Introducing Our First Ever Zero-Emissions Electric Transportation Initiative

July 17, 2017

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Introducing Our First Ever Zero-Emissions Electric Transportation Initiative

Postmates today announced a partnership with GenZe — a manufacturer of electric scooters and bicycles, to bring zero-emissions transportation solutions to our network of Postmates. Particularly in dense, urban populations like New York City, the ability to get around traffic, park, or get across town efficiently can make the difference in the earnings generated by a Postmate, delivery times for a customer, or the sales rate for a merchant.

That’s why Postmates is introducing a fleet of zero-emissions GenZe e-Scooters, for initial use by our fleet in Manhattan, and a fleet of zero-emission e-Bikes in San Francisco, providing a cost-effective means to enable a faster uptake of orders, paired with more efficient delivery times.

While the initial program is being launched in New York and San Francisco, we actively plan to deploy additional transportation solutions to the fleet across the country in the next twelve months.

The flexibility we’re proud of at Postmates is rooted in the fact that we know our network of hard-working fleet are comprised of students, parents, and teachers who lead busy lives. By simply making a handful of deliveries a week, our Postmates will also be able retain the eco-friendly scooter for unlimited use in their daily lives. With complete insurance and maintenance coverage, and battery packs with long charge times, our fleet will be empowered to travel long distances around their communities.

Over the last seven years, states like New York, Oregon, California — and countless others which Postmates calls home, have made investments in clean energy, and pledges to reduce their carbon footprints. We at Postmates also recognize our responsibility to take steps to safeguard our planet and ease the emission congestion that plagues dense, metropolitan communities.

In addition to the e-Scooters and e-Bikes reducing congestion and noise pollution for the city, they also enable a Postmate to make deliveries faster. That helps generate more earnings and tips for the Postmate, more merchant sales, more small business growth, and more opportunities for the platform to move a higher volume of goods. And since GenZe technologies are assembled in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Postmates is proud that our partnership directly supports jobs in the United States.

The introduction of our robot deliveries, and the introduction of electric scooters & bikes, enables us to usher in 21st century tools to do everything from tackling short-distance & last-mile deliveries, to adding more resources to our fleet to make everyone’s time on the platform worth their while.

By maximizing deliveries, and in turn tips & revenue, for both the company and for individuals on the platform — Postmates recognizes that while our service is always rooted in people, the on-demand economy will be enhanced by next-gen transportation & technological solutions.

For more details about the scooter & bike initiative, please visit and

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