Los Angeles — We Get You

January 24, 2018

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Los Angeles — We Get You

Today, we launched “We Get It,” our new brand marketing campaign — which is an irreverent nod to Postmates’ growing place in the lives of information-overloaded and traffic-constrained Angelenos. From Phở and coffee runs for the office, to a pint of Halo Top for dinner, or a bottle of Tito’s vodka to make it through the evening onslaught of cable news — Postmates is helping millions of people each month get anything they need, in minutes.

Inspired by some of Postmates’ 2017 order trends, the “We Get It” campaign is a testament to some of the quirks and habits of our most loyal customers — in particular, those in our largest market of Los Angeles.

Because we get you, Los Angeles. We get that you have vegan friends and “vegan” friends — 10% of whom we’ve seen order meat at one time or another. Hey, after a little too much to drink… you may just postmate some carnitas tacos. We don’t judge.

Even when we saw a 519% increase in pastries ordered on 4/20, that didn’t faze us. Sometimes eating a brownie makes you want 500 brownies. 
Live your life.

What about those times when you just want some tuna sashimi or omakase… but you also just don’t want to put on a bra? With a 10% rise in sushi orders this year, we understand that sometimes you want to be fancy AF, without battling for a table at the next “it” sushi spot in town.

And with a 136% rise in açaí orders year-over-year — we get that you may just be too afraid to pronounce ‘açaí’ in public… and that you use Postmates as a shield to protect your dignity. That’s okay too.

Trying to make it through the next “fake news” cycle? We saw a 28% spike in vodka orders the day Robert Mueller indicted Michael Flynn. Because sometimes you want to ironically toast the country that secretly controls ours, and sometimes you just need a drink. We get that too.

To celebrate this year of us getting each other so completely, we’re extending our free trial of Unlimited to 30 days!

So go ahead, sign up for Unlimited, and order anything from anywhere with no delivery fees for 30 days.

And we mean anything — no judgements. 
Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

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