Our Commitment to Our Couriers: Prop 22

What Proposition 22 does for drivers.

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More than 1 million Californians choose to work as independent contractors with app-based rideshare, food and grocery delivery platforms because this work provides them with flexibility and control over when, where and how long they work. They are parents who work while their kids are in school, family members who need the flexibility to care for aging parents or loved ones, students who earn an income around class schedules, working families, or retirees who need to supplement income. 

We’re working hard to pass Prop 22 — which would give drivers historic new protections and benefits, and keep Postmates available for all the restaurants, couriers, and neighbors who depend on it — but we need your help (your vote) to get it done. For more information: prop22facts.com

Recent legislation and lawsuits in California threaten to eliminate the ability of app-based drivers to work as independent contractors—instead requiring drivers to be classified as employees if they want to continue this work. As employees they would have to work set schedules and shifts, would not be able to work for multiple app-based companies and would have reduced earning potential—and many jobs would actually be eliminated.

What Proposition 22 does for drivers: 

  • Guaranteed hourly earnings and per-mile compensation toward expenses.
  • Funding for new healthcare benefits for drivers who work at least 15 hours a week.
  • Medical and disability coverage for injuries and illnesses on the job.
  • Protection against discrimination and sexual harassment.

What’s at stake for your community? An independent study by the Berkeley Research Group (BRG) explains how delivery services could be reduced for you: 

  • Limited availability: Delivery services & delivery jobs will likely disappear for many Californians, especially those living in rural or suburban areas. 
  • Higher prices: If you can still get a meal delivered from your neighborhood restaurant, the cost could increase. 
  • Longer wait times: Fewer drivers will be on the road, so an average wait time would double.
  • Buying local: with diminished services, independent restaurants may suffer with reduced deliveries and revenue amidst a pandemic.