A Special Receipt: Patrick Mahomes and his 15 and The Mahomies Foundation

Touchdown passes, chicken sandwiches, and supporting his community through the 15 and the Mahomies Foundation—that’s Patrick Mahomes’ secret recipe to success.

Touchdown passes, donations to hospital workers, and plenty of ribs—these are a few of Patrick Mahomes’ favorite things. As a Super Bowl champ, 2018 MVP, and dad-to-be, he stays super busy on and off the field.

One of his proudest accomplishments is starting the 15 and The Mahomies Foundation. This Kansas City-based foundation supports 15 philanthropic initiatives that focus on education, health, and wellness.

From anti-bullying and rescuing pets to after-school programs and technology in classrooms, Mahomes is truly serving his local Kansas City community in a number of impactful ways. 

To stand in solidarity with his mission and help propel these initiatives forward, Postmates is donating $1 from every order placed from a local restaurant this weekend to 15 and The Mahomies, up to $50,000.

Mahomes is no stranger to big moments. On September 1st, he asked his high school sweetheart, Brittany Matthews, to marry him. Said Mahomes, “I had to mix it up for the proposal night. When we got back from the ring ceremony where I proposed, our chef had a 4-course meal put together for just the two of us.” 

If you’ve watched the Kansas City Chiefs play, you know Mahomes has an amazing arm—but now you also know he has great taste. And when he’s craving something local, he relies on Postmates to deliver Kansas City’s best restaurants to him.

It’s time to dig into all of Mahomes’ Postmates orders, from post-game BBQ to emergency shampoo. 

To start, let’s just say that September 17, 2018 was a big day for Mahomes. Yes, he broke the NFL record for being the youngest quarterback to ever throw six touchdowns in a game. And yes, it was his 23rd birthday. But the biggest moment of the day? Ordering Postmates for the very first time, of course.

He celebrated with an epic dinner from one of his favorite Kansas City restaurants, Rye. The meal included Mashed Yukon Gold Potatoes, Mac & Cheese with Crispy Bacon, Three-Piece Fried Chicken, and Pan-roasted Scotch Salmon—and he didn’t stop there.

Once Mahomes realized all of his favorite foods could be delivered in a snap, he was hooked. Since 2018, he’s ordered over 170 times and his top 5 most-ordered items are:

Take January 20th, 2019. The Chiefs played the Patriots in the AFC Championship and Mahomes threw for three touchdowns. To fuel up before the game, he had his favorite, a Grilled Chicken Sandwich from Potbelly at 11:22 am.

But it’s not just all chicken sandwiches and steak with ketchup (his favorite, btw). Mahomes also uses Postmates to keep his signature locks extra luscious. 

On February 24th, 2019, he found himself in Orange Country without a stitch of shampoo. The solution? He Postmated Head & Shoulders from CVS Pharmacy.

If you thought Mahomes goes big before a game, you should see what he orders during the offseason. For his very first order after winning Super Bowl LIV, Mahomes was ready to go all in on his sweet cravings. He ordered 2 Cookies & Cream Milkshakes from Chick-fil-A and…that’s it! Turns out champions love milkshakes just as much as you.

Also keeping things sweet, Mahomes has Postmated Jolly Ranchers four times. “It’s a certain kind, Jolly Rancher Bites,” says Mahomes. “We kind of got hooked on them recently. We can’t keep them stocked at our house. We all love them, Brittany, Jackson, and I.”

On August 1, 2019, Mahomes introduced the world to a brand new breakfast. It was Mahomes Magic Crunch—a limited-run cereal with proceeds benefiting 15 and The Mahomies. And even though it was delicious, you can’t have cereal for every meal. So on that same day, Mahomes got his absolute favorite for lunch, a Steak Burrito Bowl with a tortilla on the side from Chipotle.

But his biggest Postmates order ever was placed during the offseason. On May 28, 2020, Mahomes ordered quite the spread for his family from local favorite, Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que.

He got French Fries, BBQ Beans, Smoked Turkey, a Full Slab Dinner (plus an extra full slab of ribs), Pulled Pork, Potato Salad, one pound of Turkey, 2 Z-Man Sandwiches, and Beef Brisket. Oh and to wash it down? Plenty of Texas Toast.

Wondering where all the veggies were? They’re not always his cup of tea. Says Mahomes, “Greens are not my favorite but I have to eat them so I make it work.”

When it comes to the most orders he’s placed in one day, Mahomes couldn’t do that all on his own—he had help from his fiance, who was just so happening to have quite a few pregnancy cravings. We’re not sure what they were up to on July 20, 2020, but it sure was a doozy because they ordered four times. Here’s how it came together:

  • 3:49 pm: Dragon Fruit Bowl and Make Your Own Juice from Nékter Juice Bar (Brittany)
  • 3:52 pm: Shatto Milk, Donut Holes, and a Donut from Donutology (Brittany)
  • 7:05 pm: Texas Toast, The Z-Man Sandwich and French Fries from Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que (Patrick)     
  • 7:07pm: Hash Browns, Milk, Chocolate Milk, and a short stack of Original Buttermilk Pancakes from IHOP (Brittany)

But Patrick’s most important Postmates order to date? That one’s easy. It took place on September 10th to kick off the 2020 NFL season. Before he played the Houston Texans, he had a little surprise in store for his friend DeShaun Watson.

Mahomes placed a massive order of tasty, home cooked Jamaican food from Cool Runnings in Houston to be delivered to doctors and nurses on the frontlines at Harris Health. To repay the favor, Watson sent food from Niecie’s Restaurant in Kansas City to the Truman Medical Center.

From BBQ for the buddies to the incredible mission of 15 and the Mahomies, one thing’s clear: Patrick Mahomes loves to give back.

Ready to order local for your community? Visit Postmates.com or open the app to place an order from a local restaurant today.