Paul McCartney Orders Plant-Based

Eat like a legend this weekend. Order from Paul McCartney’s favorite veggie spots on Postmates and enter to win a Macca Merch Pack.

What fueled the legendary icon Paul McCartney as he wrote his new album, McCartney III? Veggie-based foods. If it’s good enough for Paul McCartney, it’s good enough for everyone. 

That’s why we created a collection in the Postmates app so you can try out every one of his favorite veggie spots for yourself.

Here comes the fun, because when you use code MCCARTNEY3 at checkout, you’ll be entered to win a Macca Merch Pack including his new vinyl record, a t-shirt to match, and more. 

And if you’re an Unlimited member, you get double the entries when you place your order.

Go ahead, order veggie like Paul and listen to McCartney III while you wait.

See full T&Cs here.