • Breads

        Scratch baked bread from Celebrations.
      • Cookies

        Scratch-baked cookies from Celebrations.
      • Yogurt Parfait

        Yogurt, strawberries, and granola.
    • Bars

      • Protein Pucks

        Gluten free, vegan, non-GMO, protein packed, energy bar.
      • Chewy Marshmallow Bars

        Chewy marshmallow bars with browned butter and sea salt.
    • Coffee Beans and Merchandise

      • House​ ​Blend

        Our signature roast!
      • Swiss​ ​Water​ ​Decaf

        Our decaf roast: Light on jitter, right on flavor.