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What Our Customers Have To Say

"Postmates is our lifesaver. When you're in the the startup world, where everything benefits you to move quickly, getting great healthy take-out options to keep a team going is amazing."

Erica Ford, San Francisco Customer

"Before Postmates came to NYC, I was stuck with the same, boring — and usually unhealthy! — takeout options. But voila! They've changed the delivery game entirely. Consider me their biggest fan."

Aubrey Sabala, New York Customer

"What I love about working for Postmates is that I get to spend my day outside, riding my bike, and getting to know the city. When I first started I did not know where Pacific Heights was and now I ride over it two or three times a day!"

Justin, Postmate with over 1,500 deliveries

How It Works

  • Any Restaurant Or Store

    Apple Store, Starbucks, Staples, you name it

  • Fast Delivery

    Delivered to your office in under an hour

  • Real-time Tracking and ETAs

    Never miss a delivery again

“I am especially grateful for Postmates these days. I do a lot of Postmates.”

Eric Ries, in response to the question "what is the one mobile app that you can't live without?"

Time Is Money

We give you something priceless: time.
Delivery fees start at $5.
An hour of your time is worth way more than that.

  • More hours in the day for coding, strategizing, meetings, exercise and happy hour.

  • Affordable pricing starts at $5 and is determined based on the distance of the delivery.

  • Delivery from 1,000's of stores and restaurants in your city, whether they offer delivery or not.

“Postmates has completely changed how I eat. They have opened up an entirely new set of options. I love it!”

Sachin Agarwal, Product Manager at Twitter

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