International Women’s DayFt. Fabulous Females of Postmates

March 8, 2020

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International Women’s Day
Ft. Fabulous Females of Postmates

This International Women’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to recognize some of the incredible women in our fleet who help make Postmates possible. There are heroes among us, from a literal rockstar to non-profit founders, there are awe-inspiring stories amongst every Postmate. Here are a few.

Let’s kick things off with a creative twist. When Maria Elena Cruz isn’t busy raising her two adorable children down in sunny San Diego, she’s creating her next awe-inspiring art collection. That, or she’s teaching art classes to help people process their life experiences.

“I love using art as a form of wellness and recovery. I started an organization, Dial Art, over ten years ago. One of my favorite things to do is to work with women in recovery. Since art has been my healing tool over the years, I [want] to help them gather a sense of peace… a place to let go and receive wisdom through our creative process.”

When asked how she feels about Postmates, she said she loves the flexibility to work at her schedule, the ability to serve others, and the excuse to explore different communities.

Want to check out her incredible collections? (You do.) Visit or if you’re in the San Diego area and want to use art as a way to connect with your community.

When Molly Deutschman is delivering tasty food to doorsteps across San Diego, she’s also delivering little care packages to the homeless residents she passes on the street. Each package includes things like socks, toothbrushes, combs, snacks, and tampons. With every pizza, burger, and taco delivered by Molly, someone in need is receiving a little TLC.

“When I started doing Postmates, I realized how many homeless people there really were. Driving around everywhere really shows how much of an issue it is. Many people on the streets aren’t drug addicts, they’re just down on their luck. I try to treat them as equals and offer a little help.”

Molly says they tend to put the socks on first, highlighting how important they are to help a person feel just a bit more comfortable.

Sunshyne Henderson lives up to her name by bringing a few rays of sunshine to women that suffer from violence. Based in Chicago, Illinois, Sunshyne volunteers more than 30 hours a week at Communities Partnering 4 Peace. CP4P’s mission is to “provide a comprehensive, long-term approach to provide trauma-informed care, hyper-local collaboration, and restorative justice to communities affected by gun violence.”

Sunshyne mainly works with women at risk and hopes she can help change the world and the lives of the women in her community.

It was hard to decide what to feature first about McKenzie Ford. She’s so determined to help people she does it, literally, all day long. When she’s not advocating for the more than 30 ladies that live in her dorm as a community advisor, she’s running her brainchild called Project Divinity.

“It’s essentially a food drive for hygiene products. Over the past year, I’ve developed this into a pantry that men, women, and non-binary people can use… it includes makeup, soap, shower and bathroom essentials, and luxury items such as face masks, lotion, and nail polishes.”

After presenting her pantry at the National Association of College and University Residence Halls, she helped 13 other schools start pantries like hers.

Did we mention she’s a registered behavior technician helping kids with autism, or an honor student on her way to becoming an occupational therapist? Well, she is all that and, when time permits, a Postmate.

“[As a Postmate], I love getting to interact with so many unique people in my city. Plus the ability to work whenever I want to is so helpful because my schedule is so busy. I often have to work weird hours for short amounts of time that I just couldn’t do with any other job.”

Back in the spotlight is Linnzi Drummond, the doting mother of two who works two other jobs while growing her custom tee design business. As a single mother, she understands what it means to give your all every day. And she wants everyone to know that they can make their dreams happen.

“I want to spread my story to inspire other struggling single mothers out there that have a dream that seems far from attainable. They actually can with the right positive motivation and willpower!”

She never gave up on herself and is sharing her unique artistic talents with the world as a career woman in a marketing department (her dream job) and as the owner of a startup online business. How does she even have time for Postmates?

“I’m still working Postmates (close to a few years now) and still am incredibly grateful for the opportunities it has opened up for me… with the help of the flexible hours as a member of the Fleet, it has made so many dreams and goals doable — to grow my graphic design business and get my foot in the door at a marketing department.”

Want to rock a sick graphic tee on your next Instagram outing? Head to and get yours!

Alesah Richardson is a community leader advocating for those who suffer from domestic violence or sexual assault. As a survivor, her message is all about the importance of putting your own needs first.

“I take a stand for self-love. I want to start a movement with #MEFIRST. This movement is to bring awareness to understand that it is okay to put yourself first. When you know who you are by taking time for yourself, that’s when boundaries can be built.”

When she’s not helping others, she’s doing deliveries on Postmates.

“Meeting new people and putting a smile on their face. Just by saying enjoy your food and have a great day can put a smile on someone’s face.”

Then, there’s Joan Sullivan. And she’s an actual rockstar.

Joan is a songwriter. Bassist. Vocalist. Artist. Barista. Postmate.

“I’m the lead vocalist, writer, and bassist for a band called Freak Fingers. The band consists of my life partner and I making music together. We aim to be the next John Lennon and Paul McCartney, but the version where they fall in love.”

When she’s not rocking out or entertaining a crowd, she’s bringing tacos, boba, and other go-to cravings to the people of Los Angeles.

“Honestly, I love knowing that I hooked somebody up for an awesome night in with their favorite cheat meal.”

At Postmates, we get that warm fuzzy feeling to know that our platform is the go-to side hustle for kickass ladies across the United States. So keep doing what you do best — run the whole damn world.

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