Postmates Pledges $2 Per Drinks Order to the ACLU

This month, we’re launching our first 360 brand campaign “We Get It,” which was inspired by the on-demand habits of customers who have made…

Postmates Pledges $2 Per Drinks Order to the ACLU

This month, we’re launching our first 360 brand campaign “We Get It,” which was inspired by the on-demand habits of customers who have made Postmates a way of life. From the rise in late night ice cream orders, to the popularity of vegan everything, to the spike in alcohol orders at key points in the national political debate — we’re proud to “get it”, for millions of people each month.

When we learned that vodka orders spiked 28% the day Michael Flynn was indicted (!), we decided to team up with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) to pledge $2 per Postmates Drinks order today through the end of February up to $50,000. The funds* raised will support the ACLU’s important work — including the defense of immigrant communities and their new
People Power grassroots mobilization efforts.

“Postmates took a stand alongside the ACLU against the travel ban, and has since continued to advocate for immigrant, LGBT, and other civil rights,” says Mark Wier, ACLU’s Chief Development Officer. “It is inspiring to see business leaders say no to discrimination and come out strongly in support of civil liberties as part of their commitment to their employees, customers, and communities.”

Because ‘getting it’ isn’t just about being instant-gratification givers — it also means “getting” the communities we live and work in. It means understanding that unlocking the best of our cities, is only possible when we support diverse, inclusive and sustainable opportunities for all. From supporting the growth of local chefs and small businesses; to protecting our environment through a zero-emissions fleet initiative; to defending love, honoring troops and standing by our immigrant neighbors or entrepreneurs — Postmates gets it.

So next time you feel like taking a night off from the evening news, or are in the mood to have a wine night… banding together with your crew to fight for a cause you believe in — we’ve got you. Simply order your favorite spirit, wine or beer from the Drinks category, and we’ll donate $2 to the ACLU.

Want to learn more about the ACLU before you take the plunge and contribute to their causes? We get that too. Check out the various other ways you can help support our democratic institutions below, including more information on how donated funds will be utilized.

People Power

Dreamer Stories

ACLU Immigrants’ Rights Project

*ACLU Donation: Postmates will donate $2 per Drink order made in the Postmates app from January 24, 2017 through February 28, 2017, up to $50,000.