Postmates Joins the Public Support of RESTAURANTS Act

August 6, 2020

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Postmates Joins the Public Support of RESTAURANTS Act

As part of its ongoing advocacy for its communities and partners navigating COVID-19, we’re announcing our support for the RESTAURANTS Act, and urge Congress to pass this vital piece of legislation.

“Restaurants aren’t just the heart of communities across the country, they are vital to the strength of local economies. Postmates is passionate about supporting every aspect of our marketplace because we know that when one pillar of our community is harmed then the whole system is impacted. That’s why it is so important that Congress passes the RESTAURANTS Act and protects an industry that has been hit hard by the pandemic. Without congressional action, we may permanently compromise the entire foodservice economy — inaction isn’t an option,” said Bastian Lehmann, CEO of Postmates.

Postmates was founded as a solution for small and locally owned businesses to compete in the emergent on-demand economy. The company’s uniquely-designed platform gives businesses and restaurants the technical tools to offer delivery, pick-up, and marketing capabilities — as well as the flexibility they need to reach new and existing customers and allows businesses on the platform to set their own prices.

Throughout the pandemic, Postmates has provided an essential service to communities throughout the country, connecting individuals under stay at home orders to the food and resources they need. It also offered a source of revenue for restaurants struggling under public health restrictions.

We’ve also deployed several emergency measures to support its marketplace during the COVID-19 crisis, including family care and childcare subsidies for workers, instant payouts for businesses on the platform, and Postmates partnered with hundreds of platform users to help them gain access to federal loans.

The RESTAURANTS Act would help stabilize the restaurant industry and the supply chain companies that are often overlooked. The farmers, distributors, fishers, wine and beer producers, and distributors that are dependent on a thriving restaurant industry have fallen victim to the pandemic. This legislation would provide a lifeline to the entire restaurant industry and supply chain.

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