Introducing: Group Orders

August 28, 2019

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Introducing: Group Orders

Today, we’re excited to introduce our most requested feature ever: Group Orders.

It’s the easiest way to eat with all your friends, without having to know what all your friends want to eat.

Whether you’re getting late-night delivery, or picking up sandwiches for lunch, just update your app and you’ll never have to ask, “Hey, what do you want?” again.

Here’s how it works

Open Postmates, select your restaurant, and tap the Group Order icon to start your group order.

Go big or set a spending limit (lobster lovers, we see you), and share your order link via text, social, or email so people can join in.

Group Orders works on Delivery, Pickup, Party, and Drinks. (So, everything can be a group order? Yes.)

Name it. Track it. Enjoy it.

When you open your cart, give it a name like ‘Jack’s Hungry Friends’ or ‘Studio Session’. Yes, you can even name it ‘🍕🎉🍔’

Once confirmed, everyone can track the order so they know when it’s time to eat.

How to get Free Delivery

Unlimited Members, now is your time to shine. When you start a group, everyone gets to skip the delivery fee.

So sign up for Postmates Unlimited and be the hero your friends need you to be.

Group Orders is the easiest way to do dinner with the fam or lunch with the whole office. You’ll never have to chase anyone down for their order ever again.

Give it a try and have fun eating together.


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