Faces of Fleet: Jade Egan

February 27, 2019

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Faces of Fleet: Jade Egan

Jade Egan. Business student. Future entrepreneur.

You don’t often meet a college freshman who already knows where they’re headed, but then again, you don’t often meet a student like Jade Egan. At only 18, she’s taking a full course load at University of Washington’s Foster School of Business and delivering for Postmates. (We were immediately impressed!).

Learning the ins and outs of business can be tough, especially when adjusting to life as a first-year college student (and saving for tuition!). But Jade is getting some help from her job as a member of our Fleet. “Delivering for Postmates has taught me responsibility and accountability,” she says, which she knows are essential life skills for becoming a successful entrepreneur. It also helps that she can make her own schedule — to become a future business owner, she knows she also has to dedicate time to studying and networking with others at school.

Jade’s ultimate goal is to start her own business, but in the meantime, she’s happy preparing for her next big test and exploring Seattle while making deliveries. “I’m from a small town, so I like being able to explore different parts of the city,” she says. She’s even come across some interesting wildlife — she told us a story about a particular delivery involving two raccoons that engaged in a staring contest with her, hoping to grab a bite of her customer’s dinner.

Outside of school and Postmates, she manages to find time to ski, draw, and hang out with her cat. On top of all this, she also does graphic design and maintains her own personal website, where she shares her thoughts and skills with the world.

We couldn’t be more excited to have Jade as a part of our Fleet, and we can’t wait to watch her achieve her dreams!


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