Starbucks. On-Demand.

March 18, 2015

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Starbucks. On-Demand.

Today is a big day for us at Postmates. We are excited to announce a collaboration with Starbucks that offers customers the ultimate convenience: food and beverage ordering through the Starbucks® mobile app with delivery by Postmates. Working together, we will enable Starbucks customers to order their favorite Starbucks products and have it delivered to them without leaving their home or office.

The collaboration makes sense given Starbucks’ broad retail footprint and sophisticated mobile ecosystem. The customer experience is driven through the Starbucks® mobile application, where customers can select and tailor food and beverages, relay the order electronically to their stores, and initiate a delivery via Postmates to have the order picked up and delivered to them.

With such incredible traction on their leading mobile payment app, Starbucks delivery by Postmates is an extension of what customers are looking for today, and provides a type of convenience that was never before available. Together with Starbucks, we are working to set a new standard for e-commerce and convenience.

Working with brands like Starbucks supports Postmates’ vision to power local, on-demand logistics to businesses — and consumers — of all sizes, all over the world. If you can deliver coffee within minutes, you can deliver anything.

The Starbucks delivery pilot will begin in Seattle, the second half of 2015.

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