Postmates Launches Fresh — Curated Groceries & Essentials in Minutes

November 8, 2017

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Postmates Launches Fresh — Curated Groceries & Essentials in Minutes

Our first-ever grocery product launched today in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. The launch of Fresh — a new category that curates high-quality groceries and ingredients — is rolling out the same day as our brand new app design (iOS and Android). This means customers can now get pesto, paper towels, LaCroix, Halo Top, Kombucha, free range chicken, prosciutto, salmon filet, organic apples, avocados — and pretty much all the essentials they need, in minutes.

With the new Postmates interface, the Fresh shopping experience is intuitive and fast — averaging a delivery time of 30 minutes (vs. the two-hour window of most competitors). Customers can now count on us for those last minute items. Run out of lemons or limes? Check. Almond milk? Yep. Need a sole fillet for date night? What about another sprig of oregano, mint, or thyme? Yep, Fresh has that too. Think of it like an on-demand Farmer’s Market.

You know, we’ve always made grocery runs. And by working with local partners to build out the Fresh collection, we’re answering a demand for curated, locally-sourced groceries — delivered in minutes.

To get a closer look at the growing demand for more organic and last minute grocery items we met with Pradeep Elankumaran, Co-Founder of Farmstead — one of our Fresh partners. “As someone who got into this business to make fresh ingredients more accessible to the masses… most of our products are perishable, with a short shelf life. But Postmates allows us to put our products into the hands of customers faster, while it’s still fresh.”

As one of the first locally-sourced online grocers, Farmstead prides itself on only carrying one thousand items at any given time. “For us, it’s less about adding more items for quantity sake… we’re all about adding new categories, like fresh pasta. Our customers know that if they’re looking for potato chips, we may only carry one kind of potato chip… but they’ll know it’s the best all-natural chip in the category. We’re working towards simplification.”

“We also sell legendary brands like Acme Bread, Cowgirl Creamery, Straus Milk… because we make it a point to pick brands we care about. But we also care about efficiencies. We can pack a bag in under five minutes because of our setup. And then Postmates can now come in and deliver these goods to our customers in minutes — when previously we were only offering a scheduled weekly service or a same day service with a three hour window.”

“Essentially, Postmates allows us to connect with more customers than we would’ve otherwise, exposing that many more people to the benefits of a curated list of local brands and fresh produce.”

Even looking back on how Farmstead first came to be a year ago — Pradeep’s current business philosophy still holds true; he said it began with a simple quest to find his then two year old daughter the organic milk that she needed.

“At the time, my daughter was drinking a ton of milk… and I just kept going back to the grocery store, almost every day. I thought about Instacart or AmazonFresh… but they didn’t sell the kind of milk my daughter drank, and there was always inconsistent inventory issues. I remember thinking… there’s got to be a better way of doing this!” This is when I started Farmstead, with the goal of creating a highly curated grocery shopping list for busy people.”

Fast forward to one year later and Pradeep has now additionally teamed up with Postmates, turning his mission into a reality for that many more customers. “We’d love to keep expanding with Postmates as we both continue to grow… we are gaining quite a bit of traction with the partnership.”

Simultaneously, making locally grown groceries more accessible is what powers the Postmates Fresh category, including our partnership with SF’s Farmstead, NYC’s East Village Farm, and Downtown LA’s Urban Radish — a family-owned retail grocery store. For Postmates, we’re committed to partnering with direct-to-consumer grocers who have the highest-quality products. Whenever we can, we’ll also choose those partners who source from organic farms — making on-demand farm-to-table a possibility for our customers in NY, SF, LA — and many more markets to come!


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