Dispatch from Davos: A Clarion Call to Elevate Worker Standards

January 17, 2020

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Dispatch from Davos: A Clarion Call to Elevate Worker Standards

Today, the World Economic Forum announced the first Charter of Principles for Good Platform Work, a set of principles that Postmates is proud to sign onto. For the past few months, we have partnered with the World Economic Forum and other signatories from the gig economy to develop a charter that articulates what is required for a digital platform to be a force for good in our world. These principles reflect much of what Postmates has been championing already: policies that give gig workers the support and protections they deserve and provide them with the flexibility they demand. When we lift up workers to be entrepreneurs, and provide them with dignity and fair protections, everyone benefits.

Postmates believes that to truly support our fleet, we have to empower them too. 20th century laws must be retooled to support a 21st century workforce. To help achieve this outcome, platforms should set a strong standard for what gig workers are provided in benefits and protections.

Our industry should view this charter as the baseline for good platform work, for the action we all must take to ensure the wellbeing of those who contribute to our businesses. As conversations about legislative and regulatory reforms for workers rights cascade from cities to international capitals, these charter principles serve as an important reminder that conversations about the future of work are about the upward mobility of those who power our economy, day in and day out. Postmates is proud to sign this charter as yet another signal of our commitment to fighting for pro-worker, pro-innovation policies. We hope that every on-demand company will join us.

Let’s build on this strong start and do better, together, for all gig workers.


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