Can Jerry Rice Catch a 100-Yard Burrito?

Jerry Rice is back on the field to prove, once and for all, that he’s the GOAT.

When it comes to catching footballs, there’s no debate—Jerry Rice is the greatest of all time. In fact, he has so many receiving records, he holds the record for records. So we decided to help him break one more: The world’s first, 100-yard reception—of a burrito.

First, we had to figure out how to launch a burrito that far. We enlisted aeronautical engineer Shea Nyquist to design and fabricate a customized cannon that pushes 11 gallons of air at 100 PSI, enough force to turn an ordinary burrito into a 1.5-lb edible missile. Straight out of the barrel, the burrito reaches a speed of 250 mph, which allows it to travel the length of a football field.

After spending two weeks developing the perfect prototype, Jerry Rice returned to the gridiron to try and make his most delicious reception ever. The Last Catch proved to be pretty difficult with the burrito spinning and traveling in unpredictable ways (the sheer force of the burrito made it more like catching a brick than a football). 

But Jerry Rice is the GOAT for a reason and he stayed focused on the goal. So after more than 20 attempts to launch the burrito into the hands of the most accomplished receiver ever, he made the historic catch of the first-ever 100-yard burrito—and capped it off with a celebratory spike in the endzone.

“Catching a burrito is a little different than catching a football,” said Jerry Rice. “When Postmates brought this idea to me, I thought that they were kidding. But it turned out that I made the catch. This burrito cannon would give all of the QBs that I’ve played with a run for their money.”